“The rings are, of course, symbolic of the Laws of Karma. The position Saturn holds in space is indicative of the fact that a person cannot incorporate the energies of the furthest planets - Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, into his individualised consciousness without first passing the various tests of personal responsibility so that he proves himself capable of handling the energies of a more evolved state.” - Alan Oken

Saturn in the first house:
The illusion of being trapped in his own skin leads the first house Saturn person into a dark tomb with himself acting as the cruel prison guard. The individual may feel as if his own individuality and unique expression is wrapped in a tangle hold and only amounts in shame. When he smiles, the years drip away, and a fabulous, glow crosses his face like a beaming light. His smile is his most unforgettable feature.

Saturn in the second house:
When the planet of value, Saturn, finds itself in the second house of value, the individual is driven toward finding, sustaining and retaining what he finds personally meaningful and resourceful. While some manifestations of this placement relate to acquiring material possessions, the second house jewels stem further into the soul riches that make his heart sing. This can be diamonds, people, feelings, God, comforts, security and establishing a sense of ownership over things that make him feel.

Saturn in the third house:
Despite his gentle and thoughtful expression, the individual can become so caught up in his self conscious fears he struggles to release his words. Once he finds his mental niche, his brilliant mind is unmatched in expertise.  It’s like the third house Saturn person watches his life pass by through the sepia lenses of someone who has lived a million times over.

Saturn in the fourth house:
Fourth house Saturn people are saturated in the search for a meaningful inner experience. A place of comfort, a sanctuary of retreat away from the world is the longstanding lullaby that soothes their psychological complexes and unfulfilled childhood needs. The world melts away on the sail through their rich inner world. Houses breathe to them

Saturn in the fifth house:
More than anything, the fifth house Saturn person wants to be loved. There may be a gaping hole in his chest he feels he can’t fill, as though he is unworthy or somehow defective and unlovable. He may be desperate to feel that soul-saturating, particle shattering love, although he blocks himself and self isolates from these opportunities. 

Saturn in the sixth house:
The individual can be a disciple of the highest order, a spirit here on earth to offer out arms in service and healing riches. There can be a high level of nervous tension and digestive upset with Saturn in the sixth. Health tends to be a priority of life, strange or wavering health problems can seem like fate

Saturn in the seventh house:
 Without love, the individual may experience harsh feelings of self deprecation and inadequacy, but Saturn won’t stand by while he enters relationships out of loneliness and not love. He will be forced to love the person in the mirror before he is given free reign amongst others.

Saturn in the eighth house:
The 8th house is a torrential journey through dark channels of the psyche and unconscious, the breathing and the expired, the graveyard of ashes and rebirth. The raw and forceful tugs of Saturn force a steady and contrarious experience. Such streams create a battleground of mental and transcendental power. This is a spirit capable of extending between between the material world and the supernal, co consciously. 

Saturn in the ninth house:
Dane Rudyhar discusses the idea of Saturn in the ninth being forced to provide concrete and personalized application to the mystical experience. That is making magic, there can be no tricks, illusions, or acceptance in blind faith. Symbolism becomes rich in everyday life and a direct reflection of the illuminated God within. Saturn in the ninth is the disciple of the cosmos, the magician of all spiritual law, the master of the material plane, pouring the cosmic fountain of pure wizardry.

Saturn in the tenth house
There is something magical and crackling about Saturn in the tenth. Like they are a wizard of every time period in history, holding an hourglass filled with sorcerers dust, cradling the orb in their hands that knows how to turn far away dreams into something real and wonderful. This is Saturn’s royal progeny, his golden child, the one he will carry under his wing and thrust into glory.

Saturn in the eleventh house
The eleventh Saturn person may disappear from the social scene for days or even weeks on end. The individual may also prefer to eschew entertaining interpersonal contact until he is ready. There is a deep fondness for privacy. His inner circle is likely small and the people that know him best may know a completely different personality altogether than outsiders

Saturn in the twelfth house
Saturn here screams from the subconscious in search of recognition for the interconnection between all beings, God and the universe; calling for an obliteration of the ego in return for sewing themselves amongst the tapestry of wholeness. Saturn in the 12th are forced to submit to the collective, despite their intrinsic, overwhelming illusion of separation.


[art by nicoletta ceccoli]

Torres returns to Madrid after injury scare

Although he is not cleared to play against Valencia on Sunday at 16:15 CET, the Euro 2008 hero plans on supporting his Atletico Madrid teammates from inside the Estadio Vicente Calderon.

Torres is expected to train along his peers on Monday after spending the night in his own house, but it remains to be seen whether he will complete a regular training session or an individualised plan.

Doctor Villalon will lay out the forward’s rehabilitation plan.

It is fairly possible Torres avoids ball contact within the next few days, but he is unwilling to stand still.

The No. 9 is back.

cynicalidealiist-deactivated201  asked:

what do you think of the pluto in sagittarius generation?

The Pluto in Sagittarius generation refers to a group of people born from 1995-2008. These individuals are highly absorbed in spiritual pursuits, exploration, travel, and culture. Intelligence is an inherent characteristic, a terrific intuition and awareness of the higher mind. Higher education, particularly through university and revisiting philosophy and ancient religion are typically emphasised. There is a secular component to Pluto in Sagittarius people. They are not so much religiously ordained as spiritually hungry, that which entails indulgence in all forms of teaching and personalised learning. There is an appreciation for globalisation, so for the individual to relish with an ease of contacting people and information from all parts of the world online and through efficient travel is a reflection of an appreciation for the times.

Pluto in Sagittarius people look toward the future, typically with a great prophetic vision. This also generates political activism, although this may be individualised, and at times repulsion, considering the threats of climate change, nature atrophy, and the extinction of wildlife, there can be a tremendous fear and trepidation. These people are currently locked out of the housing market and likely forced to rent, a theme probable to continue. This relates to the Sagittarius nomad, that which finds no home or source of centre but the self. Enthusiasm for life is rich with Pluto in Sagittarius people. There is a luminescence, a unity of languages, and cultures, and dance, and beliefs. These people are fascinating adventurers and experimenters, models of solo action, and they may use hallucinogens as a tool of expansion or delight. The shadows of Pluto in Scorpio hung in the air as Pluto in Sagittarius was coming into life. And they were born of light, a sort of candle after the darkness, they have learned from the Pluto in Scorpios, and gathered much wisdom, their pilgrimage is only just beginning, the Gods are laughing

anonymous asked:

can you explain the differences in the accents around korea?

