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Some asks from today + a sketchy WIP.


someone’s probably documented this but random observation of the day is that apparently russel is the only band member who has yet to sport the black and white striped shirt.

EDIT: also, note the timeline: Noodle in phase two, then 2d in phase 3 and finally murdoc in phase 4. yes ik the pictures aren’t in order.

First time drawing Hunk and Pidge!! Have some Voltron while I get back into the swing of things.

Vanilla #12 (11.2?)

((Part 2 of chapter 11))

((Slight self harm))

There were few things that lance had thought of other than Shiro. He wanted to hate the man. He wanted to hunt him down and be angry at him and yell at him. Empty promises to himself that he’d do it later was all he could provide. Within everything happening, the omega could feel his life falling apart around him, like Shiro had taken a sledgehammer to Lances house of glass and shattered it with no remorse. He curled in on himself.

He hadn’t nested in years. He hadn’t felt the need to, it was like an absent desire that he wasn’t aware he had until Keith started showing up with blankets and pillows and towels. Lance made the best nest, once running out of room on Keith’s bed he moved to the floor instead. Whenever he had re-adjusted with a new supply of items he’d smile proudly at his work before curling up into it again.

Then it would strike Lance like lightning, hard and fast after a few moments of peace. He would shift funny against a blanket or his arm hand would skim over it, and suddenly the mark became a blaring thought. It would sting and shoot pain through him. It was a needy pain, a pain that longed for the alpha that gave it to him. He frowned at himself every time Shiro crossed his mind.

Within seconds of him being in discomfort, Keith was at his side and cleaning the mark, usually back with more pillows.

Lances face would soften as he felt the red Paladins tongue on his skin. For a few seconds he could pretend that Keith was the one who bit him, he could pretend like he loved Keith and the alpha loved him back and had stayed and was nursing him like newly mated pairs did. For just a few seconds he could ignore that Keith wasn’t Shiro and the mark wasn’t Keith’s. Then the smell would fill his nostrils, the smell that had seeped into his pores. He smelled like the black paladin and wanted nothing more than to bury himself in Keith’s clothes that he had gathered, trying to cover the smell of regret.

Shiro was not much better, a note to keep in mind, he hadn’t a clue about the mark. Every single nerve in his body was yelling at him and demanding he go to Lance. Every thought in his head told him to go and wrap his arms around the boy. Every string in his heart pulled the wrong way and twisted in agony. Shiro sat at the dinner table, his shoulder patched and his nose not bleeding. He stared blankly at the delicious meal in front of him, his thoughts dancing back to the omega he had abandoned. He hadn’t touched his plate and nobody prompted him to try. Pidge had told everyone about the display, not because she was a gossiping gremlin, well, mostly not because of that, she had told people so they knew, so they knew to be careful what they said around Keith and Shiro about each other.

Shiro suddenly stood up, pushing his chair out absently. The sound of it scraping against the floor filled the silence but nobody dared look up to the brooding black paladin. Shiro wanted to thank hunk for the food but couldn’t find any words that were easy enough to say. He put his plate on the counter. Every noise seemed so loud and attacked his ears relentlessly, the clicking of his shoes, the clanking of his plate on the counter, the way the material of his clothes shifted against itself. He sighed, trying to ignore it all and walking out of the room.

Lance had made his way to the bathroom that was just outside Keith’s door. He had locked it, trying desperately to keep everyone out. He looked in the mirror and tilted his head. He quickly grew aggravated by his shirt and gripped at the fabric, pulling it off only to get it caught on his head, then on each individual arm. Even his shirt was against him, trying to imprison him like his thoughts. His eyes shifted back onto the mirror and he examined the bite mark with vigour. He turned and twisted, trying to see it at every angle. His head pounded with a million screams that he wished he could let out at once, his mouth staying clamped shut and even when he tried to open it nothing came out. His eyebrows furrowed and he breathed in sharply. Shiro did this, that stupid fucking alpha did this just because he couldn’t control his actions. Lance didn’t remember what happened, the fragments of memory came in waves, he could see everything leading up to it.

