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The weekend in Wisła is coming...

World Cup program for the inauguration:

17th November 2017 (Friday):

  • 4:00 PM - official training, 2 series
  • 6:00 PM - qualification

18th November 2017 (Saturday):

  • 3:00 PM - trial  serie
  • 4:00 PM - team competition

19th November 2017 (Sunday):

  • 2:00 PM - trial serie
  • 3:00 PM - competition

Central European Time

Counters Used in Korean

The following counters are used in conjunction with pure Korean numbers up to the number twenty, after that Sino Korean numbers can also be used. Some of the counters can function as independent nouns. The counters that can function as either counters or independent nouns are preceded by a dash in parentheses and vice versa for those that can’t work as independent nouns. 

Counters Used with Pure Korean Numbers:

−시  o’clock

(−) 달  months

(−) 사람  persons, people

−명  persons, people

−분  esteemed people

−마리  animals, fish, birds

−살  years of age(but not for esteemed individuals)

(−)산  cupfuls

−대  vehicles, machines

−가지  kinds, varieties

(−)병  bottle

−번  times

(−) 시간  hours

(−) 해  years

−군데  places, institutions

−갑  pack

(−) 상자  box; case; chest

−부  newspapers; books(if bought in multiple copies)

−장  flat objects; pieces of papers

−채  buildings

−개  items, units, objects

(−) 봉지  paper bag

−권  bound volumes; books or magazines

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My coworker once had someone who bought ~20 or so individual yogurt cups, which is fine. They then wanted each one, individually bagged in plastic, put those in a paper bag, and then put that paper bag in a plastic bag. They then proceeded to wonder what took them so long to get out of line.

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How do u look flat with a sports bra?

well no (safe and healthy) method of binding is gonna completely “flatten” your chest- which is actually okay, because muscle and fat are on most people’s chests no matter their hormone levels or assigned gender at birth- most chests aren’t completely flat. 

so the outcome you’d hope for would be to reduce the apparent size of your chest as much as safely possible- using sports bras, there are a couple of things you’d want to keep in mind. 

this page ( has information on types of sports bras and how to tell if the bra fits properly- the page seems to be designed for wearers who aren’t necessarily trying to bind so much as restrict chest movement, but it looks useful for determining which style of sports bra you’d go for, issues to look out for (like chafing from armholes) and finding your comfortable size. on that note-

i know that the first instinct might be to wear a bra that’s very small because it will bind tighter, but because the band around the ribs is tighter in these bras than across your chest, you can hurt yourself as badly- or worse!- than if you were safely using a binder. details here: ( this link isn’t just a list of issues, it’s a discussion on sports bra binding safety in general, so i’d advise checking it out for that reason. 

personally, the other things i tend to look out for to make sure sports bras will have the desired effect on my chest are: 

-no cups- many individuals who wear sports bras dislike the way the items change the shape/size of their chest when they are wearing it, so some bras have cups to try to retain the shape chests would have in a regular bra, separating and defining the chest- and other cups even have padding, which add volume. (some bras have removable cups, so check for that before you decide against it!)

-thickness- some people don’t mind nips being visible beneath their shirt, but for those who don’t, some sports bras may show too much detail. go with your comfort level, thicker materials are more likely to prevent the fabric from clinging to details.

-neckline- depending how high the necklines on the shirts you usually wear are, part of your bra might show above it. if that’s your look that’s cool, but if you are trying to avoid that, try on the bra with a shirt to make sure it won’t peek over! 

-material coverage- if a sports bra has too little fabric in front, your chest can be forced to bulge on the sides, bottom or top instead of compressing the whole surface somewhat evenly. 

-compression- while within safe sizing, ensure the material on your chest isn’t too loose or stretchy, or else you won’t get the level of compression desired. 

followers, feel free to add on or comment with deets if you have information that should be added about safety or with your favourite sports bras for binding! 

-Mod Artemis

The Landscape Collection is the result of a collaboration between Melbourne ceramicist Sophie Moran and Sydney illustrator Oliver Robert Holmes.

This is the wrap around illustration for the ‘Country’ cup.