The National Institute of Korean Language decreed that the Seoul “dialect" is how modern Korean should be spoken. Hence the Seoul accent is considered the standardised Korean dialect (표준어). Yet like any country, and with any language, you will come across many different dialects.

Gyeongsang: The people of the Gyeongsang Province, which includes cities like 부산, 대구, 마산, 포항, 경주 etc, speak 경상도 사투리, which is considered one of the harsher dialects.

There are quite a few notable differences between standardised Korean and the Gyeongsang dialect, but I will only list a few of significance. For example, 경상도 speakers are often unable to pronounce ㅆ when it appears at the beginning of a word, such as 쌀 (rice) and so it will often be pronounced 살.

Speakers of this dialect also miss the vowel sound for “ㅡ” which has a “eu” sound, and will instead replace it with “ㅓ” and pronounce it with an “oe” sound. This means words such as 음악 “music” will be pronounced like 엄악.

Gyeongsang dialect also has difficulty with compact vowels, such as ㅘ or ㅢ, which means that it is common for the first vowel of a compact vowel to be dropped. So words like 사과 “apple” is pronounced like 사가, and 의사 “doctor” is pronounced like 이사.

Chungcheong: Chungcheong is quite close to Seoul, so there are very few notable differences between Chungcheong and standardised Korean. The biggest difference between the two, is that people of Chungcheong have the tendency to speak really slowly. Alongside this, it is also very common for speakers to replace ㅗ with ㅜ, and ㅛ with ㅠ, especially with verb conjugations. For example, instead of saying 하세요, it might be very common to hear 하세유, or even the shortened form 하슈.

Gangwon: Gangwon is a large province, bisected by the high Taebaek mountain range, so historically, very few people lived in the area. The Western part of Gangwon has no physical barrier between itself and Seoul, so for the most part, no significant dialect was developed. However, on the Eastern coast, Gangwon did develop a few unique dialect differences. The most notable being a speaker’s tendency to use tones to distinguish the meaning of homo-phonic words. This dialect also has quite a few words that are very unusual.

Jeolla: Jeolla has its very own and very distinctive dialect. Jeolla’s dialect is also slower than Seoul’s, but much faster than Chungcheong speakers, and it also contains frequent ups and downs in sound. The most distinctive part of Jeolla is the vowel conjugations, since it is a very common characteristic to end sentences with 잉. Similarly, the ending ~요 is replaced with ~이라 or ~어라, and the vowel conjugation ~데 is changed to ~디 in this dialect.

It is also very common to add extra ㅅ and ㅂ in within certain words, like how the word 더워 (hot) is pronounced 덥어. It is also common for ㅏ and ㅓ to be pronounced as ㅐand ㅔ. For example, the word 마음 (mind) is pronounced as 매음.

Jeju: Jeju is the most geographically isolated population, so much so, Jeju speakers have such an unbelievably unique dialect that it is almost completely a separate language! Jeju dialect is still grammatically Korean, but with a very unrecognisable vocabulary. This is due to the island’s isolation and neighbouring influence. The dialect still maintains extremely old Korean words, whilst seeking inspiration from Japan, China, and even Mongolia. 

Vowel conjugation is also notably different. The basic honorific ~요 is replaced with ~ㅂ서, and instead of ~ㅂ니까, the honorific question is ~꽈.

Seoul/Gyeonggi: Even though Seoul dialect is considered “standard Korean”, Seoul/Gyeonggi still embellish in their own individualised dialect quirks. However, the differences are so slight, the dialects are practically indistinguishable. Although, a common habit with Seoul/Gyeonggi speakers is they continuously mispronounce specific words in a certain pattern. This dialect habit entails replacing ㅗ with ㅜ, such that 삼촌 (uncle) will be pronounced like 삼춘.

Title: Run to You
Author: cbsnforeverandalways/iwalkalone258 
Character(s): Barry Allen, Iris West
Category: Romance
Rating: G
Word Count: 633
Chapter(s): 1 of 5
Summary:  Intimate moments between Barry and Iris leading up to May 23rd. [Drabbles]

A/N: I wanted to write some intimate moments between Barry and Iris leading up to May 23rd and how each of them struggle with the realization that Iris may die so here is the first chapter. These are in no particular order. They are drabbles. Added note: This is dedicated to @wanderer765 because she inspires me. Please stay sweet, always. Thank you.

The drumming of her heart almost lulls him into a sweet comatose state. He loves being like this with her. She’s sprawled underneath him with her iPad glued to her fingers. He figures she’s either working or reading or doing both because of the stillness in the atmosphere. It’s late, midnight late but neither can sleep.

Barry snuggles closer into her petite frame and smiles at the rumble of her chuckle. Has he mentioned he loves being like this? Her fingers combs languidly through his hair and every so often she presses a kiss to the top of his head. Nothing in the world is worth more than these individualised, unique moments between them.

His eyelids flutter downwards and he inhales the strawberry aroma of her body wash. Always strawberry with a hint of citrus. He turns his head and kisses the exposed area of her chest. The heaviness of the future is forgotten temporarily with each ticking second. She doesn’t die in fourteen days when they’re  tangled up like this. She’s tangible, real and his for the eternity they promised each other.

Savitar doesn’t exist, the threat he poses doesn’t factor into any section of their lives and Barry, God, Barry for the life of him wishes they could stay in this perfect little bubble forever. A bubble where he sees her walk down the aisle in a beautiful white gown. A bubble where she tells him in front of the entire universe that he’s it, he’s the one. A bubble where they have children and she wins the pulitzer award for being the best journalist. A bubble where she breathes, and breathes, and breathes. He sighs in an attempt to ease the sudden pain caterpillaring around his ribcage.

