• England:I am drinking.
  • Sealand:Why are you drinking?
  • England:So that I may forget.
  • Sealand:Forget what?
  • England:Forget that I am ashamed.
  • Sealand:Ashamed of what?
  • England:Ashamed of drinking!
  • Sealand, to himself:The grown-ups certainly are very, very odd.

melanie martinez: *writes songs about how being “psycho” and “mad” is fun, generally glorifies mental illness and refers to mentally ill people as ‘crazies’*

everyone: YAAAAS QUEEN

lana del rey: *incorporates darkness and depression into her ‘cool-girl’ image, romanticizes death and suicide, “i wish i was dead already”*

everyone: YAAAAS QUEEN

me: *shows a symptom of my mental illness*

everyone: wh at t he fu c k

The conservative movement “would advance individual liberty one moment, on one front, and restrict it somewhere else the next moment:”

Maiyan’s Seitansai Letter from Misamisa ~Pacifico Yokohama Individual Event 2016-09-25~

Maiyan happy 24th birthday!

Since I’ve read letters to you many times like this I think this time I’ll reveal a side of Maiyan that no one knows.

With Maiyan on our private time we would do things like going out to eat and going for massage, but sometimes we go karaoke too. We’ll sing Nogizaka unit songs that’s not from our own units. We’ll start with songs like Shitto no Kenri or Futougou, Ano Hi Boku wa Tossa ni Uso wo Tsuita and then songs like Arakajime Katarareru Romance that the little sister members like Minami-chan sings. When Maiyan sings she’s really lively and I took some videos that I want to show everyone some other time.

Shitto no Kenri is Maiyan’s favorite above all. As everyone saw you’ve already had your dream come true performing it for tens of thousands of people at the zenkoku tour this summer. A cool performance that was.

I so love this personality gap of lively Maiyan in that small space (of the karaoke room).

Please continue to be that candid everyone’s Maiyan. I’m Maiyan’s friend as always whenever you’re troubled whenever you’re worried.

Happy birthday!

mini messengers.

Whenever I see Hope do a solo dance, I’m always struck by the fact that Hope could easily outshine pretty much all of the rest of BTS in a second as far as dancing goes.  IF he wanted to.  But he doesn’t want, he’s part of a team so he dances to make the team look good, he dances to show off the group not himself -  which shows so much about his personality and his maturity level. But when he’s dancing solo and he can make the team shine by letting himself go and dance as hard as he can, his abilities are just awe inspiring.