individual tee


So I don’t have a taylorswift follow, and she doesn’t know who I am…but I am hoping I get to meet her on August 5th in Edmonton. Me and my friend spent over 20 hours working on these costumes!
The back is plain white with black writing saying “the world was in black & white”. It has white tulle on the back.
The front says “we are in screaming color”, and obviously it’s super colorful tulle, and our tanks are bedazzled. We INDIVIDUALLY glued all those stones on. So needless to say there is burnt fingers. And It’s not even done yet!
The headpiece is actually a fascinator. As you can see above, I cut out cardboars circles, painted individual golf tees (pain in the ass!), and made trees from that weird green fur. Added a forest creature and some stars! VOILA!

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