“You okay?” She questions, dragging him from his traitorous thoughts. He was never any good at hiding his emotions from her. Barry levels his chin on her chest and looks up into her face.  There’s a pregnant pause where they stare openly at one another and she uses the heel of her foot to caress his outer thigh.

“Mhm,” He mutters, watching every inch of her expression. Her curls frame her face and the love in her eyes race through him faster than any lightning bolt.  She’s beautiful. Actually more than beautiful and sometimes he wishes he had the appropriate words to tell her as much. But describing how gorgeous she is is similar to describing how he feels. There’s no logical phrase or description in the world that adequately informs her of any of it.

“Are you?” He retorts before she can weasel an honest answer out of him.

“Yes.” There’s a tilt to her lips, it’s mischievous and sexy. He leans over and takes the iPad from her grasp placing it somewhere on the bed, forgotten.  

“Good,” His movements are quick and Iris doesn’t see it coming. He shows her no mercy as his fingers race all of her body tickling her. Her laughter rings out, soft and melodious. He doesn’t allow his mind to ponder on the what if’s. What if Savitar succeeds? What if he can’t save her? He doesn’t allow any of it.

He straddles her hips and she starts wiggling out of control from his playful assault and all he can do is pause. He pauses to take her in; her curls, her smile, and her bright eyes. He pauses to soak every detail of it in.

“What?” She asks once her breathing evens out. Her hands have found their way onto his, their fingers entwined like the strings of their souls.

“I just…” he pulls their conjoined hands between their bodies as he leans down. “I just, really love you.” Her eyes soften, and she angles her head upwards to receive the press of his lips.

You have no idea just how much power you posses. It’s buried deep within you. That power can be accessed at any time. All you have to do is turn your attention within, and recognise that you do have value, that you do have worth, that nothing is impossible for you to achieve because you are an individualised aspect of the very thing that created this reality to begin with.
Service Pokémon

(This is for @tybaxel! Thank you for being so unbelievably patient!)

Outside of battle, pokémon play a crucial role in the workings of many major industries, to the point that they are essential in maintaining a cohesive society. Used in the military, in the police, for rescue purposes, and as service animals, there are few modern societies that can operate without the input of pokémon. Some examples of their usages are as follows:


Police forces across the world use pokémon for an array of purposes. Herdiers, houndooms and manectrics make for common police dogs, but growlithes are the most favoured across all regions, owing to their combination of strength, good temperament and intelligence. They are loyal pokémon, well domesticated and easy to train, so are favoured in most service industries. Growlithes trained for police operations will often be adopted by the army after they evolve, as arcanines are too large to be used in domestic law enforcement and are better suited to combat. 

Kalosian police officers are known to use slurpuffs when investigating crime scenes, as these pokémon are able to smell and seek out specific cadavers from up to a mile away. They have the ability to differentiate between the subtleties of certain smells in a way that other species cannot - where a human might smell two corpses and think of them as bearing the same scent, slurpuffs would be able to classify them as completely different to one another. This makes them unsuitable for detecting general scents; it is difficult to train them to seek out simply ‘blood’ or ‘cadavers’, as they cannot locate them on a blanket basis. More often than not, growlithes or mightyenas will be used to find initial traces of bodily remains, which slurpuffs will then track in a more individualised manner.

Gardevoirs are sometimes used during police questioning, so as to determine the general mindset of whomever is being interviewed. Their sensitivity to human emotion makes it possible for them to detect unease or apprehension in the person being questioned, which means they can alert officers to the distress of the interviewee or even act as roundabout lie detectors. Naturally, they are not infallible, and some interviewees control their emotions well enough that gardevoirs notice nothing unusual about them, but they can be useful as a starting point.     

The Military

Although they can be used for defensive and scouting purposes, military pokémon are the only kind that can legally be trained to kill. Arcanines are typically used in the army due to their strength, speed and obedience, and will be assigned to individual soldiers to ensure that a loyal partnership develops between them. Although commercial battle is thought to have developed from the use of pokémon in military battle, contemporary army pokémon are trained in a very different way to those in the battle industry. Their moves are honed to hit harder, their practical skills are refined, and they are generally better equipped to survive independently. A retired military pokémon is never permitted to take part in commercial battle tournaments, due to worry that they will overstep legal boundaries and permanently injure their opponents, if unintentionally. 

Arcanines are the face of the Japanese military and the most commonly used in combat, but swamperts are favoured in marshland terrains where fire-types face natural disadvantages. Kalosian armies are known to use lucarios in certain cases, due to their intelligence and loyalty to humans, and luxrays, pyroars, manectrics and jolteons are favoured across all regions. The most important factor in choosing military pokémon, many would argue, is how willing that pokémon is to lay down its life, and how able it is to hurt humans on command. If it can do that, it is likely to be suitable.

That said, a large proportion of military pokémon are used for purposes outside of combat. Rhyhorns are sometimes trained to carry medical supplies and seek out the injured, as their thick armour makes them largely impervious to bullets and projectiles. Audino often accompany army doctors. Gardevoirs are sometimes used for defensive purposes, to shroud soldiers in protective barriers during altercations, but delphoxes tend to be preferred for this purpose, as they are more willing to attack as well as defend, giving them dual currency. Absols can also be assigned to accompany large parties of soldiers, given their sensitivity to impending danger and ability to act as a warning system, but are never suited to actual fighting owing to their skittish natures.  

The rumour is that the Unovan military has started experimenting with zoroarks, training them to cast illusions and mimic the appearance of opposing soldiers. The belief is that, if they can be tutored appropriately, they may be able to infiltrate enemy ranks and attack them from within, clearing the pathway for home soldiers.

Mental and Physical Aid

Pokémon play an essential role in the rehabilitation and aid of people with mental and physical illnesses, serving both practical and therapeutic purposes. Munnas, which are often gifted to small children to prevent their having nightmares, are now commonly administered to PTSD sufferers for the same purpose. Gardevoirs, which are able to detect nuances in a person’s mood, are suitable companions for those with chronic depression, as they can sense the onset of a depressive episode and prepare for it accordingly. With proper training, they can learn to make basic food and do household tasks that the person is incapable of, caring for their owner until they emerge from the episode and are better able to look after themselves. 

