Are You an Indigo, Rainbow or Crystal - Part 4

When I first wrote this in April, I was very excited. I had everything I instinctively knew about Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows, things I had witness first hand, and what had been confessed during conversations. We’d always talked about such a list, knew that people wanted it, but it had to be different from those typically found on the internet. Imagine my surprise when someone said they felt less important because of this blog, and they’re a lightworker. I’m of the firm mind that no one in this world is more important than anyone else, we are equal, our time here on earth is as of equals.


Crystals & Rainbows. You will not find eye color here, hair color, distinguishing birth marks or the like on this list because we acknowledge that those limiting factors are not a reality for the entire population of these individuals with expanded perceptions. They may be traits of an individuals soul lineage, but not of all Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows.

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As we begin to learn more about the Crystals & Rainbows, we are learning that many of these individuals share the same traits as Indigos though they may achieve these goals through different choices and steps. Therefore, it is currently not prudent to break down traits that are specific to one group of expanded perceptions youth and adults.

This list of questions to ask yourself, a friend or your child are meant to help you recognize that you belong to the greater group of individuals with expanded perceptions, and help you to understand that you are perfect and necessary just as you are.

I’m just not like them.

No matter how well you do or do not get along with others, you know that you sense, feel and obtain information in ways that are different. You may see auras, or sense what someone else is about to do; perhaps you could tell who had a lighter or brighter energy than others.

At Blue Papaya we hear this in every age group, young & old, male & female. Some people don’t even recognize they’re doing it, but we hear the stories from their parents of how they are trying to fit into different groups at school, but not really finding a fit. They truly would like to find a niche, as if being a part of a group will validate who they are.

Every one of our founders has felt this way at one time or another in their life, and we hear it over and over again in youth and adults of all ages. Perhaps there will come a time when this will not be the norm, but for a great many of us, it has been.

“You’re just too sensitive!”

You’ve heard this from more than one person in your life. Your level of sensing and expressing are seemingly higher than those around you, and you know this it is just how you are, and there is nothing wrong with feeling this way, but some just don’t understand you feel deeper.  This is typical of the many Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows, and is a trait of being empathic.

You innately know things.

Have you ever read a book or watched a program on television regarding an ancient civilization and innately know that the current theory being discussed is incorrect?

Have you listened to a lecture about a topic and you can sense that they’re close but don’t have it quite right?

Have you ever watched a program on how the planets were formed, or other science documentary and known what is truth and what needs to be tweaked?

Innately knowing things -this can be about anything – history that you haven’t lived, an introduction to a new topic that you suddenly know about with great clarity, something about a person you just met or saw, being in a new town and knowing where things are with ease and no effort. Even the words to a song from an era you are listening to for the very first time or knowledge in a book you have just found. Perhaps you’ve picked up something, or seen a photograph, and you know things about the person.

This information can come to you in your senses, in your minds eye, or just as knowledge. You might smell the individuals perfume, hear a song that relates to the subject or know that the person who wore the pendant you are holding liked to hum as they cooked for their family, or that they lived in a type of home, or that they are soon to receive good news. The possibilities are endless.

You may even have a past life incarnation come forward to help you understand the people and culture of that life time when necessary.

This is known as Claircognizance or Clear Knowing.

Acute Senses

Your senses – smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing – are more acute than other peoples.

You can hold a man made item and know who created this item, sense their energy.

These things are signs of being an empathic or clairsentient also.

Acute Awareness of the Feelings of Others

This is a trait that I have found in every Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow I have ever encountered in my lifetime.

Do you ever feel dirty after being in a large group of people while out for the day?

Do you avoid concerts, shopping mails or expos so that you don’t have to be in tight quarters?

If you have to go out in a crowded area, do you need a day or two to recuperate after feeling drained afterwards?

Do you know in advance that you need to keep your energy field away from certain people?

You trust that some places “feel” better than others.

Perhaps you can even sense or hear the emotions of animals, or plants, or other seeming inanimate objects that were made from nature.

You know when someone is lying to you.

You can tell when someone lives without integrity.

You know innately when someone should not be trusted.

You trust your gut, even when others try to tell you differently.

You have become upset when someone has picked a flower or leaves on a tree – you know that it hurt the flower or tree.

Have you ever visited a historic place and felt overcome with emotions, scents or sounds from a different time?

Character means more to you than titles, money, or any other patriarchal idea of success.

Highly clairsentient, many Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows avoid crowded places because they are often overwhelmed by the energies of the people, the energy of electrical grids, and the residual energy of a space.