Drawing on their mutual respect for the country in which they live, the artists have created a limited edition series of four porcelain cups. Made from locally sourced materials, each cup is individually thrown on the potters wheel and features hand drawn imagery that represents an iconic Australian environment.

Inside the cup is glazed in a colour that captures the mood of each place, while tiny touches of gold glisten on the exterior surface, for those moments of quiet contemplation and pleasant diversion.


galactik football meme: [1&2/6] scenes → 1.26 The Cup & 2.26 Bleylock’s Revenge

Crosby has achieved so many personal accomplishments that it’s difficult to keep track. There are those three Stanley Cups, two Olympic gold medals, 12 individual NHL awards, World Cup of Hockey gold, IIHF World Championship gold and the list goes on and on and on.

Crosby has reached legendary status in the hockey world, and all before the age of 30. He’s been the face of the National Hockey League for the past decade, his visage appearing on posters, magazine covers, website, newspapers and television sets.

But regardless of his fame and stature, at heart he’s still just a kid from the middle-class town of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.


The Impossible Cup: Kernos

Ok, so this is a ritual cup used in the Mysteries of Demeter by the Ancient Greeks. However. Archaeologists and scholars can’t figure out how (and why) the Ancient peoples drank from it. If they had wanted individual cups to drink from, they would have made them and not risked a shower of leftover wine raining down on them when they drank. It would be impossible to tilt and drink with all the cups full for obvious reasons, and just as obviously, one person cannot drink from all the outlets at the same time. Everyone is confused. Me, however, when my serious Religious Rites lecturer was talking about this, could only come up with

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Do you have any "pre-game" rituals you do to get yourself into the mindset of writing, or any habits you use to switch up your routine or boosts your productivity or inspiration when it's lagging or lulled?

About 10 years ago, I became absolutely obsessed with the work of Billy Wilder.  Worked my way through every film, read the book “Conversations with Wilder” several times during a trip.  And for some reason the main thing that stood out to me from that book was that Wilder was always wearing some kinda fancy hat.

In fact, every old timey movie and TV show about TV and Movie writers seemed to feature haggard individuals surrounded by coffee cups wearing jaunty hats.  So I decided that would be my thing, like Sam Raimi wearing a suit to set every day.  Every time I sat down to write, I put on a fancy hat.  It eventually got to the point where I couldn’t really focus unless I had some kinda pressure around my hatband (weird, I know).  That carried on through every writing gig I’ve had, to the point where when Noelle Stevenson inserted the writers into an episode of Wander, she included the hat on me.

I’m not saying “EVERYBODY BUY A HAT BECAUSE I HAVE TONS OF STOCK IN HATS!”  What I am saying is that it’s important to have some kind of simple, concise, line of demarcation between regular life and writing.  Whether it’s a ritual or a song or a phrase, it’s helpful to have something that tells your brain that writing is a job and it’s time to start working. 

(Try to keep it simple though, lest your ritual become a stalling tactic.  Checking your email/twitter feed is NOT a ritual.)

Chinese names for Cottbus 2017

Lu Yufei (BB, FX), Wang Cenyu (UB, BB), Liu Jinru (VT, FX) and Lv Jiaqi (UB) are set to compete at the 2017 Cottbus Individual Apparatus World Cup. This competition will take place in Cottbus, Germany from 23th - 26th November. Piibunina also told me he will most likely not attend the competition.
*This info is not official, the roster can change

Lady at supermarket: We have a special today, but 4 greek yoghurt individual cups, pay only two and we give you two extra cups for Free!!

Me: Thanks but no

Me: *starts walking away*

Me: *stops, hesitates, sighs and turns around accepting the fact that I am unable to let such a good offer go to waste*

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Weeeeee prompts! :D prompt: Stiles and Peter trying to one up each other on annoying Derek or Scott without it resulting in violence (no hurting Peter please?). If this prompt doesn't do anything for you muses you can just ignore it! ^_^

I would never hurt Peter, well except emotionally but that’s another story. I hope this is ok for you hun <3 


Stiles is a very tactile person. It’s calming for him to have something in his hands, something to roll between his fingers. Bottle caps are his favourite, flipping them over with one finger, twirling them around. He likes rolling scraps of paper too, folding them over and over. Sometimes, when his ADHD is really bad, he will tap his pen against a hard service, the repeated motion helping him to focus.

