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First time drawing Hunk and Pidge!! Have some Voltron while I get back into the swing of things.


Hello~☆ This list contains all my finished work so far and will get updated monthly so keep checking in to see if you haven’t read one of my posts yet! 


M-Rated: NSFW
Fluff: For the innocent sinners
Angst: Sad
Scenarios: S 
Text Messages/Snapchats: T


My one and only Beautiful ~ Wonho [Fluff/Angst/Smut]


Partner flinching away from them
You being nervous
Your kink being scratching
Girlfriend siting in a closet 
Girlfriend hating Halloween
MTL to get excited over Christmas


Girlfriend dancing sexily 


Getting asked about having a baby 


They are not your bias
You sitting in a closet
Being Jealous
You dancing in your underwear
Hitting you during an argument
How Monsta X would be in Bed [M-Rated]
Finding out about your tongue piercing
You having a dirty mind
You purposely not wearing a bra
You only wearing their shirt
You swearing a lot
You being unconfident about your body
You admit your crush on them
Hitting you during a fight
You having a dirty mind
When their child asks how babies are made 
Choosing between a Handjob and a Blowjob [M-Rated]
Distracting you from a phone call [M-Rated]
You getting scared during a movie 

[Individual Members☆]

Poly Relationship x Minhyuk [T]
Poly Relationship x Wonho [T] [Slight Smut]

Poly Relationship x Wonho x Hyungwon [T]

Poly Relationship x Shownu [T] [Slight Smut]

As your Best Friend
Poly Relationship x Changkyun x Wonho [T]

Poly Relationship x Hyungwon x Changkyun [T]
Poly Relationship x Shownu [T]
My one and only Beautiful [M-Rated]

Snapchats [T]

All Members☆
Pumpkin Carving Shenanigans [S]


You saying I love you for the first time
Seeing you again after a long time
You feeling paranoid
You falling asleep on their shoulder
Girlfriend feeling safe around them
Girlfriend wearing their shirt ½
Girlfriend wearing their shirt 2/2
Your kink being scratching [M-Rated]
Seeing you in your traditional dress

[Individual Members☆]

Mono No Aware [S] [Angst]


300 Days Anniversary
Girlfriend being on her period
Visiting your home town
You feeling paranoid
Pumpkin Carving
Falling in love at first sight


Seeing your baby photos
Taking you to the fair
You moaning another members name [M-Rated]
Catching you self-harm
Being Teased in Public [M-Rated]
Surprising them at their show
Waking You up with oral [M-Rated]
You self-harming
BTS Kinks [M-Rated]
Getting distracted from a phone call [M-Rated]
You accidentally sending nudes to another member [M-Rated]
Getting scared with a creepy mask 
You dancing when you’re bored
You secretly crushing on them
You coming out as asexual
Taking your virginity
You crying over TWD 
Getting send nudes [M-Rated]
To you having a bad day
To you being kidnapped
MTL to get annoyed at their S/O for constantly needing skinship
Falling in love with someone younger
Which Member is the best in bed?
Becoming a Dad
Which Members are still virgins?
What costumes they would get you
Buying you costumes
You’re nervous about confessing to them 
Loving you when you’re in a relationship
To you not liking your reflection
Getting beaten up by your Ex-Boyfriend
Needing attention
How long it would take them to introduce their S/O
You giving them a sassy comeback
When another member touches your boobs
When you take photos of them
Distracting you from a phone call
When you’re nervous about confessing to them
Seeing you for the first time
BTS in bed
You having insecurities
Your boobs pressing against their chest [M-RATED]
You accidentally mess up your haircut
When their someone asks what they like about them 
To their girlfriend moaning when they spank her playfully [M-Rated]
To another guy touching their girlfriend’s boobs [M-Rated]
Messages from your Bangtan Boyfriend….[T]
You initiating a makeout session but leaving halfway through
Boyfriend getting a tongue piercing
Girlfriend being in pain during sex
Girlfriend grinding on them during a makeout session
You being bullied by someone shorter
When their someone asks what they like about them

[Individual Members☆]

As your best friend…
Goddess x Min Yoongi [M-Rated] [S]
Darkness x V [Angst] [S]
I’m the one you need [M-Rated]
Poly Texts x Jimin [T]
Please Me [M-Rated] [S]
Obsession [M-Rated] [S]
Good Girl x Jimin [M-Rated] [S]
바보  [M-Rated]
TaeKook giving you strength x Taehyung [T]
No great love story lasts forever [Angst]

Kidnapping Series: 
Kidnapping Series [1/10] 
Kidnapping Series [2/10] 
Kidnapping Series [3/10]

