Revolutionary Girl Utena Headcanon Survey: Results!!!

Thanks so much to everyone who responded to my survey! There were a few troll responses, but those have been deleted. The results are below. May be spoilers — proceed with caution!

Other responses:


is into women, not sure if bi

Lesbian, but society have influenced her to view men as attractive (princes) as shown by how she forgot Anthy through the change in the “fairy tale”.

Series: Kinsey 2—predominantly heterosexual, but she does seem to have feelings for Anthy. Movie: straight-up Kinsey 3 bisexual.

Other responses:

Bi, but prefers girls because men tend to abuse her

ace lesbian

Too hard to say without seeing her after being out of abusive situations for a while.

I dont think it is knowable, to herself least of all.

Bisexual but also, bisexual is Not the same as pansexual. Pansexual is liking all genders. Bisexual is liking same gender + other gender, ie a person can like the same gender + nonbinary, but not male/female, thus making them Not pansexual. They’re two completely different orientations so please don’t erase bisexuality/pansexuality by combining them 



Series: demisexual/single-target sexuality on Utena; movie: bisexual/pansexual

Questioning but def into girls

Other responses:

Lesbian. She has never been attracted to that blue haired manipulative sexual harassing senpai of hers.


Other responses:

Not straight but Very Confused

Ace lesbian 


Nanami seems a bit too immature to know her own sexuality yet—see: Nanami’s Egg

Other responses:


She does what she wants

Bisexual, not pansexual. 

Straight, but totally willing to make out with a girl for attention

Other responses:

Some flavor of queer – I see her as falling heavily into compulsory heterosexuality without realizing it

She’s gay but it’s gonna take her a few years to figure that out

not sure if straight or bi

Bisexual, not pansexual.

maybe bi-curious?

Other responses:

Heavily closeted lesbian

Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Bi


Other response:

Bisexual. It’s heavily implied that she was the previous Duelist before Utena. She might have had a relationship with Anthy, which makes Anthy hate her even more after because she chose Akio.

(Neither Tokiko nor Keiko have any other responses.)

Other responses:

Queer, but mostly uses sex for power and not intimacy or gratification


who the fuck cares




Pansexual but abusive/pedophilic. Is attracted to people not for their gender but for the extent of control he can wield over them.

rather than “no preference” can i put “no orientation” whatsoever because he is a bad manipulative man and attracted to revolutionary power alone

the devil

Toxic masculinity—sexuality is a weapon that he uses against women and men alike. I don’t think attraction or orientation has anything to do with it. So maybe aromantic and pansexual?




Power that can be gained from their partner. Either over the partner or because of the partner.

He’d describe himself as Heterflexible

Biromantic asexual. He acts sexual throughout the series due to Akio’s manipulation, not of his own desire to attract others sexually.

Other responses:



Bisexual, but for the same gender attraction, he’s very closeted and insecure about it.


Other response:

Mikage = Gay / Nemuro = Straight

Other responses:

Straight trans man

Trans lesbian


hyper-repressed trans lesbian

gay trans girl!!

Other responses:

He’s Just A Kid Dude

He’s prepubescent, so it’s hard to say for certain

Other responses:

I Don’t Even Remember This Guy

Likes girls, at least, but is so weird in approaching this that might be trans.


Other responses for the survey in general are under the cut!

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You've Never Had An Orgasm

It was getting rough between them. Their lips opening and closing upon eachothers, tongues rubbing together with no control. Her skin was soft on his, starting from the way her fingers gently pushed his hair away from their faces, ending with the way her smooth knees rubbed against his bare stomach.

Harry hooked his thumbs around the belt loops of his favorite pair of shorts on her, pushing them down her fairly long legs.

“You know how much I love those on you.” He whispered, his breathing rugged and unsteady as he spoke.

She giggled, holding his hair now as if it were in a pony tail. “Yeah, I do.” He smiled, giving her one last full kiss before peeling off her blouse. He took it off carefuly, trying to be as gentle as possible so that he could make her feel as if she were as special as he claimed her to be. “Beautiful, my love. So beautiful.” He mumbled, leaving a trail of open mouthed kisses upon the skin of her neck. Tilting her head, she had granted him more access to her. She sighed, closing her eyes before deciding it was best for him to understand—understand what’s been eating her alive. “Harry I need to tell you something.” She let out.

His face turned from lustful to concerned in a matter of seconds. He knew that this wasn’t her first time, but this was her first time with him, and he didn’t want her to feel like this was all he wanted out of her.

“Y/n, hat is it? Are you okay? Are you scared?”

She giggled past her nerves, reaching her hand up to pet his cheek with the side of her index finger.

“Baby. I’m okay, and I’m not nervous. It’s just—it’s just that I never really—nevermind, just forget it.” She whispered, her eyes now leaving his to look back upon her twiddling thumbs.

Harry turned his head to the side, frowning at just how small she had looked. She had never been so nervous to say something, and knowing that i’s happening at this moment really scared him.