However, the pack doesn’t feel the same way.

“Would you stop?” Derek growls. Stiles looks up from the ancient dusty tome in front of him, mouth parted slightly.


“Stop tapping your pen against the table,” Derek clarifies, “It’s annoying.”

“Fine,” Stiles snaps, dropping the pen on the table.

There are a few moments of silence. Then the sound of plastic tapping against wood. Stiles looks up. Peter is tapping his pen against the table, an incessant rhythm. Derek grits his teeth.

“Stop it,” Derek snarls. Peter grins sardonically, twirling the pen around his fingers like a baton. Derek looks back down at his own tome.

“Your turn,” Peter mouths, winking at Stiles. The edges of Stiles lips creep up. If Peter wants to play that game, well who is Stiles to deny him. Stiles reaches down, grabbing his backpack off the floor. He roots around in it, searching for the pack of bubblegum that’s usually rattling around the bottom.

He pops a piece in his mouth. Sour sweet apple flavor coats his tongue. Stiles chews it until it’s ready to blow. He blows a large bubble, popping it so that it makes an obnoxious smacking noise. Peter stifles a laugh.

Stiles does it several more times, watching the line of Derek’s shoulders get tighter and tighter. After the twelfth burst bubble Derek stalks away. He returns with a tissue box, thrusting it in Stiles directions

“Gum, tissue, now!” Derek snaps. Stiles pouts but spits the gum into a tissue, balling it up and chucking it into the wastebasket.

Stiles raises an eyebrow at Peter, mouth spilt in a crooked grin. Peter starts whistling, a high-pitched piercing note. Derek’s claws dig into the table, scraping the underside.

Eventually Derek snaps, grabbing his book and storming off upstairs. Dust falls down from the ceiling when Derek slams his bedroom door.

“I win,” Peter concludes.


After that no one is safe.

Stiles puts seeds in Boyd’s laptop, using magic to make them grow so that Boyd effectively has daises living between the spaces between the keys.

Peter dyes all of Derek’s underwear acidic luminous green.

Stiles fills Erica’s room with thousands of cups of vodka, leaving one empty, which has the keys to her new car in them but it’s impossible to tell without draining each individual cup.

Peter changes all the music on Jackson’s iPod to unknown artist.

Stiles changes all the music on Jackson’s iPod to the music from My Little Pony.

“Would you just bang him already?” Erica moans when she catches Stiles covering Isaac’s room in pink sticky notes that all say who’s a good boy but in varying fonts.

“Who? Isaac?”

“Peter you moron,” Erica says, rolling her eyes, “Seriously, the foreplay has gone on long enough.”


Erica groans, smacking Stiles upside the head.


Peter comes home to an apartment covered in mountain ash. More specifically a mountain ash maze. His furniture is missing, the maze complex and elaborate. There’s a note on the floor at the entrance, Stiles messy scrawl on Peter’s nice notepad.

If you can find the middle, you get a prize :D

Peter grins wolfishly.

The maze is intriguing; some paths lead him to dead ends without him knowing until he’s confronted with it. Some lead him right back to the beginning or cause him to walk in circles.

The middle is his bedroom. The bed is left intact, red silk sheets and soft pillows. Stiles lies on it, feet bare. He smiles lazily at Peter, beckoning with nimble fingers. Peter sinks down into the comfort, letting Stiles pull him down for a kiss sweeter than Stiles caramel scent.

“I win,” Stiles, murmurs against Peter’s lips. Peter bites at Stiles plush lip, soothing the sting with his tongue.

“We’ll see about that.”

Zutara Week 2017, Day 3: Steamy

Barely made it in time – 6 minutes to spare, ha!

@zutaraweek, Day Three: Steamy

Once again, this is crossposted to AO3

Summary:  Alternate imagining of the final scene of AtLA/beginning of “The Promise” comic. This may very well turn into a proper AU fic at some point, but for now, it’s a one-shot.