He remembered needy, curious hands.

He remembered rushed undressing and rough kisses.

He remembered whispered praises through gritted teeth.

He remembered the smell of want and desire at its most primitive level.

Lance swallowed but nothing went down, his throat was dry and no matter what he did he couldn’t get enough spit to dampen the damn thing. His hand wandered to the mark and his face scrunched in pain. He pushed harder.

His fingers dug into the wound and his nails dragged over it. It shot excruciating pain through his shoulders and down his spine and he cried out, pushing harder.

“Lance?” There was a knock at the door, Keith. “Lance are you alright?” The red Paladins voice barely sank in as Lance felt the wound re-open, his nails scratching desperately at the mark, drawing blood. His fingers turned crimson and he let out another cry of pain.

He didn’t care how much it hurt. He just wanted it gone, he wanted to scratch at it so much that it came off and he never had to see it again. He started clawing desperately at his flesh and Keith started jiggling with the door knob. Everything was so loud and every time he shifted his eyes he felt the stab of pain and white flashed in his vision.

“Lance!” Keith’s voice nailed into Lances skull and the knocking on the door wouldn’t cease. It got louder and louder and Lances breathing laboured. Every knuckle hammered through the metal of the door and attacked Lances senses. Trickling of warm liquid streaked down his chest as he felt sobs wracking his body. “Lance please! Let me in!” There was a final pound on the door and Lance gasped as he pushed as hard as he could into the cut.

He pulled away and looked in the mirror, his eyes blurred with pain as he traced the mess he had made.

His limbs were tired and laced with pain. He looked down to his hand which was coated in thick crimson fluid; his blood. He whined against Keith’s voice that relentlessly rang through the door, his words falling on deafened ears. Suddenly the door swung open and Keith was standing with wide eyes.

The volume of the picture before him sent shivers down Keith’s spine. The man before him looked like he had just murdered someone, blood splattered his back and shoulder and trailed down his chest, his eyes were wide and frantic, his posture stiff. Keith’s eyes traced Lance and landed on his face, the way his eyes were pink and puffy, the way his lip shook gently with tears. “Lance.” The omegas shoulders hunched and he dropped into a ball, crashing to the floor in a heap of tears. His arms wrapping around his knees in an attempt to be as small as possible. Keith kneeled down and leaned into the blue paladin. Lance didn’t move.

He didn’t flinch away,

He didn’t lean in.

This tore Keith to shreds. Lance had stopped fighting the pain, he’d accepted it and didn’t care what happened. The red paladin gently swiped his tongue down the mans neck, the taste of his blood staining the skin that wasn’t mauled. Keith scowled lightly in sorrow and pity. He was trying, he was trying to help Lance, to nurture him, to avoid Shiro so he didn’t smell like the other man.

Keith was trying, but this was hard, that’s when Lances voice sang into Keith’s ears like an unwelcome song blaring at a party, his voice seeped into Keith’s bloodstream at an alarming rate like some kind of drug being injected directly to his veins. As loud and clear as Keith heard the words, he wasn’t sure he registered them.

“Keith, I wasn’t on birth control, I think I’m pregnant.”

fifth harmony: *performs at a pride event*

me: *draws fifth harmony in a pride parade*

take this burden - part 37

[ monsoon - hippo campus ]

‘My chin held shut so my heart can talk louder.’


He Tian entered the room as quietly as he could, careful to avoid the squeaky floorboards.

He sank onto the air mattress and pulled the bunched up blanket to his chest.

This was an entirely foreign experience and he had no idea how to handle it.

He’d debated even coming back in the room but the look Jian Yi gave him when he hesitated in the doorway told him to stop being a bitch.

He was lost in thought, trying to plan the conversation they’d inevitably be having in the morning, thankful he’d have a few hours.

No such luck.

‘I’m sorry.’ Mo Guan Shan whispered.

The calm he’d plan to achieve just wasn’t there.
He tried to reign it in.





