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The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.

Venus in Water

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Cancer: How you love…
Like the Crab (symbol of the Cancer sign), With a venus in Cancer you tend to be sensitive, nurturers, and playful. Most of the time these individuals tend to give more than take, and want to make sure if their partner is doing well or okay. Venus Cancers can often be secure in relationships, sometimes they want to feel secure and cared for. They can end up being manipulative or remain distant when you hurt them.

These individuals are attracted to the smart, nice and sensitive.

Dominant or Submissive?

Scorpio: How you love…
Like the Scorpion (symbol of the Scorpio sign), With a venus in Scorpio you tend to be mysterious, intense and intimate. Most of the time these individuals have no problem of pursuing what they want, when they really want it. Venus Scorpions are very loyal and tend to pay attention to their partner and their partner only once committed, also enjoys having control over their partners making them quite possessive. They can end up being manipulative and extreme when triggered as their emotions switch rapidly.  

These individuals are attracted to the nice, submissive and understanding.

Dominant or Submissive?

Pisces: How you love…
Like the Fish (symbol of the Pisces sign), With a venus in Pisces you tend to be flirty, warm-hearted and selfless Most of the time these individuals tend to have a unique charm as they are playful, flirty and probably fantasizes about Nicholas Sparks movie scenes. Venus Pisceans can love unconditionally, despite your status, looks or negative aspects of you they will want to embrace it all if they love you. They may seem like a doormat but once you take advantage of them they can instantly become cold and aggressive; additionally they tend have crushes that come and go often.

These individuals are attracted to the charmer, understanding and ones with issues.

Dominant or Submissive?

The current ruling ontology denies any possibility of a social causation of mental illness. The chemico-biologization of mental illness is of course strictly commensurate with its depoliticization. Considering mental illness and individual chemicl-biological problem has enormous benefits for capitalism. First, it reinforces Capital’s drive towards atomistic individualization (you are sick because of your brain chemistry). Second, it provides an enormous lucrative market in which multinational pharmaceutical companies can peddle their pharmaceuticals (we can cure you with our SSRIs). It goes without saying that all mental illnesses are neurologically instantiated, but this says nothing about their causation. If it is true, for instance, that depression is constituted by low serotonin levels, what still needs to be explained is why particular individuals have low levels of serotonin. This requires a social and political explanation; and the task of repoliticizing mental illness is an urgent one if the left wants to challenge capitalist realism.
It does not seem fanciful to see parallels between the rising incidence of mental distress and new patterns of assessing workers’ performance.
—  Mark Fisher - Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?
The current ruling ontology denies any possibility of a social causation of mental illness. The chemico-biologization of mental illness is of course strictly commensurate with its depoliticization. Considering mental illness an individual chemico-biological problem has enormous benefits for capitalism. First, it reinforces Capital’s drive towards atomistic individualization (you are sick because of your brain chemistry). Second, it provides an enormously lucrative market in which multinational pharmaceutical companies can peddle their pharmaceuticals (we can cure you with our SSRIs). It goes without saying that all mental illnesses are neurologically instantiated, but this says nothing about their causation. If it is true, for instance, that depression is constituted by low serotonin levels, what still needs to be explained is why particular individuals have low levels of serotonin. This requires a social and political explanation; and the task of repoliticizing mental illness is an urgent one if the left wants to challenge capitalist realism.
—  Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher
The Corruption in the Consulate

Over the course of Kaladesh, as well as Aether Revolt, there have been a lot of questions about the nature of the Consulate. Is it a good or bad organization? Are the renegades actually the good guys for wanting to take it down?

The answer is complicated. No system of government is perfect, and frankly the Consulate is one of the most benign governments in the multiverse. But that doesn’t mean it is without problems. Individuals like Kambal and Baral flourish under the Consulate, and the ability for Tezzeret to usurp control so easily is startling.

While the Consulate is ostensibly a socialist meritocracy, like any government system, it’s not perfect. There is an unlimited supply of aether, but refining that aether creates a limited supply. The consulate believe they’re the solution for an equitable distribution of aether, and strive to ensure that every stage of invention - whether it’s aether collection and refinement or the use of devices - is safe. This creates a demand for anyone who wants to do something outside of these narrow circumstances. That creates the renegades.

The renegades are not actually a cohesive group of individuals. It took Tezzeret’s epic levels of tyranny to bring them together, and that’s because most renegades couldn’t be more different. Some are common criminals. Some are just inventors or artists that chafe at consulate regulations. They’re lumped together because it’s easier for the consulate to do so, but in reality it’s a broad term for a wide range of political opinions and actions that run contrary to the consulate.