AU Note:  In this, Mai was not able to talk to Zuko prior to the coronation and is not present at the Jasmine Dragon party, as a result…

Laughter had bubbled up around them as they gathered around Sokka’s scribbled ‘portrait,’ and passionate protests erupted in a flurry of debates about hair loopies, facial expressions, illogical bending – yet just as quickly as it has risen, again the Jasmine Dragon had fizzled to a low and lively rumble of conversation as Team Avatar settled into their tea. Zuko’s gaze shifted from person to person, this mishmash of nations gathered in his uncle’s Earth Kingdom tea shop, and he thought them all to be the furthest from what he had expected from his life. The air nomad Avatar, two southern water tribers, a Kyoshi Warrior, a blind earthbender – even his wise but kooky uncle, who he had pushed away so thoroughly for so long. Though anxiety still knotted in his stomach at the thought of leading his nation to peace after so many years of warmongering, he trusted these people more than he trusted himself, and the barest hint of a smile settled on his face.

“Hey, is there any more tea?” Sokka called out, waving an inky paintbrush in Zuko’s direction. “My creative process needs some more fuel!”

Katara snorted from beside her brother. “I don’t know that ‘more fuel’ is what your creative process needs.”

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Recipe: Stuffing

Description: Ahh…the smell of warm bread and sage. 

Game ingredients: Bread, Hazelnut, Cranberries

This recipe restores 170 energy and 68 health. It gives a +2 Defense bonus and can be obtained from Pam after achieving 8 hearts. It sells for 165g. 

Difficulty: Easy, between 45 minutes to 4+ hours. Serves 4.

It was Thanksgiving up here in Canada on Monday. My sister can’t cook to save her life so the whole meal was up to me. 

-1 loaf of white bread
-½ large onion
-6 stalks celery (individual stalks)
-1/3 cup real butter
-¼ cup poultry seasoning 
-1 tablespoon salt
If you don’t have poultry seasoning you can substitute with: 1 tablespoon sage, 1 tablespoon thyme, ½ tablespoon celery salt, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon pepper, 1 tablespoon marjoram. 

Chop the onion and celery into large chunks. 

In a large frying pan, melt the butter on medium-high heat. Put the celery and onion in and fry for a few minutes, then turn down the heat to medium-low and place a lid on the frying pan. Allow the vegetables to steam for 10 to 15 minutes. This will make them nice and soft. 

While the celery and onion is cooking, cut up the loaf of bread into cubes and place them in a large bowl. 

Add the vegetables (along with whatever melted butter and water remains) to the bread cubes and allow it to cool for a couple minutes. Then, add the poultry seasoning and toss to mix until the seasoning has covered all the bread cubes and vegetables. Add the salt. You can taste a cube to see if it needs more, but one tablespoon of salt should be enough. 

Stuff the turkey in both the front and back cavity until full, and bake as instructed. If you don’t have a turkey or prefer to make dressing instead, place the stuffing in a casserole dish and bake at 350°F for 25 minutes. Remove the stuffing from the turkey or casserole dish and serve hot.

The stuffing is soft, moist, and full of flavour. 


Alban Elfed (The Light of the Water)

The Autumn Equinox for three days from the sunset around September 23rd, a festival of abundance and of balancing gain and loss.

Animal Salmon.

Tree White poplar and Hazel.

Herbs and incenses Ferns, geranium, myrrh, pines and Solomon’s seal.

Candle colours Blue for autumn rain and green for Earth Mother

Crystals Soft blue crystals, such as blue lace agate, blue beryl and azurite.

Symbols Chooses coppery, yellow or orange leaves, willow boughs. harvest fruits such as apples, nuts, root vegetables, and pottery or china geese. Also use as a focus knots of corn, wheat or barley from the early harvest, and copper or bronze coins to ensure enough money and happy family relationships.

Autumn Equinox rituals are for mending quarrels, for the fruition of long-term goals, for reaping the benefits of earlier input, for love and relationships, especially concerning the family, adult children, brothers and sisters, for friendship and for issues of material security for the months ahead.