Easy To Speak To

People feel safe around you and are able to talk to you easily.

Complete strangers will talk to you about personal things without consciously intending to do so.

Some people might say you feel like an old friend, while other people will begin speaking to you at the oddest places.

This goes in reverse too – Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows often are able to strike up a conversation with anyone anywhere. It doesn’t need to be in-depth, but most conversations are helpful, fun, and put people at ease.

 Sensory Overload

Everyone feels overwhelmed from time to time, but Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows senses can become overwhelmed much more quickly than others because of their magnified perceptions. Any one of the senses can feel overwhelmed, and sensory overload is different for everyone

When the senses start to become overwhelmed it builds until it reaches high levels and the individual affected snaps, unable to handle one more thing in their energy field. Some may believe it is an anger or stress situation, but this is not true. What really is being observed is the individual not being aware of what is happening to them, and needing tools on how recognize and defuse a possible overload well before it happens.

Typically quiet time, more than once a day, is needed to sort the excess energy out, to stay grounded, and to manage the different things that have encountered during the day. If you notice that you, or your loved one tries to find a way to have time to themselves daily, this is a good sign that they know how to manage their needs, and it should be respected, not feared. Being quiet by yourself is a good and healthy thing.

Create Change

We are finding that all groups with expanded perceptions, not just the Indigos, have a very strong sense of social justice, or what is right morally and what is wrong, and will stand up to fight against injustice.

This can take shape in so many different ways, but the fact of the matter is, there is an innate feeling of, “we must change this!” with Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows.

This can be something at school, local government, all the way up to the federal government. Indigos were the heart of the Civil Liberties movement of the 1960′s, and the successive generations have spread these much needed changes to all areas of culture and society like a giant web.

Robert Kennedy said “There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”  This line of thinking is very much in line with Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows.

You love to help people.

You wish to soothe people in distress.

You have a passion for helping wildlife or domestic animals.


You find peace in the arts.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have pursued a career in the arts, but it does seem to be a steady trait of Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows to find solace in some form of creative interest. Whether you are creating through art, music, the written word, the stage, invention, making jewelry or ideas, being creative is a soothing aspect in your life.

 May Be Prone to Addictions

Do you crave food when having a large major emotional issue?

 Perhaps you’ve become addicted to exercise, or to feeling better after helping others, yes, this extended to using drugs of any form to help disengage from damping and oppressive emotions and/or situations.

Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows can become addicted to anything if it helps their time on this planet easier. Because of their magnified sensory perceptions, the lack of love in our world is often extremely overwhelming. If their home or school environment is negative, it only adds to their feelings over being overwhelmed. They need a way to escape so that the pain is not so sharp, so deep.

Artificial Product, Food Sensitivities & Allergies

Are there many foods you can’t process well?

Are you gluten intolerant?

Are you voluntarily a vegan or vegetarian?

Did you not want to eat “dead flesh” at an early age?

Must you eat a clean diet? No chemicals, nothing processed, your meat, if you eat meat, must not have been given antibiotics or anything else unnatural?

If you do eat food in which you aren’t sure of it’s origin, does it make you feel off balance, have diarrhea, or an upset stomach?

Those with expanded perceptions typically have some sort of sensitivity to our current food system. It can be slight, or very prominent. Rainbow children typically refuse to eat unhealthy foods very early on – they innately know what is good for them and what is not.

Does man made scents make you ill?

Do you have sensitivities to food and/or clothing dyes?

Are there certain types of clothing you can not wear because they are artificial and cause you to get rashes or just feel wrong on your skin?

Education Dilemma’s

Why do I have to learn this?

Many of those with expanded perceptions question our educational system. This has evolved from early Indigo’s questioning the merits of education to a greater influx of individuals who are making the educational system take a better look at how they teach, and it old methods of our patriarchal society are meeting the needs of our youth.

Indeed, those of you have been labeled with the many different alphabetical abbreviation for “conditions” are actually pushing our educational system to address that we need to adopt different ways of educating, typically because most of the Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows appear to be hands on and very visual learners, right brained learners. Staring at a board in a seat for hours on end is going to seem a very outdated way of educating in the decades to come, and is a very left brained type of education.

Do you innately know that going to university isn’t what is necessary in your life?

Perhaps you attend university, but know that while the credentials will be helpful during your life, in reality they aren’t necessary for what your life purposes are?

This has been a part of Indigos and now Crystals for quite some time. They just know that attending aschool of higher education isn’t necessary and yet, some struggle with knowing what is the next step so they can be on the path to achieve their life goals.