So who feeds the renegades their supplies? Why does the consulate tolerate the renegades?

Why do people tolerate Kambal?

Kambal, Consul of Allocation by Vincent Prose

The problem with Kambal is that there is likely no way to remove him from his position, even if the greater consulate was aware of his corruption. Consuls are lifelong appointments, and Kambal proved to be skilled enough for the position, and had enough popular support, to be made an Enlightened Keeper.

Further, his corruption actually serves a valuable purpose - one the other consuls would be hesitant to stem. He’s the ultimate source of most of the illicit renegade aether supply. If the consulate simply turned that off - and removed most of the illicit aether from the underground markets - what do you think would happen? I’ll give you a hint: it would look a lot like the second block of Kaladesh.

In fact, Kambal carefully managing the supply that crime lords like Gonti have to sell gives the consulate a number of advantages. It keeps groups with conflicting ideologies relatively happy, which means very little in the way of outright opposition to the consulate. Real societies often have a similar unvoiced relationship with organized crime for similar reasons.

Is that necessarily a good thing? No. But it an explanation for why someone like Kambal might ultimately be necessary to the consulate.

How does Baral even have a job?

Art by Lius Lasahido

How does a guy who exceeds his authority at every step, waste tons of supplies on minor criminals, and acts as judge, jury, and executioner still have a job in the relatively benign Consulate? The simple answer is bureaucracy.

Like with Kambal, the Consulate has very little oversight over itself, so like corrupt law enforcement anywhere, Baral just submitted the narrative he wanted passed along. Since he usually kills the mages he comes across, there’s no one but his closest lieutenants - all loyal to him - to argue against his narrative.

It’s not exactly clear where Baral is assigned and when, but his command of the Dhund, the consulate’s secret prison, is also hugely problematic. Now, most governments have secret prisons, off-book places where they can store people (this isn’t a good thing, just reality). The major problem with these places is again very little oversight except for people who are already invested in their success. And so Pia Nalaar is somehow held for years by the man who murdered her husband, tormented daily, and with no accountability.

The Solution?

Independent Oversight! It’s a critical piece of any functioning body, to have to be responsible to someone who isn’t invested in your success for one reason or another. Following the Aether Revolt, my hope is that the Consulate itself isn’t dismantled, but instead a governing council of popularly elected leaders will be mandated by the victorious renegades. This group would be responsible for setting the policies that the consuls would carry out, and ensuring that the bureaucracy of the consulate doesn’t allow for people like Kambal, Baral, or Tezzeret again.

How to Give Money When You Really Can’t (Hint: It’s Easier Than It Looks)

Money. It’s the thing that organizations need in order to help others but not everyone is willing to give up, mostly because we’re used to getting something in return. For others, they would like to give, but they don’t know how.

The one thing I plan on doing over the course of next year is to donate money to causes + individuals in need. The problem is, I never really thought of doing that on an ongoing basis. There are times when I give here and there, but never really with the theme of recurring. So, I pledge to give away at least $200 within the next year. I want to share with you a few things you can do to make things easier on yourself if you’re planning on giving away money.

1) Find an organization that you see doing the work for a cause you’re passionate about.

It’s easier to donate if you can see how they are using it. Research them like you would with any purchase. 

2) Do it as a birthday present for someone else.

There are organizations that will accept contributions in other people’s names. So, if there’s someone you care about and there’s a cause that they are passionate about, give money to that organization on their behalf.

P.S. - You want to do it for people you do know personally. Donating on behave of people you don’t know can give off a problematic vibe… at best. Unless there are people that you personally and they are anti-(insert here). Then do it at your own discretion. 

3) Give a small, recurring amount. 

It helps when a group sees recurring gifts. So, if they offer that option, set the smallest possible amount on a monthly basis, and then set that money aside.

4) Set up a savings account strictly for giving.

Open a savings account and pledge to use it for giving. Have it pull money out of your checking account at least once a week and then at the end of a goal day that you set, withdraw the money and immediately give it away. 

5) Some donations are tax-deductible. Others are not.

This is a very complex thing to discuss in a small blog post, but here are some basics: if you’re giving to non-profit that is registered under section 501©(3) in which they have to disclosed how they use their money by the end of the year, then yes, you can report them on your tax form. Otherwise, it’s a no.

6) Buy products does not always equal donations.

