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Introducing: The Writing Squad! 

Here you will find a list of lovely people who have volunteered to take the requests I get while I am closed. Next to all of their names is a sample of some of their best stuff so you can get a feel for each author’s individual style beforehand. They are all very talented and very capable, so don’t worry, you’re sure to get a quality fic! 

**if you’d like to join the squad, shoot me a message and i’ll add your name to the list

elliwritesforgrady - writing sample

multi-fandom-imagine - writing sample

chris-fuckme-pratt - writing sample

6sauce-writing - writing sample





1. Be bold. Be excentric. Match patterns. Clash patterns. Be outrageous. Be plain and simple. Be edgy. Be dainty. Be anything you want to be. Style evolves. It doesn’t need to be the same.

2. You don’t need to follow trends to be fashionable. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Break the mould. Be quirky. Be your own person. Fashion your own aesthetic.

3. Get tattoos. Get piercings. Dye your hair multicolored. Don’t get tattoos. Don’t get piercings. Don’t dye your hair. But make that your choice. Don’t criticize or prejudge because others do or others don’t. Their choices don’t impact you.

4. Labels are shit. But unfortunately they exist. Dress the way you want. Don’t let society or those in high places force you to be something you’re not just to fit in or fit their image. Be yourself. They aren’t worth it.

5. Stereotypes and prejudgements suck. But hey, that’s life. Move past the people that are not willing to see more than what you wear on the outside. It’s their loss. You are a beacon of loveliness and as long as you believe it, then that’s all that matters.

—  5 thoughts on style ~