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Best Tarot Decks for beginners

Hello everyone and welcome back!

Today I want to help everyone who is interested in tarot divination, but who doesn’t know which deck is better to buy.

I will describe and introduce you my top 3 decks for absolute beginners and I’ll explain you why I have chosen them.

1) Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot Cards:

This deck is perfect for everyone who is a bit scared and confused of being introduced in the tarot’s world. The deck is composed by 78 cards: 22 major Arcana and 56 minor Arcana. There’s also a useful guidebook in which is illustrated every card, with its meaning and with some advices.

Minor Arcanas are divided in four seeds which are the natural elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth. 

Each card is accompanied by a brief description of its message, which is full illustrated in the guidebook. 

The presence of friendly and colorful pictures reassure us while we’re divining. This deck has been created with the purpose of being a totally positive one. No card is meant to be read in reverse, so we have no negative messages or omens.

It is important to analyzed each card with attention: the pictures are full of secret meanings for our mind. I’ve found out that I was more and more intuitive by just looking at the pictures without reading the guidebook’s meanings.

I’ve chose it because: when I was a beginner, it has helped me to develop a lot my intuition. It is a positive deck so I wasn’t scared to ask questions. I’ve found that the readings were precise and detailed. If you’re uncomfortable with strange and dark pictures, this deck is the one for you.

2) Tarot of Marseilles

This was my first tarot deck! I know that many people find it difficult to read and to interpret, but I don’t think so.
Marseilles Tarots  are for beginners who are not scared of the possibility to read negative responses. These are the perfect tarots for the ones who wants a connection with a deep past, an ancient divination method. (They have been created in northern Italy in the 15th century, and the design is always the same since then!)

They are composed by 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana, whose seeds are divided in: aces, wands, cups and coins.
The cards have two kind of response: positive or negative. It depends on their verse. A reverse card means a negative message or just a suggestion that something is not going the way we expected.

You’ll find a guidebook with the deck. It illustrates the main characteristics of the cards, but it doesn’t go deep in their description. It is because this deck purpose is to train your intuition as much as possible.
This is why I suggest it for beginners: a good tarot reader is meant to be able to snatch a reading’s message just by looking at the pictures. 

By the time, Marseilles Tarots gives you this ability (and it is not a small achievement!) The fact that the description is brief and summary, gives you the opportunity to truly listen to your intuition about a card’s message.

The key to be able to have good readings with them is to trust them and in yourself.

I’ve chose it because: I love the fact that their responses are always precise, and that they train your skills as intuitive reader. Their ancient nature has something that connects your mind with something higher. I love to define this deck as ‘the old souls’s one’

3) The Starchild Tarots

This is the perfect tarot decks for any starseed beginner out there :)

The deck includes 79 cards, Major Arcana and Minor Arcana, divided in: wands, crystals, swords and cups.
There’s also a detailed guidebook which is detailed and it illustrates 5 tarots spread for absolute beginners.

I’ve tried this deck and I suddenly felt at home. It was like if my star family was speaking to my soul and heart.
The pictures bring every starseed in the place he calls home. Blue, pink, violet and gold tones are very calming and I’ve found out that they let the mind work without distractions. 

As Marseilles Tarots, these has a reverse meaning. If you are comfortable enough to let cards tell you the truth, you won’t find difficulties in accepting suggestion and proof that, maybe, you are not on the right path.

These cards speaks to the reader’s soul. They are quite easy to interpret just looking at the illustrations. Geometrical shapes are also a good help for the ones interested in sacred geometry.

I’ve chose it because: I’ve looked for a good decks for beginners starseed for a long time, and when I found Starchild Tarots I was in heaven. They really help starseeds to find the truth and to solve problems and dilemmas.
Finally, a tool to feel like at home!

I hope that this little article have helped beginners! Let me know which deck you’ve chose! 

Love you all, and sending you light and luck,


Hello, Everyone! This is a spread; I have channeled and created to work with your energy. This idea behind this spread is to locate certain things in your life or problems that create conflict, help you resolve it, and gain clarity of the clearer picture. It’s time for you to envision where you want to go and create your life just the way you want to see it. When you are getting this reading? Think about something you want to achieve in your life and gain insight on how to manifest it.

 The current concern: Card One: This card represents what’s going on in your energy field. What do we need to look at? What should we talk about letting go of? This is the first thing we discover about during this reading.  What is going on in your head? What do you want to see coming into your life?

Take action :Second Card: This is your take action card. This is going to direct you where to go and show you what you need to work through.  This card will show you the process for your next best step.

 The conclusion: Third Card:  This card guides you towards the goal you now have in your heart. This spread is about you seeing what you want to achieve in your life. This card demonstrates the end result after you’ve done the work necessary to achieve the goals of previous cards. 

