individual sized pies


FINALLY! BLACKSAND ANIMALS! most of them are regular pitch and sandy, but there are also Mr sandman and Pi shawn tagging along if you see!

this took so long because as you have seen folks, been pretty busy with school, anyways, here are basically all the request, some weren’t made because the animals chosen were now way too much different from pitch and sandy, some others were repeat, but in teh end we had a huge variety guys, pretty great! 

Bonus not really or it is???ptffffff


Mini pies!

These tiny-muffin-sized-pies were surprisingly yummy, very easy, and fun to make!

I used the standard refrigerated fyllo pastry which I carefully folded into my regular silicon muffin tray.I gently brushed each cup with olive oil.

For the filling I didnt really measure anything,I just sauteed some spinach and ham,then added some feta cheese (you can use any kind of cheese) and threw in a little bit of salt and pepper and also some lemon zest.

Bake for about 50-60 minutes, or until the tops are golden brown.

I hope you liked these individual-sized pies recipe and give it a try.If you do feel free to submit your own photos,I’d love to see them!

Thank you all for liking,sharing and requesting more recipes! <3