So a lot of Skyrim guides say to start the Thieves Guild quest, but not finish it, because then you get to keep the skeleton key?

And I’m just like ‘WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?’

Like, from a roleplaying perspective.

The Daedric Princes are terrifying and spiteful and vindictive. Boethia has you kill her champion, you know, the guy she liked and who actually had her favor, for seemingly no reason. Why would you anger another Prince and risk having that happen to you?

There’s a reason I don’t summon undead or raise undead; I don’t want Merida to, you know /kill me/.

There’s a reason I do Daedric quests literally as soon as I get them, and it’s not the reward.

There’s a reason why, if Vaermina had been more direct with me and told me to kill Erandur, I would. (But she’s indirect about it, telling me he’ll kill me, which gives me plausible deniability.) 

Like, don’t piss off daedric princes, It’s a bad idea. Return the skeleton key. 

“My healing spit is back!”

In “An Indirect Kiss”, Steven fixes Connie’s vision because of the backwash in his drink:

In “Ocean Gem”, Steven heals Lapis Lazuli’s cracked gem by smacking some spit on it:

And in “House Guest”, Steven does the same thing to Greg’s broken leg:

…except this time, Greg acted like it didn’t work, and faked his injury.

Steven thinks his healing powers come and go, and it’s all Greg’s fault.

As for where Zelena and Belle fit into the job theory –

Zelena’s only role has been to push Regina’s ersatz (IMO) redemption story. She has given Regina someone to react against and on occasion a dose of her own medicine, but she has only the shallowest level of involvement with any other characters. This is one of the things that I felt bogged down 3b a bit; they had to really struggle to find ways to keep the entire cast involved in what was essentially a struggle between two characters. This narrow relevance is one of the reasons I believe she’ll be killed off in S6.

Belle is a bit more of a puzzle to me at this point. I admit that I tend to dismiss her as being an aspect of Rumple’s character and not well-crafted to stand on her own. Outside of him, her major interactions tend to be with the temporary characters – Anna, Mulan, Merida, Ariel – with only indirect repercussions on the main plot. I’ve always had the feeling that the writers were not sure what to do with her, so perhaps this a manifestation of that uncertainty.

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#2,11,29 & 30 😁😁

2, 11, 29, 30

Are you outgoing or shy?
I’m outgoing with work, I’ll talk to coworkers and find myself involved there. I’m not a social person, though, I usually post indirect messages, have a hard time responding to friends and have a lot of guilt over not maintaining friendships, but I find it really draining to go out with friends/to make friends– so maybe that’s a form of being shy

What does the most recent text that you sent say?
Sounds good, it’s mostly clothes

Have any of your ex’s told you they regret breaking up?
I am the breaker upper 😂 so I get ex’s like this a lot, the most rabid one is my daughter’s wanna be parent

Do you ever want to get married?
Yeah, if I think my relationship is worthy of marriage

Elemental Applications: Americium

The only synthetic element that can be found in people’s homes, americium is widely used in commercial ionization chamber smoke detectors, which use about 0.28 micrograms of americium-241. This amount slowly declines as the americium decays into neptunium-237. Compared to optical smoke detectors, ionization smoke detectors are cheaper and can detect smaller particles, but are more prone to false alarms. 

Other common uses of americium include as a neutron source, in the form of the oxide of americium-241 pressed with beryllium. The most widespread use of this material is as a neutron probe, used to measure things such as the quantity of water in soil or moisture/density for quality control in highway construction, among other things. Americium-241 has also been used as a portable source of both gamma rays and alpha particles for a number of medical and industrial uses, such as indirect analysis of materials as well as calibration of gamma-ray spectrometers in the low-energy range.

Like many of the other actinides, americium is used in the production of other heavy elements. It can decay into curium and plutonium and has been used to create isotopes of einsteinium, dubnium, berkelium (for the first time in 1949), nobelium (also for the first time in 1965), and lawrencium. 

Theoretical applications of this element include as an an active element of radioisotope thermoelectric generators in spacecraft, as a fuel for space ships with nuclear propulsion, or as a nuclear battery.



I was tagged by @leb-haiba (thx bby) so yeah 10 things that make me happy

2.Drawing something perfectly
3.When you shiver from music
4.When your stomach hurts from laughing too much
5.Being petty and indirect and knowing about all the drama youre not in
7.Wrapping yourself up in blankets on a rainy or snowy sunday
9.Prooving people wrong
10.Looking good

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tips for confidence

hey everyone ! the title speaks for itself, this is a post on how to be more confident. (i will try not to make this personal but who knows)

i. have a playlist that makes you feel badass. this is the easiest tip i know. when you feel horrible, blast that badass playlist. feel the fire in your bones. lose yourself to the power in the music. i have a few playlists h e r e if you want to check them out for inspiration or whatnot.
ii. posture is everything. hold your head up high. this is so hard sometimes, i know, trust me. sometimes you want to curl in a ball and disappear. but if you want to look confident, want to be confident, you need to hold your head up and straighten your back and walk like you mean business.
iii. know yourself. know your flaws. know your strengths. know what your limitations. honestly, this is so hard for someone with a personality disorder or someone who is neurodivergent or anyone actually. but knowing what you can do, sitting down and thinking hard, is incredibly helpful.
iv. make a list of what you know you can do. you can breathe, you can blink, you can kill a man, it doesn’t matter what is on the list as long as you can do it. it can be hard or easy. it can be something everyone can do or only people of your culture can do or something only you know how to do. trust me, there is something you can do. now look at all the crap you can do ! look at you ! hell yeah you can do stuff !
v. now make a list of what you can’t do/ haven’t been able to do yet. maybe it’s riding a bike, maybe it’s scoring a 5 on your ap test, maybe it’s kissing that cute girl in your math class i don’t care. it can be something everyone can do or something no one can do or a small task or a hard task. highlight what you want to learn to do or want to do. how will you do it? if you ever end up doing the thing, move it onto the list of things you can do. woohoo ! you did something hell yeah ! be confident, look at you accomplishing stuff ! smile, babe.
vi. maybe make another list for your flaws, also highlighting what you want to change. strive to make those changes. you can become a good person, you can become a better person. people change. that’s okay. look at you improving as a person. high five !
vii. breathe. do it. in through your nose. out through your mouth. now go back to that point about posture. straighten your back, lift your head up, breathe again.
viii. fake it til you make it. confidence is not easy. pretend to be confident through my tips or someone elses or do whatever you want actually just pretend to be confident. keep on doing this everyday. you will become confident eventually trust me.
ix. treat yourself sometimes. working yourself until you pass out isn’t really a confidence booster. sometimes, you need to care for yourself. it will make you feel better. hell yeah your skin smells like cocoa butter ! hell yeah you look cute asf ! you are worth it. show yourself that sometimes, okay ?