Have you been diagnosed with ADD & ADHD?

The Sixth Sense

May Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows see spirit, energy, and yes, as was popularized in the film The Sixth Sense, they even see dead people.

This is especially true when Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows are very young, and tell their parents that there is a monster in their room. They truly are seeing something that isn’t their imagination.

Have you seen things when it would seem there should not be?

Have you had conversations with trees, tables, plants, food, or possibly the air around you?

Can you tell when there is an energy in a room even before you enter it?

Do you drive by a cemetery and know there are spirits, ghosts having a stroll, or perhaps even acknowledging you by waving, raising their hand or by tipping a hat?

In our Blue Papaya group, at it’s very beginning, we had a meeting in which the youth were encouraged to draw an image of unexplainable things they have seen. The parents at the group did the same thing. It was eerly interesting that each member could relate to what someone else had drawn. “Oh I’ve seen that!” “I used to see that in my room all the time!”

Some will out grow this capability as they understand what is “acceptable” in society, while others will learn to turn it on and off as necessary.


Despite their goal to change our society and to help the human species to evolve to the fourth chakra, and having to take the necessary steps to do so, Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows do not like unnecessary stress or anger.

Indeed they will go far to avoid it at all costs if possible.


Do you know what someone knows what to do get well?

Can you see the path someone needs to take to find happiness?

Have you been able to touch someone to provide healing?

Do you know how to balance the chakras of others simply by innately knowing how much energy to send to them?

At BP we’ve had some fantastic stories of very young Crystals & Rainbows who are able to heal what are considered serious conditions in the medical world through touch.

Other Things to Consider

You are a free spirit.

You are often told you are “an old soul.”

You were born in the 1960′s

You were born around and after 1980

Please let me know if you have questions! If you have concerns that perhaps a trait or a characteristic is missing, leave a comment. This is a very long list, and it is probable that there is something that should be on this list has been unintentionally omitted.

© 2013 Tracy Paddy

Have you ever smelled rain when there is no rain? Do you find it intoxicating and soothing?

Did you know that you’re probably smelling angels? Angels smell like rain, and when it does rain, it is very easy to spot them. To some they may appear like lights, to others they may be able to find form, but they are there just beyond the veil between our dimensions. 

Are You an Indigo, Rainbow or Crystal - Part 3

Part 3 was written to dispel any common “theory’s” or thought about Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows that aren’t truly thought out, and elevate the BS factor to high levels. Remember, this is a global phenomenon, so our minds must be open to all possibilities regarding these youth. ~ Tracy


Many ask, “Why are there Indigos, Crystals & Rainbow Children?”  You may find varying ideas on this topic, depending on what resources you are using.  One is that Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows are here to do the work of angels here on earth because we have forgotten how to hear them, and follow their advice. And so the Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows have come as Earth Angels in order to carry the messages of the Divine. It is true that there are Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows who feel such a strong affinity with the order of the angels that they feel wings on their back and some even have large wings tattoo’d the entire length and width of their back. But this isn’t the story of every Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow.

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Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows are souls from every part of the universe and every realm of earth. Working with the high powers of the universe, they have come together in order to help raise the human vibration by moving us from a society based on power and money (third chakra) to a world based on love and from the heart (fourth chakra).

Because of the universal desire, effort and need to raise this planet to the chakra level that we were always intended to work from, these souls have been born in physical form with different appearances, specialties, traits and life goals – all of which work together to help create the final goal of helping the human species.

There are some really, shall we say, interesting things published as traits of Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows that honesty just are cringe worthy. People who are revolutionaries and bring about change are often misunderstood, so let’s touch on some of these things that have been circulated that don’t ring true with the universe.


Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows come in every shape, religion, color, and culture in our world. You may find books that state that Crystals have amazing blue eyes, or that Rainbows have strawberry blonde hair, etc. – please realize that for the goals these souls have taken on to help our species, these limited thought processes are simply not true. In order to help raise the human vibration, these individuals have been born everywhere on our planet, therefore it is illogical that their human genetics would be limited to certain sectors of our species.


Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows are often confident, but they are not arrogant. They do not lord themselves over others, nor do they expect to be treated in a manner that is above anyone else. These youth innately know that we are all created equally, and that no soul is more special than another.

Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows also have a strong sense of right and wrong, and feel compelled to correct anything they have witnessed or heard about so that ethically the light is always helped. Doing what is right and just is never arrogant.

