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This is the real first prize winner of the poll last week! Please forgive me, and I hope it was worth the wait!

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A pair of bespoke asymmetric #rubelite earrings. Hues of #pink #sapphire delicately pavé set into the rose gold flowers. Each earring has it’s own personality but becomes a unity as a pair. @catherine_jones_of_cambridge
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I pray you all have a blessed Ramadan! 🎀

May your inner heartfelt duas be accepted. May all the good you do in this month be accepted. May you forget about all the pain and sadness you felt this past year. May warmth and tranquility from here on out, enter your life. 

May the month of mercy and forgiveness allow us to reach our utmost potential. 


Ayachan wore the female racecourse staff’s uniform for the opening of this episode of Winning Keiba!
'Power Rangers' Director Explains Why Romantic Scene Didn't Make Final Cut
Love was in the air for a pair of Power Rangers — until test audiences said no.

They cut a heterosexual romance because it didn’t fit the story, and because including it did a disservice to the female character’s individual narrative arc.

sorry but your faves literally would never



Some early design work for my klance Swan Princess AU. I’ve got about 30 pages of notes on the plot along with some script and storyboard stuff already. Aside from this thread on twitter I haven’t reeeally yelled about it publicly, but I’m excited about it :D I have Plans. 

Fire Emblem Awakening Abridged: Part 1



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Paralogue 1

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Paralogue 2

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Paralogue 3

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Paralogue 4

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

  • Ravenclaw: I feel trapped.
  • Hufflepuff: We're in the middle of an open field.
  • Ravenclaw: No, I feel trapped in this moment in my life. Where am I going? What am I doing? And how am I going to get to where I want to be?
  • Hufflepuff: We're going to charms class, we're going to be doing charms work, and usually hard work and dedication. Try to think in the now.
  • Ravenclaw: Well, in the now I'm contemplating an assault on you.
  • Hufflepuff: At least you're thinking about here and now!

q: Is there a reason that among the members, the two of you in particular got close to each other?
cy: I think the way we play is really similar.