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Wealthy af Magister Pavus spoiling Lavellan rotten. The joy he gets from going and getting his Amatus all these unnecessary, luxurious goodies, and brims with joy whenever he sees him wearing that one little accessory he knew he would love. Consideration goes into each present, and he wraps them himself with fancy bows and paper.

Wealthier than before, but still not as wealthy as Dorian, Lavellan, not knowing what to do with half of the things the mage gives/sends him and worrying that he’s spending too much on the him. Yet, he can’t help feeling reassured of Dorian’s adoration with every little gift. When people compliment one of the gifts, inquiring as to where he got it, he replies proudly;  “It was a gift from Magister Pavus.”

Be Financially Literate With Your Coins💰

It’s not about how much money you make, but how much money you keep. If you want to become rich you have to become financially literate. It means nothing to get an extensive allowance if you are spending it on frivolous items. You don’t put up with nonsense of these men/women to have nothing to show for it in the future years.

The more financially literate you become the better your money will work for you. I don’t care if you are getting $1,000 or $8,000 a month if you don’t have the financial competence to know how to manage your money you will have nothing in the end.

This doesn’t mean that you need to run out and enroll in college courses or pursue a MBA (unless you truly desire) but rather surround yourself with individuals who have built wealth or empires. Follow the guidelines/paths that made them successful. Read books on finances, go to financial seminars, or pick the brains of those high powered businessmen during dinner. The more you learn the more you are aware.

“The rich acquire assets. The poor and middle class acquire liabilities they think are assets. ”

I don’t actually understand the huge wage gap between prosecutors and defense attorneys portrayed in every fanwork. I mean, yes, Edgeworth drives fancy red sports car while Phoenix uses his bike to go to work. But I think this financial difference comes from various other reasons in their lives (e.g. Edgeworth works on much more cases, and he’s from the rich family) not simply because they possess different kind of badges.

I think this whole idea of “Prosecutors are rich. Defense attorneys are poor” came from the fact that people think of Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth as some sort of “normal standard” of the each side of lawyers. But they are not. Phoenix is an especially poor defense attorney, and Edgeworth is an especially rich prosecutor in Ace Attorney universe. It’s true that Edgeworth is much richer than Phoenix, but that only just shows the gap between their individual wealth. That doesn’t mean all other prosecutors are richer than all other defense attorney in general.

Edgeworth is rich because he was raised in the wealthy family of Von Karma. Franziska is also rich because she’s a heir of that family. Not to mention that they’re not just ordinary prosecutors; both Edgeworth and Franziska are one of the top prosecutors in Japanifornia. Klavier is rich because he has been a rock star since he was a teenager. Even Payne said he never lost a case during his first seven years as a prosecutor. For some reason, the prosecutors in this series are huge celebrities already when they first appear; while the defense attorneys, such as Phoenix, Apollo, and Athena, are rookies only just starting their career. OF COURSE their rival prosecutors would earn much more money than they do. This comparison is unfair from the very beginning.

Prosecutors in the series are rich not simply because they are prosecutors, but they are successful ones making a lot of money. Defense attorneys can also be rich if they achieve success in their career. Marvin Grossberg was extremely wealthy as a renowned defense attorney. Gregory was also quite well-off, judging from the outfit of his nine-year-old boy. I actually think some part of Edgeworth’s wealth is thanks to the inheritance from his own father. Kristoph Gavin also obtained his wealth as The Coolest Defense In The West. And since Godot was a rookie prosecutor when first appeared in T&T, I think he was paying for his enormous amount of coffee from the savings he earned as a defense attorney. He used to be “the finest lawyer at Grossberg’s office.”

Defense attorneys are not poor. That’s just Phoenix. He is poor because he takes surprisingly few cases despite his legendary fame; I think it’s related to the fact that Phoenix only defends “innocent” clients, which is indeed a tough thing to do if he really wants to make a living as a lawyer.

When the politics of greed become a cultural norm, all acts of charity are wrongly seen as suspect and are presented as a gesture of the weak. As a consequence, our nation’s citizens become less charitable every day, arrogantly defending self-serving policies, which protect the interests of the rich, by claiming that the poor and needy have not worked hard enough.

I have been astonished by hearing individuals who inherited wealth in childhood warn against sharing resources because people needing help should work for money in order to appreciate its value…

—  bell hooks, All About Love: New Visions
Apart from the murder, bigotry, and genocide, what is it exactly that you don’t like about Nazism? The Nazis are socialists. The Nazi ideologist Otto Strasser put it pretty succinctly. He said, ‘We are Socialists, enemies, mortal enemies of the present capitalist economic system with its exploitation of the economically weak, with its injustice in wages, with its immoral evaluation of individuals according to wealth and money instead of responsibility and achievement, and we are determined under all circumstances to abolish this system!’ The first speech that attracted Hitler to Nazism when he was in the army and still investigating these various left wing groups was entitled, ‘By What Means Shall We Destroy Capitalism.’
—  Jonah Goldberg, in response to being called a Nazi by the left.
On the claim capitalism offers more freedom

Capitalism doesn’t “offer more freedoms than communism” or however people want to phrase the claim that capitalism offers freedom at all. Capitalism doesn’t offer freedom(s). Capitalism offers one thing; it offers unearned ambition to individuals born into wealth and privileged to occupy elite statuses like property owner, employer, landlord, bureaucrat. Capitalism offers nothing else other than that unearned ambition as everything else must be earned. 

Capitalism offers others to work or to perish. So, capitalism offers a choice. And this choice has been explained in ways that make reward something that should be earned and rewards things (objects or statuses) to be earned. An ethics develops where freedom, health, education, shelter, security, employment all must be earned for people who lack unearned ambition.

I mean, it seems fans of capitalism are so uneducated about what capitalist theorists believe is the usefulness of things like class and ambition that they believe the system works naturally without any work. The whole point of capitalism was that as a social project we work to better organize society for the benefit of more people and help those who can’t succeed on their own. Capitalism has a problem that it can and will corrupt ambition because of the natural inclination of people to favor wealth, greed, and the wealthy in general and disparage poverty, generosity, and the poor.

We are not free because we have to win freedom by proving to elite members of our communities that we are more noble than others like ourselves. Capitalism insists, for no good reason, certainly not for necessity’s sake, that we distinguish ourselves from others. We are asked to depend on class but not to organize from within our class. And it makes sense. Those with unearned ambition have nothing to fear when the working class resists organizing in solidarity with one another to gain access to all those things we’re asked to believe the wealthy have earned.