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Ok for one of the last portions of this project for a class, I’m hoping you all can help me out. I need to do like, 30 surveys I think. And I do not know thirty 18-24yr old women IRL ok (that’s the group I’m focusing on for my project). So yeah, I’m hoping to finish the survey up tonight or tomorrow morning and then whoever of you are women that are between the ages of 18 and 24 (that includes women who are 18 or 24) who live in the U.S. and are willing to complete a survey and email it back to me, send me a message with your email please? thank you~~

My project is on self image/self perception/beauty perceptions in women ages 18-24 years old who live in the U.S.

edited to add: No one except me will know who provided what answers. All I’m turning in is data analysis, nothing about individual survey answers.

I went to a talk about Hansen’s disease, public health, and the medical gaze today by Adria Imada and I think researching, thinking, and writing about topics like this is v v important. History of medicine v. important. Because like, there is just soo much in just Prof Imada’s work, like, it touches on:

  • how the Other is viewed
  • - degenerative nature
  • how the Other is photographed and scrutinized
  • religion
  • empire


I just ugh.

No but okay so the reason why I think her research and stuff like it is important is because I think it is important to keep making visible the intersections between nation, disease, the Other. And how this is all very important to medicine, because not just in this case but in so many others (as you probably know!!), populations are used as experimental subjects. tbh I’m disturbed that it probably isn’t a norm to learn about things like this in med school.

also you know, it’s also important bc i think it would be really sad and terrible to forget that these things happened, that things like this keep happening. the work is important bc it’s a way of keeping it alive (critique on accessibility to research missing from this post bc so many people have already written about it)

So when I get home from work, before I deal with all the homework I have to do, I’m gonna start filling out an application to be on the editorial board of a new human rights journal that’s getting started on campus

~be proud~

Related, I know some people would express like “wow, really? I would love to live at home” type of sentiments when I would talk about how I commute/live at home and express any sort of negative feeling about it.. but like, I don’t believe that most of these people really would like living at home for 3-4 years of their college life. I think some people certainly would like to genuinely be at home, for various reasons, maybe there are things that make it important to them to spend a lot of time with/around their parents or siblings. But I think a lot of the people I talked to just didn’t understand/didn’t really think about it… either that or they have really permissive parents and don’t find being at home stifling at all or smth.

I am too old to be mad about this anymore (because as I’m nearing the end of my fourth year, I’ve had a lot of wonderful experiences and met some great people I wouldn’t have if I went elsewhere) but three years removed is not ‘older-than-I-was’ enough to make me forget how terrible first year was (and that doesn’t even have much to do with my parents… just the fact that I didn’t live on campus).

(p.s. no commuter appreciates your thoughts when you say 'oh well you should’ve dormed first year’ no one actually cares about what you have to say lol shut up ur annoying ur not adding anything useful to our conversation)

me after finishing & submitting the first draft of an article. still have to do a messageboard post for the WS class that I don’t like so much. Finished all the whoppers in the box I bought. Sang along to “I’ll Cover You.” I’m not looking at anything, I just didn’t want to look in any other direction. should get started on that WS homework…

My first class today seems super promising for the rest of the quarter. :) The material we’re reading is sooo good (Toni Morrison, Angela Davis, Gloria Anzaldúa, among many others). And the professor seems really good, too. I like the way she’s got stuff planned out. The class is “global multiculturalism” and I appreciate that she herself brought up the problems with the word “multiculturalism” (and referred to Davis). Only downside is white girl who said “african americans and regular americans” (omfg u srs) but moments like that is what tumblr, facebook, and friends are for, right? haha. But yeah there are like 3 people in that class I know duuude.

hanging out in the library til my next class

why do professors think that group projects are feasible in college

we’ve all got like a million different things going on and schedules that don’t match up

why would you even make it a requirement to meet with the TA that’s like one more person who we have to schedule around… like this project takes like the last 10 minutes of class or less, going by the last group that presented, why would we need to put in that much work of working with the TA…


Done w that final. Done with the last class of undergrad. Gettin on the bus soon and leeeeeaving. And won’t have to come to campus for over a week (for graduation).

Still have a few things left to do until I’m done w everything but I’m almost there :)

OK OK and the awesome thing about this is that

Most of us tend to wanna do research that places our specific communities as the community in focus. And that’s just like, wow, so amazing? Like, yeah, I know these are “just” undergraduate theses but it’s still really awesome? I think someone is looking at Salvadoran teenagers and black teenagers in LA and something with regard to education. Another person is doing a project about the Armenian diaspora. Another person is looking at activism/politicization within the Vietnamese/Vietnamese-American communities here. And another person is looking at Latin@s and how they identify. And I’m doing network analysis research, I’m going to look at the South Asian American community. It’s starting to look like I’ll be looking specifically at Indian Christians (that are here, in the U.S.). And these are just a sampling of the projects of everyone in the class.


trying not to stress out over the fact that I’m working on my birthday and almost every day surrounding it

trying not to stress out over the fact that it’ll be winter break that week but I only have two days I’m not working

trying not to stress out over the fact that my first week of winter break seems more packed and stressful than some weeks of this quarter

trying not to think that maybe I might as well have the option to skip straight to winter quarter because too much stuff in just the first week of break

trying not to think about the fact that as soon as I’m done with finals I’m not going to get to relax much because it’s just time to go to work.. for several days.

I need to finish all this stuff now so I can’t think about that. But wow what’s even the point of a break. But come on, that’s only the first week and the rest probably won’t be as bad. It’s only because it’s the week before Christmas. I hate people who shop. But really I wanted to like just sleep and read but it’s like having to wait a whole ‘nother week before actually having break, basically. Ugh. Ok. Back to studying for 7pm final.

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Are you excited about graduation?

You’re actually allowed to ask me this now bc I’ve finally finished enough stuff to be excited about graduation.

I’m not like bouncing-off-the-walls excited or anything lol, but I’m really happy. Really happy that I made it through, just a few things left to do. Really happy that I’m like, alive. Really happy that I’m aaaalmost done.

The strike was really great (what a wonderful turnout!) and the rally/speakers part was so beautiful. Like, adflkajsdfla, the fact that at least half of it was in Spanish (and I think some of it left untranslated, too, if I understood correctly). ;~; And the shout out to moms who work real hard. And the highschooler who spoke <3 And all the people who addressed admin and police (basically in a ‘fuck you’ way, but sometimes with more words lol).