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Last Dance

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Modern AU)

Summary: With one week left in both of your theme park employee contracts, you struggle with the clash between your blossoming feelings for Bucky and the impending end of your job.

this one is for @buckyywiththegoodhair​, the loveliest pineapple gem to grace the interwebs. nicole, i don’t think you’ll ever fully comprehend how grateful i am for you and how much i adore you. thanks for everything xx

A/N: this one’s a doozy (3100+ words). i’ve always struggled with writing things that are long enough to have a storyline yet short enough to not frustrate readers. i’m trying this new thing where i try not to sacrifice content in the name of comfort. hopefully y’all enjoy this one, and i’d love to hear your feedback!

ps. i also wrote this after taking sleeping pills [for legitimate medical reasons], so it gets sloppy towards the end. whoops. 

The cool air breezes through your limbs as you step out onto the roof of the staff quarters, providing a much-needed respite from the rising temperatures of the basement party Tony Stark is throwing.  You fan yourself and wait for a nervous Bucky to speak. Why he’s nervous is beyond you, but you’re sure it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Bucky remains silent, his knuckles turning white as he grips his fingers tightly, shifting the weight from one foot to another. His downcast eyes flick upwards, the vulnerability in his blue orbs shining bright and true. You’re about to reach out and ask him if everything is okay when -

“I like you.”

Your tongue darts out to wet your lips before the lower lip gets caught between your teeth. You definitely weren’t expecting that, and a sudden rush of nerves suppresses your ability to eloquently speak. “Wow,” you blankly say.

Something sinks in your heart, and you’re suddenly taken back to the conversation you had with Wanda earlier today.

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hahaha guys the musical version of Romeo and Juliet is just so quality, honestly:

French? Hungarian? You can listen to the soundtrack in English probably, but pick a language and prepare for An Experience

French version is Romeo et Juliette, and it’s the original play/music

  • the Montagues and Capulets are color-coded. Pretty sure it’s supposed to be red and blue, but honestly, it’s more like magenta and violet. Sharkboy vs Lavagirl, omg
  • everyone’s hair is so Extra in this version
  • the d a n c i n g
  • Les Rois du Monde. Just that song/scene 
  • everyone looks like MCR Killjoys era, and the general visual and musical theme is like, Mad Max if governments still existed
  • everyone! is so! gorgeous! and amazing!
  • i just love Juliette a lot in this version, okay?
  • dialogue updated to more modern language (as far as my subtitle-reading self can tell) and it works really well
  • nobody cares about Romeo’s lonely soul because everyone is too busy TEARING UP VERONA IN SYNCHRONIZED DANCE STEPS

okay, so I’m a bit biased. I think you should watch both! Definitely, you should watch the French version, because it’s amazing and original!  but actually, if you’re going to only watch one of them, you should watch the Hungarian version because:

  • Bereczki Zoltán
  • Benvolio is like 97% more Personality in this version
  • alas, the color-coding is not nearly as obvious, but do not fear, because the hair is cranked up to 300% to make up for it
  • idk if this was a mistranslation or if this is genuinely the closest English meaning to match the Hungarian, but somewhere in the middle of a really serious song, Romeo says something like “my buddies, my friends” and I can’t stop laughing 
  • Juliet is so pretty and cute and she’s just so excited to fall in love! and meet someone who is cute and nice and wants to kiss her! 
  • if you didn’t already ship R&J you’re freaking going to now they’re so cute i’m literally covering my face with my hands and squealing 
  • pretty much every time Benvolio and Mercutio are sharing the stage, I cannot stop smiling
  • this Romeo is like Romeo+Hamlet. he’s all introspective and premonitions of doom, so it punches you in the feels that much harder when it turns out he’s RIGHT
  • the Montagues are a pack of young, feral, hedonistic, heathens and it’s fantastic
  • frickin’ Tybalt
  • the serious parts are actually serious, and they’ll tear you up, let me say. if you didn’t feel feelings about the deaths and the suicides before, you will while watching this musical
  • (those last 6 are true of the French version, too, I just stuck them in here because I’m biased)
  • this link really says it all tbh:
  • Bereczki Zoltán
  • he bears repeating

Links w/ English subtitles:

Hungarian: (Act 1! Act 2 in sidebar)


Friday Mixtape.