Many people with expanded perceptions do have a strong sense of boundaries, and have a need to enforce this so that they stay healthy in mind, body and spirit. This is becoming especially noticeable in Rainbow children. Asking another to respect boundaries is never a bad thing, and should be honored in everyone and definitely is not arrogance.

I haven’t met an Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow who wasn’t full of humility and working through life just as everyone else is – the best that they can. Does this mean that there aren’t Indigos, Crystals or Rainbows who are arrogant? I’m sure there are, but truly to state that the entire population of these individuals is arrogant isn’t probable, nor is it logical.

“Indigos are Angry”

As an Indigo, when I first came across this comment, I stopped and thought, “Oh really?” and then proceeded to have a good laugh. I personally have not encountered “angry Indigos,” and if there are some that are, well please let us send them all the love and positivity that we can in order for them to heal and more forward in their lives, releasing that anger and become more healthy as they do.

The early Indigos came into our world with a very big task at hand, to break down old ideas and modes of thinking in our world. This is a very difficult task for anyone, but then multiple the ability to feel, hear and sense in a world that is very short on love and very big on power and accomplishment, and it easy to see how some Indigos have exhausted themselves, being a tad jaded, become frustrated at the resistance to change and perhaps even broken by our world’s inability to love. Instead of being judged, these individuals deserve our compassion, and thanks for the tasks they have embraced to improve our world.

Anti – Social

Because of the strong sense and need to hold their boundaries, some may perceive Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows as anti-social. While some Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows are very gregarious and vivacious, there are others who only show that aspect of their personality to those who have proven their trust, love and friendship. In reality, this is a safety mechanism that will help them as they grow and become adults.

Within Blue Papaya, we are finding that a number of the youth with expanded perception are bullied in school. While these youth may be finding their way to our group because we are suited to help them, it does not mean all Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows are bullied. However, it does mean that there is a sector of this group whose extreme sensitivities are evident to others who would prey on them, so their boundaries are even higher than the norm.


Just as it is numerically impossible for all of the Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows to have blue eyes, or a certain type of hair color, it is impossible for each of them to be charismatic. Everyone of these souls is unique, and an individual, therefore their personalities are diverse. Perhaps those who have assumed they are charismatic have only met charismatic Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows, and therefore this is what they know of this group with expanded perceptions. Just as our Blue Papaya group has a large percentage of youth who are extremely aware of bullying amongst their peers and themselves, we can not be foolhardy to assume that all Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows are bullied.

These individuals are drawn to where they need to be at that time, for the universe is working through all of us to help those who are willing to find the help and information they need at this time on their life path. We are blessed to know each of them, and have them touch on our lives.

When reading or searching for information on this diverse group of individuals, remember to use your own gut/vibes/intuition as to what feels right and what feels slightly or greatly off. This journey is different for everyone, and make certain to find your own truth as you travel on this path.

© 2013 Tracy Paddy  

Are you an Indigo, Rainbow or Crystal - Part 1

I recently wrote this blog for the Indigo youth group I am a founding member of, and was also President, Blue Papaya. 


Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows. These terms spark something within for so many people: curiosity, intrigue, interest, an inner knowing. Then there are the questions – Am I one? What capabilities do they have? What are they here for? Why is this kept so quiet? Here’s some help for those who are curious and seeking answers.

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The term Indigo came from the aura color of new conscious youth encountered by Nancy Ann Tappe and the term was coined in the 1970′s. Ms. Tappe began noticing these youth in the mid-1960′s, but in truth Indigo’s had been around for a very long time.

 There are “groupings” of different stages of new consciousness individuals, but Indigo has become the common term for anyone who has perceptions that are expanded.

What are expanded perceptions? This term means that an individual is able to perceive energies beyond what is currently considered the norm by society. These individuals see, hear and feel at levels of awareness that are more acute than the average individual.

 Light Workers

Light Workers have been coming to our planet ever since its inception. Their goal is to spread love wherever it is needed. They are very sensitive, and are inwardly compelled to try and make the world a better place before they leave this earth. Their ultimate goal is not only personal growth, but a global mission to spread and teach about love, to assist others on their mission to find love.

If you aren’t an Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow, but are extra-sensitive, and have an innate desire to help others in a positive and loving manner, you are a Light Worker.

Indigo Scouts

Indigo Scouts have been coming to the earth for centuries to determine the level of readiness for the eventual arrival of Indigos in mass waves. These men and women had positions in all fields of life so that all levels of readiness could be determined. They may have been teachers, professors, Scout leaders, psychologists, physicians, nurses – the list is endless. The most important thing is that in some way they were nearly always involved in activities that supported youth, and this was a large passion for them. The recent wave of Indigo Scouts are either quite elderly or have passed from this life. They exhibited many of the different personality traits of Indigos, the only difference being that they arrived early to help set up their arrival.