‘You don’t get to apologize for being abused.’

‘I’m just being dramatic, I-’

‘No, Mo Guan Shan.’

‘He Tian, can you honestly tell me you don’t regret helping me. You don’t wish you’d taken a different route home.’


‘Don’t lie. You always lie.’

Mo Guan Shan’s voice was soft and bitter.

‘Not to you.’

He Tian found that to be true.

‘You’re wasting your time. You know that. I’m fucked up.’

He Tian scoffed, false bravado while he tried to swallow the lump in his throat.

‘Same here, pal.’


‘You can do better. Find someone less broken, someone you don’t have to fix.’

‘Stop being an idiot.’

‘Excuse me?’

‘I said stop being a fucking idiot.’

Mo Guan Shan propped himself up on his elbows.

‘I have no idea how to respond to that.’

‘Look, I just…’

He Tian sighed, he didn’t either and insults probably wouldn’t help.

‘I feel like Jian Yi would be a better person to have this conversation with.’ He finished lamely.

Mo Guan Shan was silent for a few moments.

‘I’m positive you’re correct about that. I just wanted to apologize.’

‘And I was about to apologize for calling you an idiot.’

‘He Tian…’


‘I should be the one apologizing, Mo Guan Shan. I didn’t realize you were so upset.’

‘Neither did I.’

‘I don’t know what to do.’ He Tian admitted.

‘I don’t think…I don’t think I want to talk about it right now. Not yet.’

He Tian nodded, shamefully relieved, wondering what he would want he would want if he was Mo Guan Shan right now.

The answer was- a drink (of course) and a hug. (Not that he’d admit to it.)

He stood, letting himself out of the room, and returning with two beers.

He perched on the edge of the mattress, and holding one of the drinks out to Mo Guan Shan.

Mo Guan Shan sat up, accepting the drink and watching He Tian curiously as he placed his hand on his ankle.

He Tian desperately hoped he’d understand.

He did, extending his free hand and waited for He Tian to take it before pulling him closer until he got the message and joined him at the head of the bed.

Mo Guan Shan turned to face him, eyes tired, running his fingers from the back of his wrist to his shoulder.

His hands shook.

It was heartbreaking.

It was infuriating.

Carefully, awkwardly, He Tian wrapped his arms around the other man, tracing the individual vertebrae through his shirt.

Mo Guan Shan shivered.

He Tian froze.

‘Is this alright?’ He asked.

Mo Guan Shan nodded against his chest.

‘Yes. Don’t stop. Please.’

He didn’t, pressing harder with his fingers, gingerly massaging circles into the muscles along his spine.

Bit by bit, Mo Guan Shan relaxed in his arms.

He wanted to cry.

They both did.

He wanted to hurt someone.

He pushed it down, placing a gentle kiss on his forehead.

Several long minutes passed.

He Tian assumed he’d fallen asleep but made no attempt to move.

Mo Guan Shan mumbled something against his chest.

His breath, hot even through his shirt, made him jump.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.’

‘Sorry I bit you.’

Reflexively, He Tian flexed his injured fingers.

Mo Guan Shan had, indeed, bitten the shit out of him when he’d tried to wipe his mouth.

‘It’s cool, I was hoping you would at some point.’

Evidence Analyzation

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Case No. 13-8265014-99

Date: 07/16/99

The following transcript records evidentiary content of videotape evidence no. 27 from initial report. Evidence seized from residence of Special Agent Dana Scully. Transcript recorded by Special Agent Samuel McCarter under direct supervision of Special Agent in Charge Olivia Johannesen.

Begin Transcript


Tape begins with timestamp recorded to be 10:35:27 pm on the evening of July 15, 1999. Camera is directed toward a queen size bed located in the bedroom of apartment.  No individuals on screen.  Off camera, commercial for 1800-DENTIST can be heard faintly, indicating the television is on in another room. Male and female voices are also present from off camera, muffled/inaudible.  


Television audio ceased.


There is a loud thud from just off camera.


