According to the unified field theory we are basically the universe talking to itself. So The idea that we are alone, singled out as the only person in existence is cancelling out the fact that we are each a universe unified in consciousness presenting a mirror image reflecting the vibrational matrix internallly into external reality through our given minds operating together to form multiple paradigms of awareness. To say we are just alone and everyone is us is to deny the fact that we are all literally universes talking and synergistically operating together through each nervous system. It is a paradox, we are together yet separate yet everything is real. Nassim Haramein states it beautifully through the law of entanglement. We are basically the Entanglement of particles communicating instanteous information. “You are entangled, connected to all the information of the universe and in the entangled world. The complexity - the result of the universe talking to itself. Literally this is how organization happened into being.”

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wcif your decorating skills omg my houses are always so empty.......

Your builds are absolutely beautiful stahp ;) I just have a problem, space in a house is crucial so that your sims don’t need to walk like 5 flights of stairs and move through 600 different rooms just to complete an interaction xD So you’re doing good :P


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Huevember Day 17  SpeedDoodle & Practice

Jack, A very VERY special piece for @coyotecrow .  Like Jenai, Jack is a very 1 of a kind, 100% Original Character with decades of a story behind him and his marvelous adventures. Now, the trouble with 100% original characters is the lack of references, having them commissioned and amazingly hard to describe. While people come close, it’s never 100%. 

My hope is that so far, listening to and reading stories about Jack, I have come close!  I have a goal to 1 day master him and his image. After all, Jack’s creature has been an amazing person to me and I’ll never get enough of the stories. Stories I hope I’ll get the privilege to illustrate, one day! 

“I’m not afraid,” Adrien says to her, softly. “Are you?” 

more fanart of inking indigo by my dearest carmen!! @matchaball

i love her writing with all my heart and it always inspires me to draw the most. love you carmen i cant wait for the next chapter!!