Personal Activities

  • Work by the sea at sunset and cast as pebbles into the dying light of the water all regrets, resentments, sorrows, failures and unfinished business from previous months that you do not wish to carry forward into winter. (If you can’t go to the sea, perhaps using a bowl or cauldron to represent the sea, standing in your garden or balcony or by a window at sunset cast the pebbles into your vessel of water. Then dispose of the water and it’s contents off your property)
  • Take a bowl containing equal numbers of nuts and seeds and work outdoors. Name a success or achievement that has materialised by the Autumn Equinox and eat the nut (use something else if you can’t eat nuts like berries for example, whatever works for you); then name a failure or loss and cast a seed into the ground. Continue until you have eaten and shed the same number and can think of no more; bury the rest beneath a fruit- or nut-bearing tree.
  • Sweep up autumn leaves into a pile; jump up and down in it as you did when you were a child, expressing joy at the promise of the coming days, and naming opportunities and all you can achieve in the winter. Finally scatter the leaves and let the good and the bad, the gains and the losses, be carries equally on the wind.
  • Prepare a feast of fruits and vegetables, of bread, cider and barley wine, or fruit cup, and warming soups, and hold an equinox party. Make an offering to the land of barley wine, ale or mead, and bread, as you pass around a communal cup, send individual blessings to people and places where there is dearth.
  • Donate old clothes and food to homeless shelters. Give away possession you no longer need to friends or thrifts shops.
  • Contact anyone from whom you are estranged, sending autumn flowers or a plant you have nurtured, or a basket of produce as a peace offering if your reconciliatory gesture are rejected, at least you can move forward knowing you tried. Alternatively, help an organisation  concerned with peace.

Source The Modern-Day Druidess by Cassandra Eason

[JP KHUX] November 2017 Hades Cup

The Hades Cup is a Gaiden-esque event consisting out of 15 quests filled with multitudes of high-level, tricky enemies. To make things worse, you CANNOT pay to continue.

All three objectives for each round is to clear the mission with no continue. Each round will give you a different reward!

But the biggest prize from this is the potential 6k jewels you can earn! And it is no easy feat to complete all 15 rounds!

  • Round 1: Magic Stone x 1
  • Round 2: Mirror x 1
  • Round 3: Broom x 1
  • Round 4: Mirror x 1
  • Round 5: Power Stone x 1
  • Round 6: Mirror x 1
  • Round 7: Broom x 1
  • Round 8: Mirror x 1
  • Round 9: Speed Stone x 1
  • Round 10: 1000 Jewels
  • Round 11: Mirror x 5
  • Round 12: Moon Stone x 1
  • Round 13: Mickey&Brooms x 1
  • Round 14: Moon Stone x 1
  • Round 15: 5000 Jewels

We have gathered set ups from other JP KHUX players to help you guys through with these missions!

Deck Set-Up Submission

We are still accepting set ups, especially for missions 9 to 15, until this event is over! You can tweet the set up to this main tweet or submit a deck set up!! Make sure to follow the instructions if you want to have your deck showcased!

Submission Confirmation
If I (@luck4u2bluestar) liked your set up tweet, it means I have added it to the post! If some of the requirements weren’t met, such as missing the keyblade level or wrong screenshot, I will let you know and you can always tweet us the correct information! Once I have liked your tweet, please go to the post (once it is updated) to make sure the information I have posted is correct, and let me know if you would like to add/make any changes!

>Tumblr Submission
I will DM you that your set up has been added! Please go to the post (once it is updated) to make sure the information I have posted is correct, and let me know if you would like to add/make any changes!

Last Updated: November 6, 2017 at 9:36 PM JST (If you see this post at the top of the page, it means it has recently been updated!)

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Pairing: Wonshik x Hakyeon

Rating: NC-17

Wordcount: 4834

Warning: AU, blood/tattoos/piercing mentions, alcohol mentions, slight nipple play, sex, mature themes, adult language, gross fluff

Synopsis: Wonshik wants a tattoo. Hakyeon has a cancelled appointment. Life happens.

Notes: Hey everyone! I hope y’all had great holidays! Mine were restful and awesome and here I come, fresh and inspired to deliver the much anticipated Tattooshop AU! First fic of 2016! Its a short one and I hope it doesn’t disappoint with its cute fluffiness. Tattoos are a huge part of my life and I really enjoyed writing this and shedding some light on the process. Enjoy!

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