There is a large body of research supporting the usefulness of gardevoirs as companions to those with depression, schizophrenia, anxiety and numerous other mental disorders, with studies linking them to reduced relapse rates, greater compliance with medication, higher self-reported well-being, and steadier long-term recovery. However, training gardevoirs for the purpose of medical service is expensive and time-consuming, so they aren’t as frequently used as would be ideal.

Experimental research into training chatots for speech therapy is also underway, but far from conclusive. The thought is that, depending on chatots’ ability to actually understand the language they mimic, they may be able to fill in occasional words for a person with a stammer or stutter. There is debate as to whether this would be feasible, or indeed appropriate (some believe that this could hinder a person’s likelihood to overcome their speech disorder), but it remains an area of interest.

Generally, the role of pokémon for physical aid is better established. Herdiers, growlithes, umbreons and a number of other quadruped species are suited to being guide and hearing animals, with umbreon particularly favoured due to the fact that it has quiet temperament and is at no risk of evolving (so can be used in the long term). 

Natus are favoured sevice pokémon for those with early symptoms of motor neurone disease and other similar conditions. By training these pokémon to detect nuances in muscle movement, natus can use telekinesis to compensate for an individual’s bodily weakness; they assert just enough control over a person’s limbs to allow them to grip things and move as they wish. Service natus are trained to remain on their owner’s shoulder, and can act swiftly enough that there is very little delay between the said owner’s movements, making it far easier for them to live independently. That said, as essential as natus are to those in the early stages of the illness, they are only useful up to a point; they are unable to compensate for the later, more incapacitating symptoms. Research into the subject remains ongoing.

anonymous asked:

Heyo! I was wondering if you had any advice on fleshing out characters. Mine have been in the workings for months and I still don't feel like they're up to scratch.

I think it’s perfectly ok if you don’t feel as though your characters are up to scratch just yet. Once you start writing with them, placing them into scenarios, your character’s personalities and traits will slowly begin to flesh themselves out. This also allows for a bit of flexibility with your writings and characters.

But if you want to get a bit more of a handle on your characters, here are a few tips that helped me. I take it you already have their pasts worked out? Well, let’s focus on personalities and motives then.

First, what are your character’s motives? Since this is set in an EO game, what are their connections to the labyrinth? Why are they explorers? If they’re not explorers, why not? Is one of your characters trying to honour their family name? Are they searching for a missing loved one? Are they veterans? Are they exploring for fame? Are they explorers because they find the prospect exciting but have no idea what they’re getting themselves into? Or are they explorers simply because there’s nothing better to do in this piss-ant town?

Also, you should remember that your characters are individuals, so they will react to situations differently. No two characters are the same. They may have similarities, but they will still react differently.

To individualise your characters, try a few writing exercises. Imagine all your characters in the same scene. How would each of them react?

For example; your characters are at the bar when a barfight breaks out. Who;
Started the fight?
Rolled their eyes and moved to a quieter place?
Is swinging punches indiscriminately?
Is trying to avoid getting involved but is dragged in anyway?
Literally jumped atop of tables to get in the middle of the fight?
Would have a panic attack and hide under the table?
Would be comforting the one having a panic attack?
Is cursing loudly because they know they’re the one who has to put an end to the fight?
Is sitting back and commentating sarcastically in the background?
Finds the entire thing amusing and is watching with a shit-eating grin on their face?
Is threatening to burn this entire place to the ground if they don’t stop with this bullshit?
Is face down at the bar, oblivious to all?

You don’t need to answer those questions above. They’re examples. I simply mean imagine all your characters in the same scene and then focus on them one at a time, writing how each of them would respond. It might come out a little stilted at first, but you’ll soon get into the feel and start writing them all with different reactions.

A few other scenarios to flesh out your characters are;
Their reactions to their first dangerous mission.
Their first encounter with a FOE.
They find a guard bloodied and near death.
Their first time staying overnight in the labyrinth.

When writing, it really is better to show rather than to tell. For example, you’ve stated that a character is quite the chill dude. Don’t just tell the reader. Show them. How is this character chill? How chill are they? Are they chill because they’re calm and optimistic? Or are they chill because they literally don’t give a shit? Are they chill all the time? Or do they have moments where they are genuinely angry and furious?

Also, your characters will have more than one personality trait. A character that is calm can have a tipping point. A character who is stoic can react desperately when the person they care about most is in danger. A character that is loud and cheerful can be hiding a dark secret. Give them a positive trait and a negative trait.

As an author, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to reveal everything about your characters all at once. It’s a process. You can reveal their secrets and motives a bit at a time.  A hint here, a hint there. That sort of thing.

I think it’s better if I stop it here or it’ll get too rambly ^^ The short version is; simply write about your characters. Try a few writing exercises. Imagine them reacting to scenarios, both pleasant and unpleasant. Know that your characters will grow during the course of the story.

Hope that helps!

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The best case scenario is that we see your repeat ask, get annoyed and delete it. Worst case scenario is that one mod ends up wasting their time responding to a question that has already been answered. 

Uranus in the 10th House - Cosmic Corporation 

People with Uranus in the 10th have an original perspective on what constitutes success. The individual is not so much interested in social prestige and recognition as she is in following her own vision by her own course of action. Her nature is naturally provocative and she typically integrates admirable humanitarian conscience into her far sighted ambitions. She is a utopia who dreams of changing the world for the better. The individual is typically responsive to global events, crises, and social concerns. Freedom in professional pursuits provides opportunity for her innovation and natural genius to flow naturally. It’s common for Uranus in the 10th people to respond better in self employment or roles where she can develop her own schedule and deadlines. The individual rarely responds well to authority figures. When she feels intimidated, reduced, bored or invalidated for her hard work she can easily walk off the job at a moment’s notice without a care or concern. She would rather stay true to herself and her own identity than work for a tyrant or compromise her values. 

