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parent trap au?

  • where Marcus and Oliver are single dads
  • Currently rivals, had a kid with someone else but the relationship didn’t work out for either of them
  • and lo and behold, they send their respective child to the same summer camp
  • Quidditch camp per se
  • these kids hate each other on sight because that rivalry of flintwood rubbed off onto their kids
  • sabotage shenanigans
  • being forced to share the same cabin
  • maybe at one point, someone’s like, “how do you not know about the time your dads dated???”
  • and as they ask around, they find out their dads used to be pretty in love with each other and they wonder what happened, hearing all these great stories
  • why do they hate each other now?
  • so the kids decide to get the dads back together when they’re done with camp
  • Begging their dad to take them to see their new best friend
  • and when the kids meet up, it’s instant ‘oh hell no’ from Marcus and Oliver, but they put on a face for the kids
  • we can have the potential evil fiance that hates kids if you guys want lol
  • anyways
  • family camping trip???
  • Marcus and Oliver falling back in love???
  • One family chasing after the other for a happily ever after???
  • pls



but this was too good not to do a terrible doodle of i’m sorry

Okay yes now i’m gonna…. go focus on finishing the 10 gloomverse pieces i’m working on…. i get distracted so easily oops…..

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When it's bed time, and they aren't together, Anxiety will wear his pastel gown that Princey got him, and Prince will wear the fuzzy skull pj's that Anxiety got for him. (Bonus: Anxiety cuddles his black and red teddy that Princey bought him.) c:

Anxiety wears the nightgown (never around Prince, he wouldn’t hear the end of it), but when prince isn’t there he wears it all the time. Prince died when Anxiety bought him those pajamas, but he only wears them around Anxiety.

Anxiety has the teddy bear Prince bought for him as a gift, and it sits proud on his bed. When Anxiety is sleeping alone, that teddy bear is the last thing he sees before he shuts his eyes.

Alex Grey - Progress of the Soul
“Nursing” 1985, oil on linen.

“The bonding of mother and child is a miraculous outpouring of unobstructed love channeled through the mortal coil. Nursing is the physical bond of nourishment – mother is the first meal, she is the key to life. Between mother and child, there are also bio-electromagnetic bonds, emotional and psychic bondings, and ultimately the spiritual bond that brought them together.”

「对不起。。」 「I’m sorry….」

I’m still not over 19 Days so….. /rubs some bittersweetness into your wound/ Please suffer with me TT__TT