It had been increasingly difficult to flash so much as a false smile in Chris’s direction whenever he met his line of sight. It would have been more difficult, had he been alone. Had the rest of the cast not attended the small celebration of the first birthday of Chris’s daughter. They weren’t blind, they’d noticed quickly when he wasn’t certain of Chris even had. Mark and Robert had come close to him numerous times, with hugs and comforting actions, throughout the end of Avengers and during the premiere, whilst Elsa had been around as well.

Yet there, within his home he could not simply leave. No matter how much he wished to. How he felt as if he might shatter, and he did all he could to hide the fact. It had merely been an hour, and he had excused himself to the guest room, claiming a headache. Elsa was occupied and failed to notice, speaking with Chris and the others, though a few of them did not fail to see.

It was Robert that casually had elbowed Chris slightly in the ribs, after an exchanged glance with Mark. “Maybe you ought to go check on Tom. I don’t think he’s feeling all that well.” It wasn’t a lie, and Tom did not hear such words as he had laid upon the bed within the dark room. He’d set his shoes upon the floor, and buried his face within his hands. It was more then selfish, he had no right for such feelings. Not when Chris had a wife, a daughter. He could not take that all away from him. Yet Tom could not prevent the tears which had welled up within azure hues, biting his lip to keep his small sobs silent. Better to do so alone, rather then in front of Chris.. lest he ruin everything. Tom could not bear the thought of letting such happen.