Two individuals walk into view of camera, appear to be kissing and embracing. Male individual removes shirt and deposits shirt in front of doorway. Female individual follows suit. Kissing resumes. Upon separation individuals are visually confirmed to be Special Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. Agent Mulder removes the remainder of his clothing and kicks articles toward the pile in front of the door. Agent Mulder proceeds to [redacted] and leans down to Agent Scully’s ear. Agent Scully looks over her shoulder to pile of clothing on the floor and appears to shrug. She grabs Agent Mulder by the hand and they both walk to off camera right. Addendum: After consulting layout of Agent Scully’s apartment, it is determined that agents walk towards location of en suite bathroom.


Agents Mulder and Scully re enter from direction of bathroom clothed in bath towels. Agent Mulder removes towel and gets into right hand side of bed. Agent Scully sits on the other side and brushes her hair.

(audio) Agent Mulder: Set the alarm a little earlier than normal. I need a fresh suit for that meeting with Skinner tomorrow.

Agent Scully leans over to the alarm clock and presses buttons.

(audio) Agent Scully: [inaudible]

Agent Mulder laughs.

Agent Scully removes towel and gets into bed. Lights are turned off at 11:44:13.

[11:44:13 - 3:32:52 no action]


Unknown figure enters bedroom. Assailant is clothed in all black and appears to have a homemade mask over face and a bag slung over one shoulder. Suspect walks to foot of the bed and remains still. Appears to stare for approximately 5 minutes. Agents remain asleep.


Assailant slowly walks to dresser and picks up framed photograph. Assailant places photograph in bag and crosses in direction of bathroom and off camera.


Suspect is off camera for approximately 3 minutes before re entering and moving back to dresser. Suspect removes clothing from drawers and places in shoulder bag. Suspect reaches into outside pocket of bag and removes white cloth.


Making their way to the right side of the bed, assailant places cloth over nose and mouth of Agent Mulder. Agent’s eyes open briefly before shutting. Agent Scully stirs and calls out for Agent Mulder.

The following audio was captured:

(audio) Agent Scully: Mulder? Freeze!

Agent Scully reaches for nightstand. Addendum: it is assumed that Agent Scully was reaching for firearm. Please note location of holstered firearm on dresser.

Assailant lunges over Agent Mulder’s body and places cloth over Agent Scully’s mouth. Agent Scully lands elbow strike on suspect’s chest allowing herself to move off the bed. Suspect runs to left side of the bed and lands punch to Agent Scully’s face. Agent falls back, knocking lamp off nightstand. Suspect crawls over Agent and places cloth over Agent Scully’s mouth and nose. Agent Scully ceases struggling. Addendum: It is theorized suspect used some sort of chemical to subdue agents, possibly ether.


Suspect walks off camera towards bathroom. Returns with pile of blankets. Suspect takes a large blanket and wraps it around Agent Mulder before tying Agent up with a rope retrieved from bag. Suspect repeats actions with a separate blanket and Agent Scully. Suspect lifts Agent’s Mulder body over their shoulder. Suspect appears to struggle under weight of body before dropping him. Suspect  drags Agent Mulder from room.


Suspect returns and carries Agent Scully’s body in cradle carry position out of the room.


Suspect returns to bedroom and collects bag before leaving premises.


Tape runs out.

End Transcript


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zedsdead1001  asked:

I will prompt you, nudge nudge :) One of my faves as you know, grocery shopping eruri au, tiny arguments over what they buy, indulge me please! I can't do it justice xxx

I FINALLY finished a prompt! Thank you so much Zed 😘😘😘😘😘
You know I’m a sucker for domestic eruri 😍
Warning for slightly smutty ending (I’m stuck posting on the app and can’t add a cut 🙁) :

Levi lets out an annoyed huff as he walks aimlessly through unfamiliar territory. He’d been here for barely even five minutes and he could already feel the beginnings of a headache coming on. He hated to admit it but he really misses his favorite supermarket. He and Erwin had been going there for years. Now thanks to a permanent ban for ‘inappropriate behavior’, they were forced to the outskirts of town in this horribly lit poor excuse for a grocery store.