As your best friend…
50 Shades of VMin [M-Rated] x Taehyung
Poly Texts x Jungkook [T]
Drowning [Angst] [S]
Good Girl x Jungkook [M-Rated] [S]
Made for loving you x Min Yoongi [Angst/Fluff] [S]
Blood, Sweat & Tears [M-Rated]
What am I to you? [Part 1][Part 2]
Delusional late night conversation [T]
Copy & Paste [M-Rated/Fluff]
Safe Place [Angst]

Hyung Line
Happy Ending

Goddess x Jungkook [M-Rated] [S]
Poly Yoonseok Texts x J-Hope [T] 
Fantasies [M-Rated] [S]
It’s always been you [M-Rated]
Not a perfect relationship [M-Rated]
What could’ve been x Kim Namjoon [M-Rated] [S]

There’s no place like home x Kim Namjoon [S]
Tonight I’m all yours~ [M-Rated]
As your best friend…

Rap Monster☆
There’s no place like home x Kim SeokJin [S]
Kim Namjoon as your Best Friend [S]
What could’ve been x Min Yoongi [M-Rated] [S]

Darkness x Jungkook [Angst] [S]
50 Shades of VMin [M-Rated] x Jimin
Kim Taehyung as your Best Friend  [S]
Everyday Texts with your Boyfriend [T] 
TaeKook giving you strength! x Jungkook [T] 

Poly Relationship x Min Yoongi [T]
Jealousy [T]
Needy~ [M-Rated] [S]
Just Friends [M-Rated] [S]

[Hip Hop Unit] to you being scared
Night in with Vocal Unit
[Vocal Unit] to you wearing a sexy costume
[Vocal Unit] to you admitting your crush on them 
[Vocal Unit] to you wanting a puppy/kitten
[Vocal Unit] to you scaring them
[Performance Unit] to you debuting w/ sexy concept
[Vocal Unit] being scared of you
[Hip Hop Unit] to you wearing a sexy costume
[Vocal Unit] to Girlfriend getting excited about Christmas
You swearing a lot
You only walking around in their shirt
You being crazy funny
Girlfriend being a rap goddess
You’re getting hate from fans
Seeing you for the first time
[Vocal Unit] to you not having a fixed style
You being scared of thunderstorms
[Hip Hop Unit] falling for a girl
[Vocal Unit] sharing a bed for the first time
You swearing a lot
You walking around in their oversized shirt
You being crazy funny
You getting hate from fans
To you being clumsy [Mingyu, DK, Hoshi, Jeonghan, Woozi, Seungcheol]
[Vocal Unit] sleeping together with their girlfriend for the first time 

[Individual Members☆] 

As your best friend…

As your best friend

As your best friend…


Girlfriend being a Victoria Secret Model
Lovers Baby Photos
Being called Daddy [M-Rated]
Recieving Oral [M-Rated]
Teased in Public [M-Rated]
You being in a abusive relationship
Girlfriend suddenly eating healthy
Waking you with Oral [M-Rated]
Making you feel better
S/O smiling about something they like
Waking up to oral [M-Rated]
Cuddling after a stressful day
Gilrfriend being a trained assassin
You not feeling like yourself
You needing a hug
You scared of loud noises
You’re purposely not wearing a bra around them [M-Rated]
Being horny while you’re on your period [M-Rated]
You waking up screaming 
Your abusive boyfriend hitting you
You not sharing your food
Girlfriend having stretchmarks
MTL to push you against the wall
Getting jealous
To you walking down the aisle
To you being stalked
When you have a anxiety attack
When you reveal your singing voice to them
To you being in a abusive relationship before
When their child’s first word is not daddy
When you wear lingerine for the first time [M-Rated]
Breaking up with you…
You only walking around in their oversized shirt

[Individual Members☆] 

The Holy Trinity [M-Rated]
Secret [Pt.1][Pt.2] [Angst]
Poly Texts x Jaebum [T]
Safe Word Series [1/7] [T]

Revenge [T]
Mine [M-Rated] [S]

Poly Texts x Jackson 
Studying [M-Rated]
Safe Word Series [4/7] [T]

When he’s horny [M-Rated] [T]

The Holy Trinity [M-Rated]
Snowfall x JinMark [Fluff]
고백 - Confession [T]
Safe Word Series [2/7] [T]

As your best friend…
Snowfall x JinMark [S]
Safe Word Series [3/7] [T]


Reacting to your boobs pressing against their chest
Reacting to you not wanting to be carried
Kinks [M-Rated]
Reacting to you not sharing your food
What costume they would get you
You giving them a back hug
When you’re scared of thunder

fifth harmony: *performs at a pride event*

me: *draws fifth harmony in a pride parade*

zedsdead1001  asked:

I will prompt you, nudge nudge :) One of my faves as you know, grocery shopping eruri au, tiny arguments over what they buy, indulge me please! I can't do it justice xxx

I FINALLY finished a prompt! Thank you so much Zed 😘😘😘😘😘
You know I’m a sucker for domestic eruri 😍
Warning for slightly smutty ending (I’m stuck posting on the app and can’t add a cut 🙁) :

Levi lets out an annoyed huff as he walks aimlessly through unfamiliar territory. He’d been here for barely even five minutes and he could already feel the beginnings of a headache coming on. He hated to admit it but he really misses his favorite supermarket. He and Erwin had been going there for years. Now thanks to a permanent ban for ‘inappropriate behavior’, they were forced to the outskirts of town in this horribly lit poor excuse for a grocery store.

