individualized shirts

fifth harmony: *performs at a pride event*

me: *draws fifth harmony in a pride parade*



Hey everyone, I’m doing a second printing of the T-Shirts I sold at Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo! All T shirts are individually screenprinted by hand by me and my buddy (who is rocking the Bite Me shirt above!) on soft and breathable, v-neck, unisex t shirts from Forever 21.

 Sizes run a little looser (from the photos featured, the middle is a size M, the shirts on the side are a size S). If you have any question on size suggestions hit me up!  

T-Shirts are $18 (+shipping, which runs around ~$5). Pre-orders can be made through email (, please include “T shirt pre order” somewhere in the title. Payment is through paypal at or Venmo. 

Pre orders end in 10 days on Nov 14! 

some quick Maggie & Glenn - digital painting

why are comic book artists so obsessed with drawing girls’ individual boobs 

like … shirts dont do that 

not even skin tight ones

not even skin tight costumes should be doing that, unless they literally made cups for their boobs, which would be super impractical and uncomfortable and dig into the bones in the middle of their chest

anonymous asked:

If they're just selling shirts for that price, yeah, a ripoff. But if they're selling the shirt+ individual custom tailoring, makes more sense.

it’s not individual custom tailoring, I worded that wrong. I meant it’s a line of shirts that are designed to “fit women’s bodies” but for butch women (basically some extra buttons, wider collars like normal mens shirts but on “women’s shirts”), you just order the shirt and it’s mailed to you, it’s like 125 dollars for one long sleeve button down.