This spread is $5 and let me know if you are interested in my DM :) Please feel free to reblog this

Stop Telling Black People to “Spread Love.”


So I’ve done a post like this before, but I think it’s something that needs to be constantly addressed in the spiritual community and I’m willing to use my platform to do so.

When things like what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia occur (KKK “protest”/demonstration of terrrorism), a national dialogue ensues. Everyone is putting in their two cents. Of course, some white people and non-black POC are part of the dialogue. This is welcomed - it’s important that all kinds of people make their support known, especially white people who benefit from white supremacy and can use their positions to make change. However, sometimes the responses are counterproductive. 

There’s this popular rhetoric of telling black people to stand in the face of white supremacy, of terrorism, of a country that supports it, and meet it with “kindness, love and peace.” Being peaceful and loving is forced down the throats of black people and anytime we step outside of that narrative, even mentally or verbally, we’re shamed and blamed for whatever happens to us. This is a problem. 

Unless you’re black, you won’t understand what it feels like to see this, to live this, to experience it. That’s okay. You don’t have to be, it’s not something to want. Being black in America is not a luxurious lifestyle. It’s painful and gritty and deep. It gets deeper at times like these. Times when hundreds of people gather to voice their hatred for your existence. Times when the media calls this a “rally” or a “protest” (as if there’s a cause to protest for), when they called your peaceful demonstrations against police brutality “riots.” Times when these people who hate you are met with cops who just stand and watch, when your nonviolent demonstrations were met with tear gas, bullets, and martial law. Times when racist, terrorist groups can stage riots, literally kill someone in the process, and chant about how your life doesn’t matter. 

Meanwhile, you’re told about the power of love. 

In no way am I encouraging violence or saying that black people should retaliate with violence. It’s not the answer unless in cases of self-defense. But the thing is, we can feel upset. We can be mad, we can be boiling with fury and rage. No one should be able to take that away from us. The more you tell black people to “remember, spread love! all we need is love,” the more you minimize what’s really happening. You invalidate our feelings and our reactions and our right to control how we feel. When you say “all we need is love,” no matter how positive you think that may be, you’re implying that racism can be cured by a miracle. You’re not looking in the real, live, ugly face of white supremacy and seeing the hatred we’re met with, the thousands of people who want us dead for being black, and the institution of this country that allows and encourages it. This land was built on it. 

Your intentions may be good, but let us feel. Let us say how we feel, let us voice this in order to heal from it. Don’t be color blind. Acknowledge the differences that race creates and let’s work to create a world that embraces those differences instead of ignoring them. Let’s be honest about how this country feels about black people and how the “spread love” rhetoric won’t fix it. Black people don’t have to love Nazis. We don’t have to love the KKK, we don’t have to love white supremacists, we don’t have to love America. Hate isn’t good either, but please, let us just feel. Whoever you are, do your part to stand with us and support however you can. But don’t silence us. 

Tips for New Card Readers🔆🌺

These are a few tips that I thought would be helpful

  •       Get to know your cards and establish trust with them! This is very important.
  • Make sure you sage them and clear energy off of them after a reading
  • Protect your cards at all times
  • CLEAR YOU’RE ENERGY! You are very     important part of this.
  • Don’t  let family/friends or random folks abuse your gifts or abilities to read cards or give them insight, it does drain you.
  • Know what you are comfortable with reading.
  • TRUST YOUR INTUITION- It’s never wrong when you are reading energy.
  • Don’t doubt what comes to your head when your reading, most likely it’s correct.
  • Enjoy what you are doing
  • Practice Practice Practice
  • Ask questions from other readers, if you need tips
  • Don’t  be hard on yourself if you don’t connect easily at first.
  • CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE (helps to ground, if you don’t have a tree around ;)
  • Learn about your guides and have them help you to connect with others guides.
  • WATER ( I say water in a lot of post but this is true)
  • Please get good rest, readings beings at first will take a lot of energy out of  you but your body does get use to it.
  • Dedicate time for yourself and practice on yourself.
  • Share your gratefulness with the universe
  • Stones are nice :) I say use stones to read
  • Figure out what makes you feel protected during a reading.
Let's talk about the strange energy

okay here’s the channeling : Hello Hello Hello my dears! I just wanted to explain this energy you are feeling right now and what is happening as I got clarity on it last night from the Lunar Alliance! First things they told me, was number 1 we are coming into a New moon but this year is one of the more powerful years on our earth due to different things happening in our planet and how we are evolving plus how the portals of realms are opening and integrating to one dimension as we are seeing. Our psychical bodies, are going through rough patches and they said almost everyone is going through something like that but at different levels right now, there isn’t one person who isn’t feeling this right now. They actually tried made a joke about it also which I will tell you “Some of the beings on your planet, will say they don’t feel it.. but they do.. they do just not admitting to it “.