The individual with Uranus in the 10th has always felt different. And it’s ultimately true because there is a special purpose written in the cosmos for her. As a child she may have felt like an outsider, and this may have been exaggerated by an unusual, erratic upbringing. She may provoke strange responses from strangers and express a humanitarian sensitivity that can be difficult for other people to understand. The vision can incorporate reaching large groups of people in uplifting and inspiring ways. It may involve the internet, social media, charity, social causes, or entrepreneurship. Retaining independence and incorporating personal flair into her production keeps work, goals, and perspective fresh and stimulating. The individual has a sharp intuition for spotting opportunistic moments, and there can be natural networking abilities that open the doors of dreams. Some of her career moves may seem reckless to onlookers, but her upward ascension is not a straight path but a winding, looping, and exhilarating climb. She can make multiple and abrupt career changes and leave high power and paying positions if she becomes underwhelmed, stifled, or uninspired. The individual invokes an experimental lifestyle and doesn’t hesitate to try out her talents in multiple pursuits. She is only answerable to herself. The lure of money, status, or privilege rarely sustains her. She wants more out of life than becoming trapped in the corporate machine.  

Uranus in the 10th people can have trouble planning for the future. Life doesn’t respond well to her plans. She seems to make better progress when she follows her natural flow of energy. The motivation, inspiration, excitement, and willingness to work can be inconsistent with Uranus in the 10th. There can be magnificent, buzzing charges of focus and energy followed by abrupt listlessness and inactivity. The individual is rarely competitive but rather sets personal goals that force her to compete against herself and her own potential. Her unique repertoire of talent and original creativity generates exclusive opportunities for career development, like people in high positions can see something special in her and appreciate her refreshing perspective. She may not get the promotion, but she may have an exclusive position based just for her. She leads the crowd by not following it. But she may experience chaos and trauma in her professional life. Opportunities can vanish in an instant. She may find herself suddenly unemployed or forced to restructure her goals. Job prospects find her through mysterious methods like a chance encounter or social networks. Nothing remains neutral in her public life. She is disinterested in power and more interested in influence, in assuming or creating a position where she can ignite the goodness and change she envisions. A 10th house mountain peak is sparkling with the fairy lights of Uranus, illuminating a glowing path from the bottom to the top, winding and twisting like a rollercoaster into electric dreams. 


 [art: Tanya Shatseva | Black Hole in the Milky Way]

 ((@silverkitsune​ tumblr wont let me reply so i have take a screenshot like some kind of animal))

Alrighty so there is:

Captain Jewels, CC-6859. HIs name comes from that he has a genetic mutation making his eyes blue and a trainer said his eyes looked like jewels. He’s a commander clone, but when his Jedi General’s padawan showed up he had to be officially demoted (I’m not sure if clones can be commanders if there are padawans so). Unofficially, Jewels and the padawan work together as commander, sharing the work equally. Off-duty he is pretty laid-back, kind of a “don’t do any property damage and don’t kill anyone and i dont care” clone. on active duty (not even on the field) he’s strict and will not tolerate any bullshit. on the field it’s that but 1000% more intense. (in general he 110% always needs a drink)

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Monster: Johan Liebert [INFP]


Introverted Feeling (Fi): Whatever Johan is, he’s undeniably disconnected from his fellow men. The feelings and impulses that drive him are known only to himself, and hidden well from everyone else. Even his sister was blind to his inner depravity until faced with the undeniable truth. Yet, in spite of his indifference to humanity, Johan possesses a real, yet twisted, affection for his sister, and a grudging respect for his saviour and nemesis, Kenzo Tenma. What feelings and beliefs that underlie his behaviour is hidden beneath his stoicness, but what little we see is both incredibly individualised, and alien to the minds of normal society. “We are only equal in death” being one such highlight.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Johan plans and plans and plans, but despite his claim of a vision of an end of the world, Johan clearly lacks any final goal in mind. What he has are instead goals spinning from prior goals, constantly changing and improvising, seemingly at whim. From murdering his foster parents, creating and then abandoning a money laundering scheme, taking on a ‘disciple’ from his former orphanage, murdering everyone in a town, reuniting with his sister by murdering her new family, and so on and so forth. As much as his subordinates claim he has an end game, it becomes frankly clear that Johan is for the most part making it up as he goes, following new ideas and creating new goals, only to abandon them when they either cease to be interesting, or his priorities change.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Though his real nature is opaque, Johan is very clearly nostalgic. He cherishes his memories and his relationships with both his mother and his sister, and revisits the scenes of his childhood for reasons obvious only to him. His memory recall is impressive, able to recite international child abuse laws off the top of his head, and he displays something of a fondness for latin, a dead language not often used in daily life. He also has some habits, from his tendency to murder those who have seen his face, to his preference for suits, turtlenecks, and smart trousers.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Johan has a lot of organizational skills, creating money laundering schemes, engineering murders, and pulling off master plans like nobody’s business. When push comes to shove, he’ll sacrifice politeness and finesse in favour of pragmatically taking what he wants - or shooting people himself if it comes down to it. Yet, he doesn’t really have the micromanaging personality associated with dominant extroverted thinkers, taking a really hands off approach with both his plans and his subordinates. For example, Roberto doesn’t even realise that Johan has switched from assassination to arson until midway of the event, not that he minds, and while his love for his sister is obvious enough for the neo-nazis to try and take advantage of, his subordinates prove willing to murder her anyway, indicating Johan’s lack of either ability or interest in maintaining obedience.

