Grocery Shooping with Jungkook would include:

> filling the cart with random junk food

> midnight snack runs

> cart races in the aisles

> having a race over who can get all the groceries first

> laughing at you trying to get some item that is too high for you

> “Jungkook, why are there dog toys in the cart? We don’t even have a dog.”

> “They are for Jimin.”

> “Jimin doesn’t have a dog.”

> “No, I mean it is for Jimin.”

> “Really, Kookie, really?”

> old ladies cooing at how adorable he is

> lots of sighing

> lots of gigiling and shoving

> constantly going back for the samples until the person gives you THE look

> holding your hand like 80% of the time

> Holding your waist as you put the groceries on the conveyer belt

> taking him with you everytime you go grocery shopping cause he makes it 10x more fun

You’re no longer the girl with cotton balls stuck down your throat and no teeth smiles to strangers anymore. With your hair always tied up and shy hands tugging on hair, you defined yourself. You were always holding back and every time you would see yourself walking closer to an unsteady edge, someone would tug on the rope and pull you back. You are no longer the girl who is afraid of heights and the handsome boys with cruel minds in the school yard. The corner you once called your own was where eyes would shy away from voices filled with bubblegum and empty threats. Human attraction was always what you secretly wanted but would never get. You are no longer that girl who craves another’s touch. You are the girl who wants to get lost in cities and walks in no direction but her own.
—  she doesn’t need company by jwfeelings