that’s all for now ! have a lovely day ily <3

Dan’s Livestream // 7.26.16


He had his sunglasses on 

“It’s ya boi DJ Howell”

“I just did it to upset you because you deserve it”

He put on the jacket from his video

He’s still sick

He has a busy week

His sunglasses say #TATINOF gotta get in that spon (they gave them to the crew)

“I feel like Phil’s initials should be ACE”

He has nothing against painting his nails and he would do it right now

He doesn’t check his indirects and doesn’t think anyone should


Sherlock season 4 discussion

“Pain and sadness and edgy blue color correcting” about Sherlock

He went to the doctor because his medicine hasn’t worked very well

They’re going to Australia next week

“I don’t want to snake shame anyone”

Everyone is spamming the chat with dab so he lowkey dabbed disgusting

He hasn’t gotten his haircut yet because he’s waiting for right before they go to Australia 

Phil told him to make the intro him hitting himself in the face

“When you’re Dan and Phil bloopers are content”

Justice League discussion

Eh by Deathgrips is hit favorite song atm

They’re watching Avatar and they really like it 

“DJ Howell it was funny… let’s let it die now.”

“Any attempt to analyze it is just hurting yourself” about his video

He forgot who made tour of my brain #phake

Toilet tag was a flop rip (not as bad as dogalikes though)


That Sweet Goup video that Nerdy Nummies 

“I can’t believe they cut my diss track from Hamilton”

He “doesn’t know” is Phil will do a roast yourself challenge

“Phil on the bed though. I apologize for nothing.”

They bought a kangaroo onesie and cork hats for an AUS TATINOF video that he didn’t use

He’s ditching TATINOF for a DJ Howell tour #confirmed 

Princess Productions is producing their documentary 

“Reflecting those moon beams back from my giant face”

He hasn’t listened to Hamilton yet because he wants to see it first

“I invented rap”

His favorite childrens’ book is either the Winnie the Pooh or the illustrated Chronicles of Narnia

He literally just punched his computer Dan what the fuck 

New gaming video will be either Undertale or Pokemon

DJ Howell will probably be gone by tomorrow

Phil can’t wink in case you were wondering 

The Phil bit took about 10 minutes to film because he can’t wink flop

He showed us a video of him recording the rap he was in the weed sweater

Life as a baby discussion (don’t ask idk what he’s on about anymore)

He doesn’t have a favorite cereal

He can’t wait for the new iphone to come out because “this brick is ruining me”

They played a card game at the barbecue they went to that was way too aggressive for his liking

“Don’t get Phil started on the dog breeds”

They did a photoshoot with Stand Up 2 Cancer today which involved painting and jumping

The Outfit is on his doorknob

“Flabby dabby ding dong”

Phil was in all black today which was just “wrong”

Talked about his favorite roast videos

They had to get their makeup done for the photoshoot

His Australia collection will be “offensive hats” like Phil’s magnets

Shoutout to Shitty Watercolors

Whisper swear

Pastel edits irl is a maybe

He promises that if either of them ever get their wisdom teeth out he’ll film it

It’s already been an hour wtf

He almost got emotional because he didn’t know if there would be a liveshow next week (there will be don’t worry)

“Sit on tumblr all day. You deserve it , You’ve made it through another year.”

“You beautiful nuggets.”

Mentions of Phil: ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||

I’ve seen a lot of ppl talk about how fucking gay coded Holtzmann is- and, holy shit, is she gay coded, I went in knowing that but was still blown away- but i haven’t seen as much about how she’s autism coded

Like, this is a woman who spends most of her time working with gear, is unabashedly socially awkward, has no tolerance for indirect language, occasionally engages in seemingly bizarre sensory behaviors like licking her technology, and at the end of the movie has an actual cry about her social isolation. She even canonically has heightened sensory perceptions! Abby makes a crack about her super smelling ability at one point.

This might be the first time I’ve seen such a blatantly autistic female character. It’s definitely the first time in a major blockbuster.

i might be in the minority but i really don’t appreciate characters naming their children after their dead friends

or the plot point of dead people being reincarnated as their friend’s children

it’s just. it seems vaguely disrespectful to me?? like those children are forever burdened with living up to the legacy of their parent’s dead friend 

and, esp in the case of the reincarnation one, that dynamic would be completely messed up because imagine going from someone’s friend to their parent that’s gonna be a really strange thing to adjust to if you find out that your child actually has the soul of that friend who you adventured with. and you know in these types of the stories the parent usually had an indirect hand in or at least witnessed the death.

i can think of much better ways to honour the memory of friends who have passed. personally, i’d like my children to be their own people and forge their own path unburdened by that type of legacy.