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The two main characters, male and female, are having a heart-to-heart conversation next to a fire. They’re sharing stories about their lives before the zombies. They slowly scoot closer and closer together until their shoulders are touching. Then, there’s silence as they lean in for a kiss. Just as their lips were about to touch, a guy joins them. He’s out of breath, but manages to say that zombies have invaded their campsite. The two characters stand, grab their weapons, and the three of them run off towards the direction of their camp.

Sapphire: Whew, that was close. I thought they were going to kiss. No time for romance during an apocalypse!

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“Adrian, I know things are bad between us, and maybe I have no right to ask, but I need a favor. It’s about Veronica.”

There was no hesitation. “What do you need?”

“Can you come over to Amberwood? I need you to help me break curfew and escape my dorm.”

There were a few moments of silence. “Sage, I’ve been waiting two months to hear you say those words. You want me to bring a ladder?”

The Indigo Spell, Chapter 23

“Adrian Ivashkov wasn’t easy to surprise, but I surprised him then when I brought his mouth toward mine. I kissed him, and for a moment, he was too stunned to respond. That lasted for, oh, about a second. Then the intensity I’d come to know so well in him returned. He pushed me backward, lifting me so that I sat at the table. The tablecloth bunched up, knocking over some of the glasses. I heard what sounded like a china plate crash against the floor.

Whatever logic and reason I normally possessed had melted away. There was nothing but flesh and fire left, and I wasn’t going to lie to myself—at least not tonight.”

Indigo rope dye, graphic definition.
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Remember this post where I asked all graphics designers to send us their Indigo School posters? Well, I’ve chosen the winner! Thank you to @burnthemoth for making us this beautiful poster! Follow her Tumblr (her blog is really cool). 

All of you reading this: help Indigo School out! We’re constantly looking for new members so that the school can grow and we’re able to improve. Print out this poster and put it up around your neighborhood! Put it on trees, walls, anywhere. Ask your school for permission to put it up too! If you aren’t able to print it, post it on your social media. It’s all about spreading the word!