indigo revolution

Decide Where You are Spending Your Energy

Life can be a bit surreal, going out lately i’m always reminded with how much I have grown but especially how differently I approach reality from the social norm. When we went to a park I overhear moms gossiping about such and such, a disgusting office, and concern over their face not being perfect. At a family gathering, we talk of crime, how the world is changing for the worst, how death and fear direct us, the latest tragedy, the hateful political drama, the bizarre debate of the transgender bathrooms and all of this unnecessary fear we place on our lives merely by constantly dwelling and focusing on it.

It is important to be aware of these things but it isn’t good for us to feed them, dwell on them and let them rule our experiences. When you do this, you are letting fear direct your choices and experiences. These tragedies create triggers within us but they also infuse Questions about our reality. our security and how grounded we feel towards the earth. 

In many ways as sensitive folk, we truly need to remove the mission of “saving the world” and moreso focus on how do we purposely desire to impact and change the world. The idea isn’t about saving the world, the reality is moreso about learning to change the world by changing ourselves. We need to start creating these new dents in the universe to begin projecting that change out into the world. 

I will personally share our house doesn’t have a tv and we like to keep it that way. I was recently reading an article about how many people use tv merely a background noise or they are watching roughly 4+ hours a day. TV isn’t the problem it’s what we are focusing on and what we are letting into our world through this projection. Television and news articles are thee number one reason we are feeding the old paradigm of fear, insecurity and dualism. It is good to be aware but it is also highly important that you consciously learn to magnify what you are focusing on because this is what is fueling your experiences into reality. 

It’s interesting in many ways because I feel detached from society but yet I also feel tremendously connected. 

We are always being guided however we also have to believe the universe is taking care of us through that divine connection we all possess within. It is leading us on the path of evolution towards humanity. This ripple of change that started on 2012 has been building and building. It is time to acknowledge this, understand our energy body and begin redirecting that new focus into our reality. 

Be careful where you are spending your energy, you’re birthing a new reality with it <3

All I’ve ever been able to find on Hamilton’s half-brother Peter Lavien:

  • Born in 1746 to Johann Lavien and Rachel Faucette
  • Moved from St. Croix to South Carolina in 1765
  • Set up a partnership firm with Samuel Grove between Beaufort district, South Carolina and the West Indies
  • Became one of the most successful pre-Revolution indigo shippers in the district
  • Selected for vestry of the St. Helena Parish around 1768
  • Returned to St. Croix briefly in 1769 to collect his mother’s estate
  • Was then conspicuously baptized on St. Croix
  • Was a Tory
  • Had a daughter named Joanna, and a son-in-law John Lucena
  • Became the most prominent smuggler in the district during the Revolution (which got him in trouble with Henry Laurens at least once)
  • Moved to British-held Savannah in 1777
  • Apparently died rich in 1781 (whoops gotta fix that family tree)
  • Left £150 each to his half-brothers James and Alexander Hamilton

The universe is vast and mysterious and breeming with life of all kinds. There are those beings who trascend space and time, Spiritual beings who come to us in many forms. They may guide us, teach us, and speak to us in many different ways. There are even those who walk amoungst us whose origins are not of this earth. Many different cultures around the world speak and write about amazing human beings, enlightened spirits and those who are here now awaiting to awaken humanity to their true potential. 

The Indigo/Crystal children (also called star children) are individuals who are born with a more attuned spiritual vibration or awareness, and may sometimes exhibit unusual or extraordinary characteristics and traits. Many indigos are diagnosed with autism or ADD. These children may operate on a higher frequency or “new” level of consciousness which is helping to usher in a new wave of spiritually evolved human. It is said that these indigo children have been incarnating here since the early 1920’s which means that a majority of them are already adults. 

A wave of indigos were emerging during the rebellious and free flowing hippie generation of the 1970’s, ushering in a new age of thinking and feeling, and changing our culture and society in many ways. This is the spirit of many indigos. The first and second wave indigos came to a completion in the 1990’s and a new third wave of “crystal” children were born and continues to this day. 

The vibrations, spirit, personality and even the physical and psychological make-up of these new crystal children may be somewhat unusual and usually accompanied by a heightened awareness. It is said that the indigo children of the earlier times have “paved the way” for the new crystal generation, leading us into a new and brighter future. As we welcome this newest wave of children we can see that a new age of enlightenment is dawning and a new human consciousness is just over the horizon. 
The Indigo Children are the representatives of a higher state of human evolution. These children are often viewed by those who are aware, as having an indigo colored aura or light surrounding them. 

Indigo children are highly sensitive, Intuitive and creative individuals. They have a clear sense of who they are and a strong feeling that they are here for a reason, and need to make a significant change in the world around them. They are strong-willed, and independent thinkers. Indigos often know when they are being lied to, patronized, or manipulated. They are empathic and can easily detect or are in tune with the thoughts of others. They may oppose or question authority and the conventional ideas that make up the “old program” that the world exists in. They tend to think outside the box, and are often referred to as “system busters”. 

Indigos soak up knowledge like a sponge and possess a wisdom and level of awareness beyond their years. Some Indigo children are highly intelligent and have remarkable talents and skills for their age levels. Indigo’s are naturally drawn to matters concerning mysteries, spirituality, the paranormal or occult, and usually have an affinity towards nature and animals. 

These precious Indigo children are often labeled as having Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and even Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Autism. Children who are labeled as Autistic can usually be considered Indigos These children benefit from patience, understanding and love instead of heavy prescription medication, which can just act to literally “shut off” the amazing natural abilities of these children. There are many alternative education and support groups for Indigo Children and their families. 

Although Indigo children are very affectionate they can become unsociable when not around other Indigo Children. They are also prone to depression and various sleep disorders. Indigo children also possess defining characteristics in learning; indigos tend to be more visual, kinesthetic learners so remember best what they can Movement is required to keep them better focused. picture in their brain and create with their hands.