Simple question: Are you buying it directly from the charity in question? If not, then just give directly to them. It’s more effective that way. One exception: there are companies that will make it so that individuals/groups can crowdfund to donate profits to charities and will explicitly mark it. 

7) Budget 

There’s that “b” word that people don’t seem to like to do (I should know. Grown people have cried when I ask about their budget for a project). But if you find yourself not being able to donate and you’re guilting yourself for not doing so, maybe it’s time to finally consider that you don’t know how to do it and you need help with a plan. So take time out to find out how to make a budget that is right for you. Yes, even if you’re only working part-time, in school and if you’re living with your parents. Seriously, there is no excuse to at least try to learn how to handle your money. 

8) Money is a tool. 

Think of money as nothing more than a tool that can assist yourself and others. Some people know how to use it better than others, so give your tools to the ones that know how to maximize the limits of it the most.

Now, who should you donate to? This post isn’t about that as I rather stay neutral on this discussion. (Though you’ll hear about the organizations I plan to donate to throughout 2017 and beyond) However, I do hope that you’ll at least consider it. 

What bothers me is that they decided to give this season 10 episodes. Out of all of them, this is the shortest one. The drama in the past seasons was because of miscommunication, Eva didn’t trust Jonas and they both hid things from each other and William thought Noora cheated on him and he didn’t want to listen to her at first. They all solved their problems with talking shit out, but Isak and Even? They can’t just fucking talk.

Yeah, they need to. Even has to explain himself and he deserves to tell Isak his own version of the story but that’s still not enough. They both have their own individual problems that they need to solve and I know they’re going to fit everything in two episodes and everyone will be happy in the end, but I just wish they made it longer but nope, instead we often get short episodes and only ten of them.

who wins in a fight

the type of person to refer to somebody actively hateful, harmful and dangerous as “somebody with differing opinions”, completely understating anything and everything, suggesting Hug It Out for every individual problem, pretending a ton of issues don’t exist and acting as though anything they’ve never experienced has never actually happened to anybody

or the type of person to refer to somebody mostly harmless, just trying to live their life, who made a mistake one time and apologised sincerely and has done everything they can to make up for it as “scum”, treating entirely the wrong person as their enemy, venting their anger on mostly innocent people who just misspoke one time instead of focusing their energy on actual problems

trick question neither of them show up to the fight they just tweet patronising things at each other

I am a woman, and I support men.

I support men who grew up in a macho society where they aren’t allowed to express feelings or fragility without being told to “man up”. I support men who didn’t, and were lucky enough to not be told that their feelings were invalid.
I support thin men and chubby men, I support their right to exist even if they weren’t attractive to straight girls. I support men with beards and fedoras, because their choice in clothing and look does not reflect their worth as human beings just as much as a woman’s worth isn’t reflected by the clothes and make-up she wears. A man’s worth goes beyond these superficial things, just like it does with women. 
I support trans men, cis men, black men, asian men, white men, all men. I support their freedom to express an opinion without being berated for doing so, because I do not automatically assume that a man expressing his opinion is going to be harmful to me. I support men and their choices, I support men no matter their sexuality, the things they like, I support and value men’s lives. I support a man’s freedom, a man’s dreams for the future, I support men who just want to live their lives without being harassed for having a penis. I support men the same way I support women. I just support men. 

@trappedinathoughtbubble said: I couldn’t agree more. I’m not saying Moffat cannot kill any female characters ever again. But Mary’s death could have been easily avoided. They used it to set up TLD and TFP. It was a comfortable solution. I know having her in TLD would have come with a bunch of problems, they’d have needed to rewrite the whole thing, but I think the story would have been so much better for it.

I think when people try to rebut fridging discussions (or really all tropes that involve killing marginalized characters), they get hung up on the idea that these characters have to be immune to death or we’re going to get upset. And that’s really not it. The problem is that this is what the writer is saying this is the most women can contribute to the story. Male side characters also get killed off to drive the plot or make the protagonist sad. But, the male side characters who are the most important to the protagonist tend to get plot armor, and the girlfriends do not. That’s the problem.

