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sorority Q&A: finding an individual pink spirit jersey...

Q: My chapter ordered spirit jerseys in September. Recently I noticed a hole in the sleeve of mine. I have since tried to find somewhere to order a single jersey in the same color as my chapter’s, however, I cannot find one anywhere! Several places that offer single order jerseys have them in “pre-made” colors such as turquoise or red but I cannot find one in light pink! Help! — glinda-the-good-bitch

A: The color options are a somewhat limited for individual spirit jerseys, but I found several options that might work……

• GREEK LIFE GIRL sells a light pink single-order spirit jersey: 

• Fashion Greek sells a deeper pink single-order jersey that’s very pretty:

There are other light pink jersey sources, but I believe they are group order only. Hopefully one of these individual versions will work for you! xoxo ;)