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Bring home this sweet little fire type pokemon today!

This Vulpix is a fully handmade posable art doll. No molds or premade patterns went into her creation, so you can be sure she is an entirely one of a kind creation. She features a sculpted face and feet, hand flocked details, six individually sewn tails, and is supported by an aluminium wire armature for strength and posability. A great gift for yourself or the Pokemon fan in your life!


Corrupted Jaspers! :D Also, here’s imgur album with 31 pics: (together and separately)

Ocean is up for commission here: (you can also request other pattern Jasper, brown one for example)

“Our Jasper” is up for commission here: 

“Our Jasper” (lmao sorry I don’t know how to name her to avoid confusing with Ocean) has approximately 200 pieces in her pattern including spots which were sewn individually. Location of spots and spikes may vary a little bit, by the way, I sew them on without strict location, so every Jasper will be sorta one of a kind, they won’t be like clones of each other.  

They both are huge. heavy and awesome for hugs :D Oddly they are really super cuddly and super comfortable for hugs. 

Next in my “Jasper challenge” are non-corrupted Jasper and Malachite :)


“When is a prizefight like a beautiful lady? When it’s a knockout” - The Riddler

The Riddler is a flamboyant and extravagant comic book super villain, appearing as an enemy of Batman. Obsessed with riddles and puzzles, the question mark serves as is signature visual motif.

This pin up playsuit design consists of a halter bandeau top with adjustable ties and a matching circle skirt. The bandeau is fully lined in a deep purple broadcloth and features purple piping at the top seam and purple buttons down the centre. The halter collar has adjustable snap closures behind the neck, inspired by a men’s collared shirt it is designed to accentuate the curve of the bust. The bandeau is adorned with multiple question mark appliqués that were individually placed and sewn carefully into place.

The circle skirt features two front pockets with matching question marks appliqués and white trim at the bottom. The skirt is fully lined with the deep purple broadcloth, with a hidden cheeky detail. When the bottom of the skirt is flipped up, you can see “Riddle me This…” written in appliqués on the inside. All appliqués were designed by hand and painstakingly sewn into place. The skirt is closed with a zipper and a button on the waist band to further bring in the waist.

Character Design is my own creation.

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Other Designs: Iron Man Dress


“They’ll tell you I’m insane..”

Hey taylorswift

My name is Hannah and I’m seeing you on OCTOBER 20 in LEXINGTON, KY! 

I wanted to do this BLANK SPACE outfit because I love to sing this song at the top of my lungs and act, you know, insane! I individually glued jewels and sewn lights in the bottom of my dress which is why I love this tour outfit so much! I had so much fun making this and taking the photos to post on here! It is totally me and totally you which is why I can’t wait for this show! 

This will be my fourth and last time seeing you this tour so I know it’s going to be special! I hope to give you a big hug soon to thank you for being such an important person in my life! 

You can’t miss me singing, dancing & acting insane in the BSTAGE PIT!

Love you tons! 



taylorswift I would like to present to you, the dress I’m making for the 1989 tour (Gillette Stadium night 1 btw 😉)! I bought this dress and some sequins and for the last 6 months, I’ve been sewing sequins onto… Well basically everywhere that’s silver. 😂
So far I’ve individually sewn on more that 20,000 sequins, and I’m not even done yet!

desertfyre  asked:

Hello!! I love your Balem cosplay! I'm still trying to do that outfit myself. I was wondering how you got the gold sequins onto the black fabric. I haven't had any success on finding black fabric with gold glitter (stuff) on it yet that fits the look and I was wondering how you handled that aspect of the costume. I saw some photos but it didn't really tell me enough. I'd appreciate any help! Thanks so much!!

Thank you!

The fabric is gold sequined fabric with black chiffon layered over it, and then a sprinkling of square gold sequins sewn on top of that.

I didn’t think to take decent close ups of the fabric because I was very busy, but here’s the fabric without the chiffon. (The lines are stitching I put there to stabilize it because the only gold sequin fabric Nax could find was a stretch knit.)

And here it is with the chiffon over it.

We had to baste all the layers together to keep them lying flat, which is what the yellow stitching in that picture is. Chiffon is not a nice fabric to work with and @naxiu5 spent hours doing most of the basting.

The square sequins are individually hand sewn on with transparent thread and I completely forgot to take pictures of them.

Here’s a couple shots of how the robe looks in brighter and darker lighting taken by @reginaoffredericton.

I have written a post on this robe on my sewing blog and I plan on writing a second one because there’s a lot of stuff I forgot to photograph.

Follow My Voice - Chapter 4

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Chris doesn’t realize he does it, but he walks aimlessly downtown for nearly an hour.  Once he figures out where he is, he makes a left, left, right and then he’s standing in Battery Park, allowing memories of the past flood his brain.  He smiles to himself, brushes a single tear off his cheek.

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