Indigos have come in two waves, the first being in the late 1940′s and 1950′s, the second wave began in 1980.  The first wave of Indigos is largely responsible for many of the changes in society in the 1960′s. Think on those from the 20th century who set about great change for society – to allow more freedoms for all – and you’ll see examples of Indigos.  The civil rights movement was liberally populated with Indigos. The Kennedy family, with their call for our countrymen to rise up and help their fellow man and the world through the Peace Corp and other venues – these are ideas of Indigos & Indigo Scouts. The hope for more love in the world by this generation, for working together for a common good and fellow man – these are examples Indigo mentalities.

Indigos are visionaries of change, soldiers for doing the right thing, sensitive souls who want to create a better world for all.  They are slightly fiery, sensitive to the greater good for all, and above all believe in fairness, compassion, justice and balance for every soul on our planet. Indigos were never meant to conform, Indigos are all about bringing about change – changing the old laws and rules that are outdated, creating a more open society in mind and in heart. The wave of Indigos that began arriving in mass about 1980 are now over 30 and are helping to raise the next generation of souls who they were brought here to pave the way for – the Crystals.


Crystals are one of the energies who came in with the Indigos, and arrived more frequently after the Indigos began to slow in arrival. The Crystals are the next wave of energy, and they are a mix of even more finely-tuned souls. Crystals are generally under the age of 30. Their major difference from Indigos is most notably they don’t feel the need to buck against the system quite as much or in the same manner the early Indigos did.  

Crystals can have Indigo traits, and this is most likely why some individuals continue to believe that Indigos are still arriving in mass. This is also exhibited in the number of Crystals engaging and finding resonance in the Occupy movement across the world.

Crystals are about acceptance – an open heart to all. Their perceptions are more expanded than Indigos, often seeing, hearing, and feeling at a level that is astounding and a tad frightening for the adults whom they have chosen as their parents.  When they are young, these gifts are often shared freely, but as they move into our manmade society and culture of old modalities, they see that not everyone is like them, or has a family who openly supports their unique and beautiful souls with love and acceptance.

Crystals more often than not are sensitive to processed foods, to chemicals, even to such things as elastic or types of synthetic fabrics.  A clean diet is often essential to all children of the new consciousness. Many parents find the behavior of these youth improves, as well as their grades, when their diet is improved and all processed foods, glutens and dairy are removed. Time spent in quiet is also crucial. They need time to disengage from the world, and engage in activities that produce a natural relaxed, hypnotic-like state. Here they will find center, and it will also allow for their gifts to emerge nicely. Meditation can be used at an early age if it is appropriate for the individual Crystal in question. 


The next wave of consciousness will be the Rainbows. In fact, they are already here. We have Rainbow visitors from time to time at our Crystal Life Youth Group, Blue Papaya. While they are too young to attend regularly, their energy is delightful and very joyous, their gifts sharp and extremely astute.

Rainbows will prove over time to have either finer subtle energy perceptions than Crystals, OR they may be something altogether different than Crystals. Those that I have had the pleasure to personally know are already very clear about boundaries in all regards of their life. Most are self imposed vegans, and have even given their parents lectures on the importance of dead flesh not being a part of their diet. They strongly feel the need to have a plant and fruit based diet because they innately know these energies are vital to their life force energy and optimal health.

These individuals are strong and clear in their ideas while at the same time their firm and clear boundaries are set with tact and harmony. They inherently know what is right for their life journey and need to have parents who are wise enough to listen with an open heart and respect for their individuality. Rainbows are unbending diplomats when it comes to their life choices and path – their good nature shines through their steely and resolute core. These souls are a good mix of what the Indigos hoped to accomplish – individuals with strong inner strength with a loving, heart-centered delivery.

These souls are from far and wide within our universe and have intentionally set up their lives so that they can use their gifts to assist not only the other souls of earth, but Mother Earth herself.  Do not be surprised if these are the individuals who know how to use their energy to manipulate matter so our water, air and earth are once again clean, pure, and restored in healthy ways that have not been used since very ancient times. These are brave, courageous souls who will tackle our planet’s issues in ways that we have only been able to imagine in science fiction.

In Part 2 we will discuss the different types of expanded perceptions Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows have.

© 2013 Tracy Paddy