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I adore when you draw fashion,, your art is so adorable I am jealous of that skill my dude

eeeee thank you?? i love drawing fashion since there’s nothing much to it, just a person wearing nice clothes haha. i find it calming it’s very nice. it’s funny because my favorite types of styles are the gritty super stylized ones! so i’m jealous of that, how ironic! thank you again for thinking my doodles are cute though \;u;/

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The new Ghostbusters is very important

Let me join in the hype!!

- It passes the Bechdel Test, obviously

- At no point are any of the characters’ abilities questioned because they are women

- In fact the only one to make sexist remarks is the villain, to emphasize how much of a douchebag he is

- Different women with different personalities, not a single one of them is characterized as “sensible” or “motherly” or “sexy” or “innocent” as these are apparently the only Female Character Archetypes in every action movie

- No goddamn catsuits or anything of the sort. They get the job done in either regular clothes that people wear normally (and each woman has her individual style), clothes that a normal person wears to work, or their Ghostbusters uniform. You know, like men do

- On that note there is no Male Gaze!!! No unnecessary undressing scene!!! No “justified” shower scene!!! THANK YOU GOD

- Kevin is delicious eye candy, he’s funny and cute, but he never steals the spotlight. He’s remembered for his gorgeous face and body and his goofiness

- Even though he’s dear to our team, not a single one of them abandons her job or her research or her life for him. And he’s not expecting them to either! He didn’t take the job for a chance to get laid or to have women catering to his needs. He just wanted a job

- In fact he’s credited after everyone else. This is to be assumed, but even in movies like Alice in Wonderland, Johnny Depp is credited BEFORE the titular character and protagonist of the movie. In this case even though Chris Hemsworth is famous on his own, the order of relevance was respected

- It’s a great movie!! It’s well-written and entertaining, with lots of humor and action, just like the original movie(s)

- When the story reaches the point where you think everything is lost, I briefly had the thought “maybe the original team will come to help them” but it was quickly brushed off as I realized that would defeat the purpose of having an all-female team and I was gladly not disappointed!!

- I think I can summarize my entire experience as “I watched an action movie and didn’t feel uncomfortable or objectified at any point and that’s so refreshing”

- The best part about all this is that most people (and particularly children) watching it won’t even consciously process all of this, it will just be accepted as it is and that’s great. Normalize female-led action movies

- I hope the future brings us more movies like this so that slowly, writers will realize that it is possible to write different women as individuals and not in relation to a man