Note: While I personally feel this is Johan’s type, in all honesty, it’s REALLY hard to type Johan, and it’s unlikely that everyone will agree with this type - At other times, I thought he might be an INTJ, an INFJ, or even an INTP. Partially, this is due to the fact that Johan is to some extent insane, but its mostly because Johan actually has very little screentime in either the manga or the the anime, though his presence is in every page. We get very little on what his thought processes might be, even when he’s in action, so naturally, his typing will vary from person to person.

are memes getting shorter lived because by the scientific defintion of a “memetic” behaviour, the actual meme has moved from individual things like “internet lolcat speak” which lasted fuck knows how long, to partaking in a long term wider ‘internet meme culture’ that constantly comes up with new things and abandons them soon after

was individualising lolcat memes with text, characteristics, subcategories and ‘characters’ actually dead seriously the downfall of the old memetics and the beginning of a new internet culture that thirsts for new content constantly

what im getting at is, was the detective pony “remember lolcat jane?Thing actually dead serious accurate

Pluto in Sagittarius Generation (1995-2008)

Pluto in Sagittarius people look toward the future, typically with a great prophetic vision. This also generates political activism, although this may be individualised, and at times repulsion, considering the threats of climate change, nature atrophy, and the extinction of wildlife, there can be a tremendous fear and trepidation. These people are currently locked out of the housing market and likely forced to rent, a theme probable to continue. This relates to the Sagittarius nomad, that which finds no home or source of centre but the self. Enthusiasm for life is rich with Pluto in Sagittarius people. There is a luminescence, a unity of languages, and cultures, and dance, and beliefs.

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annabeth/percy, parent and teacher au

Annabeth was, frankly, a little surprised to see that Mr Jackson had made it on time. While he was always punctual on the irregular days he picked up his son, they were just that - irregular. And while there had been any number of opportunities for parents to get involved in school activities, she had only ever seen Ms Dare attend after the first day of class.

It was strange. If she’d had to predict which of the two parents would be more hands on with Morgan on that day, she would have said Percy Jackson. Looking at him now through the open door of her classroom, crouched in front of his son and chatting animatedly (complete with the same wide arm gestures that Morgan had accidentally hit more than one person in the face with), she would have said the same thing.

And yet. This was the first time she had seen him in three months, other than the irregular days he picked Morgan up at the gate. The boy spoke about his father (both his parents, actually) in glowing terms, but Annabeth had long held a sneaking suspicion that it was more a case of hero worship than a sign of any close bond between them.

“Please come in, Morgan, Mr Jackson,” she called. The man held up his hand to high-five his son, who whacked it.

Annabeth ducked her head, the moment tugging a reluctant smile out of her. She was met with the same hand that had been high-fived, Jackson holding his hand out to shake. Returning the gesture firmly, she was pleasantly surprised by his equally firm grip. Confident, but with none of the testing bullshit some men liked to pull.

She had wondered, with his easy grins, if Jackson might be one of those men. It was nice to be proven wrong, she thought dubiously. On occasion. Rare occasions.

“Percy’s fine,” he said amiably, taking the seat she gestured to. His hands twitched, like he wanted to pull Morgan up after him. But he didn’t, and the boy pulled himself up into his own seat with ease. There was a rueful touch to Jackson - Percy’s - lips as he glanced back over at Annabeth. “Hey, and I wanted to apologise for not being around and helping out in class more. So far these things have fallen either in the middle of my shifts, or the day after.”

“Sleep day.” Morgan nodded seriously, and Percy flushed a little.

“It’s not as lazy as it sounds, I swear. I don’t - did Rachel tell you what I do?”

Rachel hadn’t, and if it had come up in class from Morgan, Annabeth was embarrassed to find she didn’t remember. Doubly embarrassed that her irritated assessment of the man’s character were quickly proving even more wrong than she’d initially thought. Triply embarrassed, because he had a nice smile, and she wasn’t supposed to notice those things.

“No, but please, tell me. I’m always happy to learn more about my students’ families. It helps me give them more individualised attention.”

Something in the set of the man’s shoulders seemed to relax when she said that, and it was only then that Annabeth realised how tense he had been holding himself. One of his knees jogged up and down, although it didn’t seem like he’d realised what he was doing.

“Right. That’s good. And - I’m a firefighter. Twenty four hours on, forty eight off. Fires don’t exactly stick to the nine to five schedule.”

Great. Now she felt like a jerk, as well as an idiot. Wasn’t that a lesson she was supposed to be teaching her kids? Don’t judge a book by its cover. The man was performing a civil service, and here she’d been thinking that he was just playing cool dad and letting Rachel pick up the work.

“I can see how that would have its pros and cons,” she said, in lieu of incriminating herself. “But if you’d like to be more hands on, I’m sure we can work with your schedule in some way. We don’t exactly have such an abundance of parents willing to help out that I’d want to turn one away.”

“Really? That’d be fantastic. I feel like I’m missing out, you know? And I don’t want him to feel that way.”

The man’s whole face lit up when he was pleased. Annabeth was starting to realise that, while it hadn’t worked out in the marriage department, Rachel Elizabeth Dare had very good taste when it came to other aspects. Like the aforementioned face. Christ, that jaw looked like it was chiseled out of stone.

Morgan kicked his legs back and forth. “I don’t feel that way,” he announced, just to be reassuring. Annabeth suspected he didn’t have a clue what they were actually talking about. That was the kind of boy Morgan was.

Percy ruffled the boy’s head of copper curls, drawing a giggle from his son. And Annabeth couldn’t help but smile at that too. She’d only spent five minutes with the both of them, and it was already clear that, time concerns aside, Percy Jackson adored his son.

“Morgan has always been an empathetic student,” she said. “But more on that later. Before we get to the discussion part of the evening, I think Morgan has something to show you.”

It was a part of all the parent teacher interviews Annabeth. Students invariably worked harder if they thought there was a point to what they were doing, and most of them enjoyed the prospect of showing off to their parents. Morgan was no different, practically tripping over himself to retrieve the book he’d decided to read aloud that afternoon.

He was by no means a genius at reading. But he was dogged and persevered beyond what some children would consider good enough, and Annabeth estimated his ability to be no better or worse than the average five year old.

It clearly didn’t matter to his father. Looking at Percy Jackson, you would have thought he’d just successfully applied to an Ivy League. The glow of pride on his face made him look even more handsome, and something in Annabeth’s stomach flipped over.

Oh no, she thought to herself. Oh no, oh no, Annabeth Chase don’t you dare!

But it was no use. Percy Jackson left her classroom that night with his son and a progress report, and Annabeth left with a crush the size of Manhattan.