One of the major things happening is portals, and the alignment of planets and outer space activity. It’s calling a lot of different energies in to this planet at this time due to that it is trying to raise a vibration up a couple of levels. It’s moving faster than the human body can adapt to as to why everyone is having different reactions at this time. If you are tired, queasy angry, sad, lethargic, hungry a lot this is your body trying to adapt to the new energies that are coming in. It’s something that’s been happening out of the blue or the fact you feel completely different and your acting a bit different? And you don’t even know why. This is all about of the things that are currently happening on this planet. You aren’t alone in this, they are some beings who are trying to calm so paranormal activity has heightened due to ancestors and other beings trying to help you adjust to this new energy that has entered your life.

What is happening? From what the guides told me, it’s like several different things happening at one time and no one knows where it’s going to come from next or what’s going to happen next type of feeling. They said think like you have so many different things you have to do but you keep getting interrupted but someone or something that doesn’t have anything to do what you are focusing on but 3x the scale. From planetary to portals opening, the veil keeps getting smaller and smaller between worlds due to the awareness of spirituality. Now they aren’t saying it’s a bad things but it’s something to be aware of, because in their perspective? Everything is neutral. The energy will start to level out they said by the end of this month for awhile but our bodies should be getting used to it. They do say, if you see a portal? If you know how to close it? Go ahead and close it, as it will slow down some of the energy in the space.

What can we do? I’m hearing there are a few things we can do as humans to help ourselves work through this and have a much better existence during this energetic time.

1. Honor our true feelings and thoughts: We tend to not do that as we feel like we shouldn’t speak out truth or what we are feeling as it could hurt someone’s feelings. If you think it will hurt someone? Reword it and speak your truth or write it down on a piece of paper.
2. Eating the best for YOUR body, they told me to say that because what’s best for your body isn’t best for everyone else’s. There are some things we are still figuring out as humans and it’s the judgment on food we eat. It brings up a barrier against our friends and people we love because we disagree this was never meant to be that way but it is. So they ask kindly? Eat what best for your body as to, only you knows what that is.
3. Cleansing your aura and atmosphere, and making sure you are continually keeping your energy clear as you may not be just feeling your own. EMPATH’S this is a big one for you. We ask you to not close yourself down, but we do ask for you to pick a crystal to wear when you go out and ask the crystal to help you filter out energies that aren’t you, this is something we are helping to empower each of you with.
4. Learning what’s best for your vibration: As in whats going around you and what you are letting influence you. We would like for you to continue on figuring that for yourself. Keep your vibrations up and aligned.
5. Water – Make sure you are watering your soul. ( This was a very weird way they put it but kinda cute)
6. Feel- they want you to feel whats going on in your aura that will help you continue on this path of growing stronger and stronger.
7. Nourish your mind; keep up reading your favorite things, but don’t distract yourself with them. Make sure you are nourishing your mind with information of your highest good. Not what you think is your highest good but what you feel is.
8. Radiate with love energy – You are all made of it.
9. Enjoy your journey
10. Making sure you are rooted and grounded helps, with these shift so grounding is a big thing to remember right now.

We hope this helped and resonates with you all. We send you many blessing through this journey and shift.

Lunar Alliance


Hello everyone and welcome back here!
This month we get again a clear message from our reading. Here’s again for us The High Priestess: 

Let’s analyze (again ;) ) this beautiful card: we see a dark sky with a crescent moon. A white tiger is sitting with a ‘mixing colours’ sphere between her paws. The tiger seems to be relaxed, her eyes are half closed.

Her role is the oracle. The high priestess is always a deep and spiritual figure.
She’s fully focused upon the  unknown, the mystery, the realm of dreams and intuition. Through the silence she gets her powers.

This card often occurs when we need to listen to the inner voice of ourselves. Considering that we have passed by the new year’s beginning, we may have been focused upon exciting news, maybe embracing new opportunities without thinking well about them and their effects on our lives.
The high priestess comes to you when you are unbalanced, or just unfocused.
Her advice is to look deeper within a situation or yourself. Looking at the picture, we could imagine the various colours pf the sphere as the multiple meanings of something that we have considered as obvious, but it’s not.

Maybe it is time to make a pause and to silence and our mind: let the soul speaks the truth.

Looking at number two: it means duality, light and dark for example. It could mean a choice to take. It often occurs when we have to look deep in ourselves to consider what to do.

In conclusion: develop your intuition. This month will be all about being intuitive and ready to take a chance or a decision.
But don’t be scared. This calm figure will protect and guide you.

For which concern the month of June: I feel that a strong feminine presence, divine or not, will affect our lives during these weeks, so be carful of your new meetings or to your feelings when meditate or pray for help.
This feminine presence is caring, loving and wants to protect you and tell you that you’re on the right path. Listen to her and you won’t fail.

I hope it will help you to have wonderful month, full of abundance and happiness!

Love, Ce*