Levi cringes as he hears a faint squeal approaching as Erwin arrives next to him with the cart. Just to make this shitty trip even worse, the only cart left to use had to have a squeaky wheel. “I found the vegetables you wanted.” Erwin says proudly as Levi peers into the cart to inspect.

“I thought you hated broccoli,Erwin?” Levi asks, confused as to why his husband would voluntarily add his most hated food to the cart.
Erwin looks away slightly. “Well, um Nile likes broccoli.” he replied quietly.

Levi pauses to shoot an irritated glare at Erwin. “It’s your fault we’re even in this shitty store to begin with, you’re the one who invited that annoying prick to dinner in the first place!” Levi responds angrily pointing the carrot he was holding like a sword towards Erwin.

“You know Nile is a good friend of mine Levi, he and Marie had us over for dinner last month, it’s our turn now.” Erwin chides as he plucks the carrot from Levi’s hand and places it back in the cart. “Besides, you’ve had Hange over for dinner twice this month and I didn’t complain.” He says, pushing the cart forward.

Levi stomps angrily behind, following Erwin. “I never invited Hange over, they invite themself!” He grumbles.
Erwin has grown bored and starts to fidget as he watches Levi inspect what seems to be every bottle of wine in the aisle. “Just pick one Levi, we’re running out of time.” Erwin whines slightly.
Levi clicks his tongue in annoyance. “Well excuse me for wanting to serve decent wine that doesn’t come out of a fucking box!” Levi practically hisses.

Erwin rolls his eyes. “You’re bringing this up again?, how do you even know it was boxed wine?”

“Because I saw it in the kitchen on my way back from the bathroom last time we were there.” Levi says as he finally places a bottle into the cart with a look of satisfaction.

Erwin just stares at him incredulously.”That’s why you took so long, everyone was worried about you!” He replies, slightly agitated by Levi’s habit of being a ‘wine snob’.

“It tasted just like the shit Kenny used to keep around for company when I was growing up, I wanted to know if I was right.” Levi replies triumphantly as he walks away. Erwin just shakes his head slightly and smiles, choosing to just let it go.
Levi makes his way towards the checkout where he had said he’d meet Erwin after he grabbed a couple of things they had forgotten. He arrives to see Erwin engaged in conversation with the young bubbly cashier who seemed to be blatantly flirting with him over a bottle of body wash. Levi couldn’t help but smirk slightly.
Having been with Erwin for at least fifteen years now, he had witnessed this type of situation countless times.

He never got bothered by it. People were always naturally drawn to Erwin. He was charming, handsome and had a way of talking that made you feel you were the only one in the room. Levi had been a victim of it himself and he was still surprised that when he had proposed to Erwin ten years ago, he had actually said yes.
Levi unceremoniously drops his items down on the belt with a thump. “You forgot the lube and that damn face cream you love so much.” He informs.

The cashier pauses seemingly trying to figure out what the hell this gorgeous man in a suit had in common with the short grumpy looking individual wearing a t-shirt that read ‘Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck’ standing next to him. Erwin chuckles. “Thank you Levi.” He says and turns to the cashier. “It’s okay to ring these up, we’re together.” He says snapping the cashier out of a trance. The cashier blushes slightly, feeling embarrassed for staring and finishes ringing up their order.

"Thank you for saving me today.” Erwin says to Levi as he waits for him to finish preparing dinner.

Levi finished his work and then proceeds to wash his hands and hang up his apron. “Are you serious?” He asks trying not to laugh.

"Yes, if you hadn’t come back, I might have died of boredom from being hit on under the guise of discussing brands of body wash.” Erwin replies, sighing dramatically as he falls back onto the couch.

"Poor Princess Erwin, I wonder what your suitors would say if they knew your favorite activity is watching QVC until you pass out snoring wearing nothing but your spongebob boxers?” Levi asks unable to keep from laughing.

"Hey, I thought you said I look hot in those.” Erwin says with a pout.

