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Hi! I think people are referring to Kanou as "rapist" because in the previous ch. he said he was going to check Seidou's "defecation and ejaculaction." So people assumed Seidou was sexually abused/assaulted by Kanou. What do you think?

I think people are focusing on the wrong thing, here.

Kanou is not about violence at all, which is the scariest thing about him, imo. He’s a kind, fatherly type, and he also likes to experiment on people and eugenics. But he’s never been about violence, which he (rather dismissively) tells Tatara when he asks.

Kanou’s medical tests on Takizawa are exactly that - medical tests. Are they horrific, inhumane and literally torture? Ya bet. Are they intended as anything other than medical in nature? Absolutely not.

You’ll notice Kanou listing off a mishmash of tests that make absolutely no sense grouped together, and are further warped in nature - while checking sensitivity to light is part of every eye exam, being elbow-deep in someone’s stomach is definitely not what a “base reflex exam” should look like.

As for the ejaculation exam, Kanou is a doctor. Why would a doctor be interested in jacking someone off physically? First of all that’s gotta be extremely time-consuming amid all the shock from pain and Takizawa’s general stress. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Doctors have tools for these kinds of tests. I think it was intended as either electroejaculation, or a literal syringe into Takizawa’s balls to check if his sperm was alive. At this point I would be very surprised if Kanou wasn’t somehow involved with, or at least aware of, the Garden, and checking sperm viability is something people do to animals they intend to breed. After all, you can’t claim a successful specimen unless it’s able to reproduce.

Another anon asked me if I agree that Takizawa is a victim of medical rape. Eh. Not particularly. If we’re listing all the the things Kanou did to… probably everyone (or maybe not, since they weren’t successful experiments), separately, then yeah, sure. With heavy emphasis on the ‘medical’. But if we’re looking at the bigger picture, I definitely don’t see why someone would call Kanou a rapist. A batshit crazy Mengele torturer? That he is. A person who desires to dominate and violate their victim while simultaneously achieving sexual release? Nah.