Saul’s Suit #7: The Cautious Individual

Suit #7: “The Cautious Individual”

Breaking Bad S2E11, “Mandala”

“No deal, no dice. Shot at and missed. Shit on a hit.”

Again, Saul is dressed to blend into his law office surroundings. I guess he just woke up this morning and thought: goldenrod! Earlier in the episode, on the day he first suggests introducing them to “the guy,”  Saul’s tie had a metallic gold latticework pattern. Does Saul and his connections represent a “golden opportunity” that Walt and Jesse are missing out on by being incautious and unprofessional?

While Walt and Jesse are constantly abusing themselves and one another, getting punched and beaten up, throwing themselves into painful and dangerous scenarios, Saul is often shown caring for his body or seeing to his own creature comforts in some specific, sometimes finicky way. He’s taking vitamins but wants to make sure he doesn’t mess them up. He’s usually got a cup of coffee with him. Here, he has eye drops. Later, we seem him getting manicures and using a chi machine and hear him talk about massages and chiropractors (or at least “massages” and eh hem “chiropractors”). Saul likes his comforts. That said, there is an innocence maintained about Saul. He isn’t shown smoking. Instead of nursing a scotch, the drink on his desk in this scene is an organic, all-natural soda with a highly appropriate name:


- Saul appears to have a framed photo of himself on his desk. It’s sad, until you realize that Jimmy McGill probably wouldn’t want to broadcast the appearance of any loved ones to his criminal clientele.

- The use of brick reds and golds throughout this episode was interesting:

Costume designer: Kathleen Detoro


mini messengers.

I'm (Not) Falling Into Love
  • I'm (Not) Falling Into Love
  • Akiran

[Klance] I’m (NOT) Falling Into Love
Original: Haven’t Had Enough by Mariana’s Trench

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Lyrics/Vocals: Akiran/@aki-ran
Art: Emu/@emuyh-art/@emuyh

I don’t think I’ve ever made a ship song? But, I LOVE Voltron and love probably every ship imaginable, and was inspired by this video to make a Klance rewrite! Thanks so much to Emu for allowing me to use her art! This will be the last thing I churn out before I leave for Japan, but not for good! Lately I’ve been thinking about possibly making a Patreon, but OTL Please enjoy! PS I was hoping to get Lance/Keith fan VAs for the song, but that certainly didn’t happen, but the parts that they were made to sing are noted below!


Don’t remember me? ‘Cuz you’re busy
Drivin’ ‘round that ship like you’re best thing
You, your stupid hair; I don’t get why, why
No, I still hate you, don’t see
What’s great about you. Can’t believe that
You’re a part of my crew.
So why can’t I just take my eyes of you, you?

And I don’t even know why you think we’re some kind of rivals
Why can’t we just get along together? Are we in denial?

BOTH: [Chorus]
But it broke down so fast,
One look and I almost crashed
Straight to your arms,
Cradling with all your charm
But we’ve gotta save our
Universe but I can’t help
Falling into love,
I’m falling into love
Yeah, it’s been how long?
In space but I can’t be wrong
You’re fantastic
But it’s not like I’ll admit
We’re more than bonding, but it’s not like I’ll
Say falling into love,
I’m not falling into love
[with you]

Can’t believe this guy, he’s so flashy
Tryna pick up chicks like he’s so classy
Dumb, can’t pilot, so why can’t I move on,
Can’t move on

And I can’t help but think we could be more than just us misfits,
Red and blue together can be more; but I won’t admit it


LANCE: Can’t you feel it? But I’ll never tell you.
(Can’t believe it; why can’t I admit?)

KEITH: I can feel it. But I don’t know about you.
(Can’t believe it; why can’t he admit?)



Testing, testing, I’m just suggesting,
You and I might just be the best thing.


video game meme: [8/8] favorite female characters 

I heard it was a special set of twins’ birthday a few days ago!? I didn’t know they were turning 17 this year and I’m not gonna lie I’m a little perturbed that they’re older than my sister. BUT I’m sure Dipper is starting to shoot up now and he’s getting really smug about it.