The rings are, of course, symbolic of the Laws of Karma. The position Saturn holds in space is indicative of the fact that a person cannot incorporate the energies of the furthest planets - Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, into his individualised consciousness without first passing the various tests of personal responsibility so that he proves himself capable of handling the energies of a more evolved state
—  Alan Oken
Androgyny: Not Just for White Thin People Anymore

So I’m delighted to say that, after a lot of self-discovery and changes to my general aesthetic (and after embracing a lot of things I felt I wasn’t allowed to embrace previously), I’ve nailed a few methods to slide into androgynous fashion without brutal erasure of anyone who isn’t a pale, young ectomorph. 

For years I’ve been having trouble figuring out how to have a less binary appearance in my wardrobe, but I felt very stifled when I saw almost zero sources for folk who wish to, say, display their breasts, or not tuck, or use make up or even simply enjoy colours or sparkles or y’know, joy. We could rant till our lung cave about the obvious classist, ableist, racist, sexist, anti-femme, anti-fat rhetoric that institute these oppressive boundaries, but I think it’s been said better elsewhere, so for now, here’s a simple list of pointers I’ve found that really helped me step out of that frankly boring white, thin and plain hierarchy embedded into androgynous fashion concepts. 

Come along with me to expand some androgynous horizons!

I made a little acronym for those moments when I stand in front of a mirror going, “What the hell am I going to mash together so people can tell I’m going for a look that’s not specifically binary in gender aspects?”

It goes like this: Footwear, Accesories, Colours and Themes. The FACTs of my ensemble. It helps me clear my head, go for an objective and not mull around in my own insecurities or dysphoria that can really distract me from putting together a bangin’ outfit. 

Footwear: Focusing on my shoes not only allows me to fit together a cool look, it priorities what I need to do that day. Am I walking a lot? Might wanna skip any shoes that can hurt over time. I’m a big believer in comfort and aesthetic being in harmony, so making my body happy by leaving difficult wearing things home for fancier, less mobile days keeps me in check- if I feel good, I’ll probably look good, because I’ll be happier and less focused on pain or chafing.

You can always dress up a basic black walking shoe, or sneakers/flats/boots. Plus, starting from bottom to top can waive away the dread of facing yourself head on and trying to slap things together after fretting over how your skin or hair looks, or how your body shape is affecting you that day. Socks can also add in to this feature, so if they apply, factor in their participation as well. Once again, focus on feet first!

Accessories: Get things that you know you like to wear with nearly any outfit. They don’t have to be high class gems or ties- if you use stim toys or gear, please feel free to incorporate them as necklaces, etc.; if you have a bag or hat you love, that can add lots of statement. Don’t forget that tattoos, piercings, hairstyles and mods are also accessories in their own right.
One of the biggest disappointments of hating femme stuff in fashion is the removal of extra details. Those little add-ons can be a big help in loving what you’re wearing. If you have pins, patches, or culturally-specific jewelry relevant to you, those are important and awesome additions to the general cloth that will encase you. They’re also great for individualising yourself- another big feature that’s sometimes scrubbed away in the typically minimalist looks of western androgyny. 

Colours: There are many colours that are decidedly gendered by society, but not being afraid to sport flashes of pink or blue here and there can cement a lot of intention in your appearance, and that confidence can be the backbone to any clothing you choose to wear. Also, wearing lovely or cool or interesting colours/textures can just plain make you feel better, and I’ve found a lot of the point of androgyny is to feel better about the skin you’re in.

If you really want to avoid certain pallettes, consider striking or geometric black and whites in patterns, grey tones that blend into neutrals, metallics like gold and silver, or just going all one colour you’re confident in. Playing with tone is not only fun, it’s a great way to deter people from deciding if your presentation is male or female and relate more to the fascinating use of colour you’ve chosen. I recommend trying out secondary colours like orange, green and purple, as they have a really sweet intermediate quality to them that reflects a lot of non-binary implications. 

Themes: This is my favourite part. The theme of your outfit can be your general aesthetic that appears from your constants, like your accessories or your colours- say, if your look is very gothic, or pastel, or retro- that’s a general theme. The qualities appear before you when you gather your items to wear, but the theme is the concept that you intent to portray. 

Themes don’t even have to be gendered at all, and often encapsulate a lot of cool motifs from all kinds of places. It can take on the qualities of something very specific like the renaissance or the 90s, or it can be something as articulated as this cool teacup you saw window shopping once. The variety available is basically the answer to a lot of androgynous fashion prayers. Inspiration will be the key to pursuing more than the dichotimised versions of gender expression.

In plenty of NB fashion, I see a lot of bowties, blazers, hats and wingtips (and often specifically catered to only lean, white CAFAB persons under 40), and if that’s what you’re going for, then that’s super duper. But, I implore you to consider taking on a lot more than a clean-cut office look. I know we all have times and places where everything has to be work appropriate, but even if its just for an hour in your bedroom, try out a style that deviates from prim and proper if even a little bit. There’s immense pressure not to look ‘childish’ or ‘unkempt’ when you stray from gender norms, but that can edge into some classist, transphobic, gross territory very suddenly. I hope you incorporate stuff that’s playful or eclectic, if you want to. This should be kinda fun. 

I’m a very baby-faced person, and often, I worry I lose a lot of years just by wearing cartoon characters or glittery things. I see a definite trend of folks being perturbed by how physically stunted or pre-pubescent they can look when trying to be androgynous, and I understand that’s very frustrating. 

At the same time, I’ve found boxing myself into button ups, boardshorts and kneesocks almost kinda highlights how youthful and round I am. 
So, is there an in-between I can muster? I think there is, but it does have to come along hand in hand with being okay with my general appearance. I can’t magically grow corners, and contouring only handles so much. 

I’ve found instead of trying to mask my features, I ebb along with a linework theme- for me, it’s essentially a ragged look. I have sweaters with lots of stylistic pulls on them, my hair is jagged and has severe angles, my boots come with many winding, looping laces. I arch my eyebrows, I wear a lot of leathery materials, and I point my nails. 
Not only is it a look I actually like, it adds a smattering of lines that I feel I lack, without pressing me like an envelope or stuffing me in a suit. I can keep it looking polished by having manicured hands, cleaning my boots often and tossing on a nicely fitted coat, or using fabrics that match. (I fully admit this is much easier to do in winter or fall, but use warmer seasons to your advantage as everyone tends to be a bit more casual during summery weather.)