"You do.” Levi says moving closer to Erwin.
A mischievous smile spreads across Erwin’s face. “What would you say if I told you I was wearing them under this suit?” He says reaching down to unbuckle his belt.

Levi watches hungrily as Erwin reveals the top of his boxers only to interrupt him by crawling on top of him hastily. “I’d say thirty minutes.” Levi pants out rapidly.

Erwin looks at him in confusion. “Thirty minutes?”

Levi smiles seductively while hastily unbuttoning Erwin’s pants. “That’s how long we have until our guests show up.”
Erwin lets out a moan when he feels Levi’s grip on his erection. “Good answer.”

So there it is and thank you so much for the prompt Zed, I hope you liked it ❤️.

why are comic book artists so obsessed with drawing girls’ individual boobs 

like … shirts dont do that 

not even skin tight ones

not even skin tight costumes should be doing that, unless they literally made cups for their boobs, which would be super impractical and uncomfortable and dig into the bones in the middle of their chest

Hi everyone, Kewpo here!

I’m so excited to reveal the final t-shirt design for my Casual Cindy cosplay, but also the main attraction of @ashley-face and I’s “Save a Regalia” collection! I’ll be Cindy this Sunday at c2e2 and handing out free bookmarks to those who fancy a picture or a chat, so don’t pass up a chance for free swag!

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me: what level of I Love Sherlock are you on
someone: uh idk maybe 4
me: you are like a little baby, watch this
me: [cries over one individual button on his shirt]

ladyknighttime  asked:

What sort of things would you recommend to someone who's thinking about starting cosplaying casually? Also, what are general good skills to have for costuming that also apply to life?

First, welcome to the cosplay life! :)

I always recommend choosing a costume you feel a strong affinity for. Whether it’s because you really feel a connection with that character, or you love the costume style, or even if it’s an original design that you want to make, choose something you’re personally motivated to do. Things will always go wrong during the costuming process, and you don’t want your frustration with those setbacks to smother your interest in finishing the costume.

Establish at least a rough outline of your time/budget/resources before you begin working on your costume. You don’t necessarily have to have your materials budgeted out to the penny, but you also don’t want to get halfway through the project and realize you can’t afford to finish it, or run out of time before the convention. Setting personal limits on how much time/money you’re willing to invest can also help ease pressure as you’re working.

When making your costume, break the costume design down into small pieces. Look at the individual components – pants, jacket, shirt, jewelry, hat, props – and if necessary, break those pieces down into smaller parts to identify the right sewing patterns or found items needed to make them. If the design seems intimidating or challenging, just approach one small piece at a time.

As for life skills, there is no limit to the impact costuming skills can have on Real Life™! Cosplay is about creation and presentation, and those skills are fundamental to nearly every aspect of personal and professional life.

Hobby costuming hinges on the practical art of being resourceful: What can I recycle? What junk can I find in my garage that is shaped like this prop? What weird curtain fabric can I find at the thrift store to mimic this pattern? How can I treat the surface of a cheap material to make it look like a more expensive material? Learning to evaluate your available resources, how to budget, where to cut corners and where not to compromise are all valuable life skills.

Costuming also fosters a lot of creative, out-of-the-box thinking in terms of the way things fit or fasten together (since a lot of costume designs defy not only the rules of sewing, but the laws of physics). It’s fundamentally a construction art, so a basic knowledge of any kind of crafting or repair work (painting, woodworking, sculpting, modeling, electronics, carving, etc.) will help you conceptualize and build pieces for costumes – and vice versa. Costuming has taught me more about home repair than any school shop class ever did! If the opportunity to learn a new skill presents itself, always take it – especially if it involves power tools. :)

And although it’s not something most people think about, cosplay can be surprisingly good practice for job interviews and public speaking. Presentation, both in terms of the way you wear your costume (posture, movement, speech, interacting with others) and the way you display it for photos or stage competition, is a huge component of costuming as well. Being mindful of the way you move and speak in costume helps you adapt to real life “performance” situations.