indigo night

Friday Mixtape.

Night Lovell - Shaded Summers

Wiki ft.Sporting Life & Skepta - God Bless Me

Kanye West - Facts

A$AP Ferg ft.Future - New Level

Kodak Black - I.M.Y

Key! ft.Playboi Carti - Ghost

Yung Simmie - As I Sit Back

Rich The Kid x iLoveMakonnen ft.T-Wayne & Key! - Broke Wrist

Maxo Kream ft.Key! - Out The Door

Black Smurf - Inner Thoughts

Freddie Gibbs ft.ManMan Savage - Packages

Clockwork Indigo - XYNO

Yung Simmie x Denzel Curry - STR8 Savage



Aquarius Sun,
Virgo Moon & Rising,
Capricorn Venus

Requested by: @violet-skies-indigo-nights


I laughed out loud at the “I could go for some dessert” part when I first read this.

Blackest Night Part 5

This comic is one of the greatest DC comics of all time imo. You have to read it. Black Lanterns (zombies) take over the DC Universe and its up to a few heroes and the Lanterns to save it.

Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman become zombies! And lots and lots of people gets Power Rings. Like Lex Luthor, The Flash, Atom, Mera and others. They give ‘em away like they’re on Oprah.

"The Tempest"

Another short fic, inspired by a pair of @meldy-arts sketches (here, and here) and set between the events of “Trials of the Darksaber” and “Legacy of Mandalore.”

Words: 2,123

Ezra blew a soft stream of warm air through his hands, warding away the tingling discomfort of the early morning chill. The faint orange glow of dawn approaching had only just begun to illuminate the eastern Atollonian mesas, the indigo of night still dominating the sky overhead. 

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Prince on Tidal

To be clear, Prince is still on Tidal and they still have the most complete collection of his work, though they no longer have the full discography.

Included projects :

For You
Dirty Mind
Purple Rain
Around the World in A Day
Sign O The Times
Music from Graffiti Bridge
Gett Off EP
Diamonds and Pearls
The Hits ½/B sides
1-800-New Funk
The Black Album
The Gold Experience
Chaos and Disorder
The Truth
The Vault : Old Friends for Sale
The War
Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic
They Very Best of Prince
The Rainbow Children
The CHocolate Invasion
C Note
The Slaughterhouse
Ultimate Prince
Planet Earth
Indigo Nights
Art Official Age
Hitnrun Phase 1
Hitnrun Phase 2