 Mary was the most involved in the adventures of Sherlock and John, apart from Mycroft, and at the end of the day, Mofftiss decided that her role in the story is defined by how she affects Sherlock and John. They decided that she wasn’t valuable enough to save.
Large Retail Stores: Start carrying binders for pre-operation transgender youth

Many members of the FTM transgender community face crippling gender dysphoria because of the size of their chests and the presence of female breasts. This problem is something that can be absolutely detrimental to someone’s confidence and actually have a negative impact on their life, but luckily, can usually be stopped altogether by having expensive surgery. Unfortunately, not all people have the ability to pay for such surgery, which is where chest binders come in. A chest binders is a type of specially made compression shirt that reduces the appearance of female breasts but still remains safe, making daily life for these individuals bearable. The problem resides in the fact that these products are unavailable in most stores and can only be bought on specialty websites online. Kids that are in need of these products don’t always have a way to purchase these things over the Internet, forcing them to participate in various methods of unsafe binding such as bandaging their chests in ace wrap or even duct tape which can cause irreversible damage to their lungs or even death. It’s important for large retailers like Target, Walmart or Kohls to start carrying binders so members of the transgender youth can have the comfort and safety that they deserve and the ability to freely be themselves.

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(2/2) Thanks I really appreciate what you said. I'm still crying but now I feel a bit better. I can't really tell anyone in school because I'm in a catholic school. I just have a few people in my class who call me by my preferred name. I'm just really deceived about her reaction. But I know her all too well cause I know she doesn't want me to explain and she doesn't want to listen either. I still feel horrible,bad and scared. I'd pm you if I could. Thank you for always being there for me Kyle.

I went to an all girls catholic school. You can absolutely go to your consoler and speak to them there, being catholic doesn’t mean that you will suddenly be rejected for being trans. You do have rights as a human being, this is not the 1930s.

I would go to your school consoler and say you are a transgender individual who is having problems being accepted at home and coming out and you need some advice and support.

Do not feel horrible. It’s okay to be trans and it’s okay to be a little scared and confused but you aren’t doing anything wrong.

Ask if they can give you that, if they tell you that it’s wrong to be transgender or something ignorant I would say thanks for your words but you’ll be looking for assistance else where.

People are always welcome to PM me on my personal tumblr @ayyymrkate but please understand it may take a while for me to reply.

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You can practice witchcraft without being pagan or Wiccan. Witchcraft isn't a religion it's a tool a skill. But I think a long the same lines kinda I think most people can't do flashey magic like lighting a candle with there hand. But subtle magic I think anyone can do.

Meh like my mum is all into the secret laws of attraction and stuff but ultimately I don’t believe in any karmic laws really I do really think our individual existences are just drops in an ocean and the ocean is just a multitude of drops that’s why bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people and why the vast majority of people alive suffer .
I think “magik” is justs peoples way of relieving this ,the powerful stress of the overwhelming meaningless to our own individual problems. invoking divine intervention and guidance seems to make the mundane problems of love and money and curses and hexes and blessing and spells more meaningful
It really aligns with the psychological idea of “making special” rituals in essence are just the stretching of the minds ability to do this .
I just don’t think rituals have any direct way to influence the order of events most likely when spells do work it’s either coinicidence or because making the problem special gave a unconscious solution to the problem .
Like a spell as we know it would never work under controlled conditions and repeated trials right Thats like a fact .
So unfortunately I’m a dead inside realist when it comes to the such things but in my deep down l really love magic I want it so bad to be real Iove the idea of rituals and the aesthetic and stuff of it
I’d love love love magic to be real

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Depending on the situation, her look on Order changes. Anguis is a rather free-spirited individual and has no problem breaking rules if she feels like it. Her fighting style itself, is very chaotic and destructive. And even outside of it, she likes to get creative and think of more interesting outcomes to trouble she gets into. However, she has her own personal morals, as I often mention. It’s not even matter of Order though, there are just things she doesn’t feel ‘right’ to do, and might even stop someone else from committing them if she has a good enough reason. However, this, like many others, doesn’t stop her from throwing morals out the window, if someone crosses the line. You caused her more trouble than you’re worth? Well, she can’t just letcha go, now can she?

Long story short, she is like a mix of Chaotic Good and Neutral Evil + Often does what is convenient for her.

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I'm in Army ROTC. I haven't experienced any sexism as a female cadet, but I think it's important to note that you can't really brush the military under a rug because of 1 branch's actions. I think every branch has its own individual problems.


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How much of the fandom acknowled that Ruby is an inspirational leader/combat leader? And not the team heart? There's a reason for why Yang's the only one actively looking for a different member of the team, and a reason why to separate the team in vol 3 it had to be Yang to take the fall. Yang is strangely enough the more team oriented member of the group.

honestly not sure, probably a small chunk

i mean, Ruby met each member of her future team first, but the first time all four were in the same location at the same time was instigated by Yang helping Ruby try to make friends - everything Yang does is to help someone else, while everyone else is wrapped up in their own individual problems