Now that I’ve rambled on about my go-to method for gussying up androgynously, here are a few rapid fire tips!

- Get things tailored if you can! Pants that fit you properly, coats, even underwear that holds you correctly is crucial to looking and feeling good. Even if its just one regular article of clothing, I highly recommend a tailored item to seal together everything, or at least a surefire, stretchy, contour fitting article.

 - Remember that showing skin is not strictly feminine or scandalous. Even if it specifically is, embracing a crop top or low rise anything, no matter your size, can add a breezy, fun atmosphere to your look, especially paired with some cool shades or airy fabrics. If cishet dudes can run around with deep V’s, you certainly can, too. Wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable in.

-Boots can save the day. I have several conditions that don’t allow me about 75% of the shoes I’d actually like to wear, sadly, but when I can, it’s boots all the way. Sliding into the right pair of boots can totally bring you together. Not only are they very “unisex fashion”, they come in all kinds of colours and cuts, can add or not add height when needed, and look as hardcore or as professional as you wish. They’re highly personable, too, and usually last a lot longer than cloth shoes or sneakers with rubber soles. 

-Make up can be just as masculising as it can be feminising. While I’m all for using as much colour, powder, glitter and glam as you wish, feel free to use make up to deepen features, highlight a jawline or add on facial hair. There are lots of tutorials online and off for masc make up looks, and even just covering up some blemishes can help you feel more covered and uniform. 
I also support mixing those concepts, inverting them or totally dropping make up altogether. It should be a versatile tool that obeys your command to amplify your concepts, first and foremost. 

-Androgyny is up to you! You get the final say of what’s femme, what’s masc, what’s nb, or anything around those parametres. And if you find you still feel most comfortable in things considered very specifically one way, that’s fine, too. Androgynous style should not be a contest for who “passes” best or who “impresses the cis” most. That toxic ideology tears a lot of the expression and enjoyment out of nb and gnc clothing and pits us against each other. 

-TV shows, mood boards, graphic novels, paintings, people and singers are all great places to pinpoint stuff for looks. They are often groomed for audiences to enjoy their style or their stages, so it’s easy pickings for any kind of inspiration, be it to accessorise or gather a theme or even just consider a general mood.
For me, I get inspiration from direct things like online clothing stores or etsys or 80s music videos, right down to reptile scales or emotions in movies or really pretty beetles or the amber tones in seasonal beers or weird weather outside my window.
Maybe even make an aesthetic blog like this one! THE INSP IS EVERYWHERE~

-CONSULT EACH OTHER! We’re all very different, beautiful people with so many life lessons we can share with one another. I hope my tricks are in any way helpful or inspiring, and I hope you pass along any info you have to me, too! Instead of nervously tugging at our clothing in the mirror or hoping to silently pass for something, we should be showing off how amazing we look with other awesome fashionable persons willing to respect and admire us and our experiences. 

I hope your androgyny is a celebrated, undulating, outstanding experience that gives you room to grow and to love yourself. 
Here’s to all of us finding ways to express ourselves through creative outlets, and looking drop dead gorgeous doing it!


Uranus in the 9th House - Conjuring Cosmic Chemistry

“You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world.
(Matthew 5:14, The Message)

The mind is alive, alert, and responsive to cosmic activity with Uranus in the 9th house. Uranus tips on an oddball axis, so wherever Uranus is placed in the chart signifies something unusual, evocative, and mad. The spiritual quest with Uranus in the 9th is generated by electric intuition, global awarness, and strange mazes to find God. The higher mind with Uranus in the 9th can ascend through the stratosphere. The individual pieces together universal patterns and finds significant meaning in strange experiences. This may create a spiritual pathway that deviates from the norm, that expresses from the deepest creative elixir of individuality, and infuses intuition with divine law and perception. The individual may indulge in conspiracies, science, astronomy, astrology, or political revolt to give life meaning and satiate delightful curiosity. Think of an altar with the Virgin Mary drapped in neon lights, a scientists who meditates, or someone wearing a turquoise cross with books written by Paulo Coehlo. 

Uranus in the 9th house people are liberal, progressive, and turn learning into a lifelong, awakening experience. There may be an urgency to travel to unusual locations, experience as much of the world as possible, and develop a unique, individualised philosophy. The further from home, the more at one with the self the individual can feel. Uranus in the 9th writes their own bible, the inspiring thoughts of God crackle in the mind like lightning bolts from heaven. The individual is a guru who focuses on intuitive functions with excellent, although sporadic command. Psychic activity may be prophetic, however unreliable, erratic, and labile. When the individual dwells in the higher mind, the universe becomes a socket of inspiring and stimulating activity, a carousel ride into spiritual genius. While the individual is engaged in education, it can be difficult to maintain interest at institutional learning environments. Maybe the person attends school for a few months and then leaves for a semester. The individual prefers to learn on their own terms and time. It’s like suddenly the spark ignites again, the mind is famished, burning for activity, information, and study.

Truth is important to Uranus in the 9th people. However the individual is compelled to question the validity of truth, society, and political law. They value a free and expressive society, secular and humanitarian. There may be an open mind for alien experiences, unorthodox prayer, pilgramige, and experimenting with different religions. The collective view is expressed with Uranus in the 9th as a universal composition of one divine Source through each belief system and spiritual experience. Church is a temple embraced by the higher mind when Uranus is in the 9th house. Symbols come to life just for them. The individual makes a natural teacher, seer, and oracle. They can guide people in illuminating and exciting ways. The quest for divine intimacy must be self generated, wild, and boundless. An awakened higher mind uses intellect to grasp ideas, while glittery intuition fills the empty spaces. A 9th house university floating in outer space, lessons on extraterrestrials and human religion, starry chemistry, and revolutions. Books on mythology plugged into crystal ball charger, a flight through the divine’s muse.