Levi cringes as he hears a faint squeal approaching as Erwin arrives next to him with the cart. Just to make this shitty trip even worse, the only cart left to use had to have a squeaky wheel. “I found the vegetables you wanted.” Erwin says proudly as Levi peers into the cart to inspect.

“I thought you hated broccoli,Erwin?” Levi asks, confused as to why his husband would voluntarily add his most hated food to the cart.
Erwin looks away slightly. “Well, um Nile likes broccoli.” he replied quietly.

Levi pauses to shoot an irritated glare at Erwin. “It’s your fault we’re even in this shitty store to begin with, you’re the one who invited that annoying prick to dinner in the first place!” Levi responds angrily pointing the carrot he was holding like a sword towards Erwin.

“You know Nile is a good friend of mine Levi, he and Marie had us over for dinner last month, it’s our turn now.” Erwin chides as he plucks the carrot from Levi’s hand and places it back in the cart. “Besides, you’ve had Hange over for dinner twice this month and I didn’t complain.” He says, pushing the cart forward.

Levi stomps angrily behind, following Erwin. “I never invited Hange over, they invite themself!” He grumbles.
Erwin has grown bored and starts to fidget as he watches Levi inspect what seems to be every bottle of wine in the aisle. “Just pick one Levi, we’re running out of time.” Erwin whines slightly.
Levi clicks his tongue in annoyance. “Well excuse me for wanting to serve decent wine that doesn’t come out of a fucking box!” Levi practically hisses.

Erwin rolls his eyes. “You’re bringing this up again?, how do you even know it was boxed wine?”

“Because I saw it in the kitchen on my way back from the bathroom last time we were there.” Levi says as he finally places a bottle into the cart with a look of satisfaction.

Erwin just stares at him incredulously.”That’s why you took so long, everyone was worried about you!” He replies, slightly agitated by Levi’s habit of being a ‘wine snob’.

“It tasted just like the shit Kenny used to keep around for company when I was growing up, I wanted to know if I was right.” Levi replies triumphantly as he walks away. Erwin just shakes his head slightly and smiles, choosing to just let it go.
Levi makes his way towards the checkout where he had said he’d meet Erwin after he grabbed a couple of things they had forgotten. He arrives to see Erwin engaged in conversation with the young bubbly cashier who seemed to be blatantly flirting with him over a bottle of body wash. Levi couldn’t help but smirk slightly.
Having been with Erwin for at least fifteen years now, he had witnessed this type of situation countless times.

He never got bothered by it. People were always naturally drawn to Erwin. He was charming, handsome and had a way of talking that made you feel you were the only one in the room. Levi had been a victim of it himself and he was still surprised that when he had proposed to Erwin ten years ago, he had actually said yes.
Levi unceremoniously drops his items down on the belt with a thump. “You forgot the lube and that damn face cream you love so much.” He informs.

The cashier pauses seemingly trying to figure out what the hell this gorgeous man in a suit had in common with the short grumpy looking individual wearing a t-shirt that read ‘Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck’ standing next to him. Erwin chuckles. “Thank you Levi.” He says and turns to the cashier. “It’s okay to ring these up, we’re together.” He says snapping the cashier out of a trance. The cashier blushes slightly, feeling embarrassed for staring and finishes ringing up their order.

"Thank you for saving me today.” Erwin says to Levi as he waits for him to finish preparing dinner.

Levi finished his work and then proceeds to wash his hands and hang up his apron. “Are you serious?” He asks trying not to laugh.

"Yes, if you hadn’t come back, I might have died of boredom from being hit on under the guise of discussing brands of body wash.” Erwin replies, sighing dramatically as he falls back onto the couch.

"Poor Princess Erwin, I wonder what your suitors would say if they knew your favorite activity is watching QVC until you pass out snoring wearing nothing but your spongebob boxers?” Levi asks unable to keep from laughing.

"Hey, I thought you said I look hot in those.” Erwin says with a pout.

"You do.” Levi says moving closer to Erwin.
A mischievous smile spreads across Erwin’s face. “What would you say if I told you I was wearing them under this suit?” He says reaching down to unbuckle his belt.

