The Rutile Twins: Joined at the hip. Literally. It’s a cool play on the expression if only because they don’t have the stereotypical portrayal of really close twins who are almost in unison. There are two clear individuals with different mannerisms and expressions. This despite being conjoined.

Just because you do not look like them, or dream like them, think like them or move like them it does not mean you are any less than them. Difference does not make you weak and being who you are does not make you someone to look down on, you are who you are for a million and one reasons, and people need that. Your mind may be different, but that eliminates the box, you may not want the same in life, but that is how you live freely. Don’t let differences divide you, let them be your strength.

difference isn’t a issue by Amy Kennedy


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I once read a theory about Garnet’s visor being a tell of who is more “in control” of her at that particular moment and I got curious. So I went looking and it seems like a very plausible theory (though I would phrase it more as who’s personality is more prominent at that particular moment and not who’s “in control”) and I wanted your opinion on it. These are only 8 out of like 30 screenshots I took, but it appears to me that the visor is most often blue when tact is required and also when talk of the future is brought up (or when Garnet appears to be using future vision), and that the visor is most often red/pink when Garnet is angry or is dealing with a subject that’s emotionally-based. What are your opinions on this theory? (And can you phrase it better than I can bc I feel like I’m doing a terrible job of explaining this.)

I get where this theory comes from and in the context of the screenshots it does make sense. My only hesitation calling this “confirmed” is that it dispels the idea that fusions are individuals. It sort of makes it seem as though Garnet is just a big mecha with two little people in the control room. They work together to get it moving but sometimes one coordinates a more complicated move than the other.

Garnet as an individual has a personality, has beliefs, experiences and makes decisions. And I also find it flattening to reduce Sapphire to the “tactful one,” and Ruby to the “emotional one.” So to support this theory supports those implications, and I’m not too fond of said implications.

What I’d be willing to say is that there are times we’re really supposed to see the dichotomy, such as in Keeping It Together when Garnet is really falling apart and her component parts are “showing.” Because when Bismuth tells her, “You’re Ruby is showing,” it’s a joke between friends, but in the context of the other jokes being said (like about Pearl having an owner), the content alone is supposed to be very derogatory and insulting. It’s telling Garnet she’s not a relationship but only two individuals in a beautiful trench coat.