“Darling, what is it?”
She sighed, pushing her head back so that it lay on the pillow, her hands coming up to rub her eyes in defeat.

“I’ve never had an orgasm before.”

Harry’s eyes widened, shock completely consuming him as he looked down at his embarrassed girlfriend.

“You’ve never c—came before?”

She shook her head, now looking up at him with sadness.

“No. . None of my past boyfriends waited for me. They just kind of finished whenever they were done without knowing I didn’t finish, I guess.”

Shaking his head, Harry began to tower over her. He knew exactly what he had to do tonight. He s going to make her feel the way she should. He’s going to show her just how special she is to him.

“I’m going to make you cum, okay? I’m ganna make you feel so good.”

Placing his lips on hers, he slowly began to place his fingers on her most fragile parts. Starting with her breasts, he began to touch them as if they were the most precious things on earth. Her mouth opened slightly, releasing a content sigh. He grinned against her, moving his hands more down her body than he ever has befre.

Her hips bucked against his the moment his fingers touched her core. She had never experienced foreplay. It was always jumping right into the sex part. She had wondered how it felt to feel his fingers inside of her, rubbing her walls and rubbing the most delicate places on her body. It had ovcured to her that she couldn’t wait much longer, and bucked her hips up even more against him. “Baby, baby. Slow. You won’t cum if you rush things.” She nodded, mumbling a quiet “I’m sorry” with a soft blush on her cheeks. With a small kiss to her forehead, Harry began to stroke her core. Soft, with only a tiny amount of pressure. She closed her eyes delicately, her head throwing back onto the pillow as she let out a breathy moan. Keeping his bottom lip between his teeth, Harry studied her facial expressions as he slowly added a finger into her. She had to admit, the feeling was weird to her. She didn’t understand the feeling of his fingers inside of her. It wasn’t until he began pumping his fingers when her entire body jerked, her mouth falling open to release a string of curses. “Oh fuck!” She yelled, louder than her normal voice, but not too loud. Creasing his eyebrows inward, he was concentrated on finding her g-spot. It was the destruction of a woman’s body, and he couldn’t dare back out of finding it now. Searching for her facial expressions, Harry had felt something soft reach the tip of his finger. Y/n’s entire face strunched up as moans kept falling out of her mouth without a breath. Grinning, Harry had added another finger into her, pumping his fingers as fast as he could go, purposely hitting her g-spot every single time. “O—oh my God!” She screamed, her hand reaching to hold onto his wrist, moving her arm with his as if helping him go even the slightest bit faster. “Fuck! Fuck! fuck!” “Does this feel good, baby? Are you feeling good?” Harry asked, although insanely aware of her answer. “H—Harry, my stomach. I feel it.” she croked out. She could feel her climax coming. She knew what it was, because it was an indiscribable feeling that she has never experienced before. She knew that in only a few seconds she was going to hit cloud nine, if she hadn’t already. With determination, Harry placed the thumb of his other hand right on her clit. He forced all the pressure he could without hurting her, rubbing in figure eights, then circles, and figure eyes again. Y/n’s eyes rolled to the back of her head, and within moments she had felt pleasure hit her so hard that all she could do that was within her control was scream. She was withering, repeatedly screaming and moaning Harry’s name over and over until reality had come back to her. “Holy fucking shit.” Harry whispered, taking his fingers out of his mouth. His eyes were wide; crazed at how amazingly long she had orgasmed. It wasn’t for just five seconds like every other girl, hers lasted so much longer, and the look she had while experiencing it was enough to make him lose all sense of control. “My God. How did that feel?” Trying to catch her breath, Y/n had forced her eyes open to meet Harry’s gaze. No green had stayed in his eyes, they were clouded with blackness; lust. “Harry Styles,” she panted, reaching her hand up to stroke his sweat filled hair, “you’re going to be the death of me.”


sagrada familia. 
the vertigo you feel when gazing upward in this neo-gothic fairy-tale castle is indiscribable, these vertical panoramas still can’t do it any justice, but at least they give you a clue…
visit this place! you don’t have to like gaudi’s opulent architecture style (some may even call it tacky) to be impressed by the exilarating ambience in this masterpiece of his career.

“What did I know? I thought it was just a book, just a story. Just a movie. And then I came here. I saw the love and the hope in your eyes, and I finally understood that it was a fantasy.

And you, you have made it a reality.”

– Ken Stott, at HobbitCon 2014 Closing Ceremony

It’s not exactly what he said, but it’s the heart of it. And I’m pretty sure half the hall was in tears, and the rest at least got misty-eyed.

This man was amazing. It was his first Convention, and I cannot say how happy and privileged and proud I feel that it was HobbitCon. You could see, you could feel how much he had enjoyed it. He actually got a little choked up.

To all you people from all the 28 countries who came to HobbitCon this year: you were AMAZING! Last year’s HobbitCon was great, yes, but this year it was beyond words, and you, to quote Ken Stott, you made it a reality! I met so many new people, so many fantastic people, it was indiscribable.

Thank you!