Levi watches hungrily as Erwin reveals the top of his boxers only to interrupt him by crawling on top of him hastily. “I’d say thirty minutes.” Levi pants out rapidly.

Erwin looks at him in confusion. “Thirty minutes?”

Levi smiles seductively while hastily unbuttoning Erwin’s pants. “That’s how long we have until our guests show up.”
Erwin lets out a moan when he feels Levi’s grip on his erection. “Good answer.”

So there it is and thank you so much for the prompt Zed, I hope you liked it ❤️.

why are comic book artists so obsessed with drawing girls’ individual boobs 

like … shirts dont do that 

not even skin tight ones

not even skin tight costumes should be doing that, unless they literally made cups for their boobs, which would be super impractical and uncomfortable and dig into the bones in the middle of their chest

Hi everyone, Kewpo here!

I’m so excited to reveal the final t-shirt design for my Casual Cindy cosplay, but also the main attraction of @ashley-face and I’s “Save a Regalia” collection! I’ll be Cindy this Sunday at c2e2 and handing out free bookmarks to those who fancy a picture or a chat, so don’t pass up a chance for free swag!

Additionally, we’ll be showing the individual prints and alternate shirt design shortly before we open our stores on redbubble and storenvy!

Stay tuned!

some quick Maggie & Glenn - digital painting



Hey everyone, I’m doing a second printing of the T-Shirts I sold at Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo! All T shirts are individually screenprinted by hand by me and my buddy (who is rocking the Bite Me shirt above!) on soft and breathable, v-neck, unisex t shirts from Forever 21.

 Sizes run a little looser (from the photos featured, the middle is a size M, the shirts on the side are a size S). If you have any question on size suggestions hit me up!  

T-Shirts are $18 (+shipping, which runs around ~$5). Pre-orders can be made through email (, please include “T shirt pre order” somewhere in the title. Payment is through paypal at or Venmo. 

Pre orders end in 10 days on Nov 14! 

gunfireandagility  asked:

A general "I've seen the homicides" shirt would be awesome. Take the next idea with a grain of whatever but individual shirts with the guys heart song lyrics on em would be cool too. But prob too hard and not worth it production wise haha

The lyrics idea had crossed my mind as well, though I thought of doing everyone and not individual shirts. That could be very cool, though I’ll need to do something creative with Johnny in lieu of words. Something he wrote or said maybe.

The plan would be to throw them up on somewhere like society6, so making them wouldn’t be breaking the bank or anything. I make a few fun images and then maybe they sell, maybe they don’t. I think it’d be fun either way.

I’ve got a job to do for a coworker and then I want to do this!

anonymous asked:

hi! I was thinking of selling a few of my designs on shirts and some of my friends are interested. I might sell it publicly(?) after. I want to ask if buying a silkscreen and reproduce the design on the shirts myself or just have someone print the design for me, like those print shops. I hope you understood/// thank you in advance!

Kiriska: Well… things to consider:

Screenprinting shirts yourself:

In general, well-made screenprinted shirts are higher quality than digital print shirts and the designs will last longer. However, screenprinting

  • Involves upfront investment in materials such as blank shirts, screening equipment, and paint. This can add up to more than going through a printer, especially if you want to make a lot of different designs. If you’re making hundreds of the same design though, screenprinting your own shirts can be cheaper.
  • Requires physical space in your home/studio to set up.
  • Requires learning how to screenprint, if you don’t already know how.
  • Will probably leave you with a handful of misprinted/test shirts that no one wants.
  • Time consuming.
  • Can have limits on number of colors used (the more colors you want, the more prep and precision is required, and the longer each individual shirt will take). There’s a reason you rarely see screenprints in more than 3-4 colors.

Going through a (digital) printer:

  • Much easier and less effort.
  • Can use multiple colors/less restrictive in design, though colors are probably going to be less vibrant.
  • Easier to make a lot of different designs at the same cost.
  • If it’s a print on demand service, it will probably be costlier to get a lot of shirts unless you negotiate directly.
  • Probably a better choice for personal limited run projects unless you just wanna learn/pick up screenprinting.

You can also get screenprinted shirts through a printer, though those are likely to have relatively high minimum orders. Probably not something you want to do for a personal order, or if you’re still unsure about selling to the public.


Heartwarming Kickstarter raises $22K to make clothes for people with Down syndrome 

Downs Designs produces jeans, capri pants and shirts for individuals with Down syndrome, a genetic disorder that leaves patients with developmental delays and intellectual disability. Patients with Down syndrome are physically built differently than other people, and as a result often lack access to well-fitting clothes, furthering negative perceptions of people who have the disorder and increasing the condition’s social stigma.

Why clothing options are so limited | Follow micdotcom