Night Lovell - Shaded Summers

Wiki ft.Sporting Life & Skepta - God Bless Me

Kanye West - Facts

A$AP Ferg ft.Future - New Level

Kodak Black - I.M.Y

Key! ft.Playboi Carti - Ghost

Yung Simmie - As I Sit Back

Rich The Kid x iLoveMakonnen ft.T-Wayne & Key! - Broke Wrist

Maxo Kream ft.Key! - Out The Door

Black Smurf - Inner Thoughts

Freddie Gibbs ft.ManMan Savage - Packages

Clockwork Indigo - XYNO

Yung Simmie x Denzel Curry - STR8 Savage



Aquarius Sun,
Virgo Moon & Rising,
Capricorn Venus

Requested by: @violet-skies-indigo-nights


I laughed out loud at the “I could go for some dessert” part when I first read this.

Blackest Night Part 5

This comic is one of the greatest DC comics of all time imo. You have to read it. Black Lanterns (zombies) take over the DC Universe and its up to a few heroes and the Lanterns to save it.

Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman become zombies! And lots and lots of people gets Power Rings. Like Lex Luthor, The Flash, Atom, Mera and others. They give ‘em away like they’re on Oprah.

yoongi scenario | d is for dalliance

dalliance  /‘dalɪəns/  noun.  a brief involvement with someone; amorous play

genre: angst, fluff
word count: 1k
warnings: hints at sex
a stand-alone in the ‘synonymous with love’ series // d is for…

“We were dazzling – resplendent in the night’s sky. We lit up the city with our passion; every street was kindling for our fire. But the problem with stars is that they die in the end. And we were no exception.”

Those words, though repeated a thousand times, still taste dulcet on your tongue. They are delicate things, but they make you feel at ease – repeating the mantra till it throbs through you. This way you won’t forget what you are. It reminds you of the fleeting seconds you spent with him - Min Yoongi, your star boy, a sky away from you - it reminds you of the dalliance you had, great and glorious, it will repeat, it has to.

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A SnowBaz fic about camping for the Carry On Countdown

Simon had never been camping before, which was odd when he thought about it.  He’d often had someone to live with during the summer, but none of them were particularly “outdoorsy” folk.  Besides, camping with the people he’d lived with could never have compared to camping with his best friends, his real family.

           They were lying on the ground, all four of them, around the smouldering coals of what had been their campfire.  A thin trail of smoke still drifted into the sky, but it didn’t obscure the stars.  Simon heard Agatha yawn from the other side of the fire pit, and Penny shifted in the grass towards his left.  Simon almost shivered from the dew that was already forming all around them. Under normal circumstances he would have been cold, possibly too cold to enjoy the peace, the tranquility of the night.

           Except that tonight he lay beside Baz.  Very close, in fact.

           And for some reason, that thought was keeping Simon warm.

           “See any constellations, Pen?” he asked.

           “There’s Orion,” she pointed up at the sky.  Simon squinted.  They were all just stars, he couldn’t make out a particular shape.


           “Over there,” came Baz’s soft voice, and he pointed the way that Penny did.  Simon tried to follow the line of Baz’s arm.

           “Those bright three?”

           “That’s the belt,” Penny replied.  “It you look up and a little to the right of the third star, you’ll see his bow.”

           “Wait, which third star?”

           “To the right.”

           “Oh, okay, I found it.”

           They went silent, everyone trying to open their eyes as wide as they could, take in all the stars at once through the treetops.

           Suddenly Agatha sat up.  “Did you see that?” she cried.


           “A shooting star!”

           “Where?” Simon’s gaze darted around the sky.

           “Well, it’s gone now,” Agatha sighed.

           “Don’t forget to make a wish,” Penny reminded her. Agatha wrapped her arms around her knees, still staring up at the sky.  She stayed that way for a while before eventually lying back down.  It must have been a good wish.

           “Don’t worry,” Penny said to no one in particular. “There’s supposed to be a meteor shower tonight, we should have plenty of chances.”

           What should I wish for?

           Simon pushed the thought aside.  If he saw a shooting star, he would wish for whatever hit him first, whatever came to him at that moment.  He wouldn’t think.

           What would Baz wish for?

           That probably wasn’t a good thing to think about either. Every time Simon tried to figure Baz out, to solve the riddle that was his best friend, he just ended up with a headache.  

           It didn’t help that at this moment he was extremely aware.  Of Baz.  Of their proximity.  And he couldn’t for the life of him figure out why.

           “There!” Penny broke the silence.  “I saw one!”

           “Quick, wish!”  Agatha’s voice had a smile in it.  As beautiful as her smile was to see, it was even lovelier to hear.

           Funny how a few stars could turn them all into awestruck little kids.

           “I didn’t see that one either,” Simon pouted.

           “Pay attention!” Penny giggled.

           “You’ll see one,” Baz murmured, his voice close to Simon’s ear.  Simon’s heart picked up a little at the sound.  Now, why was it doing that?

           Simon stared up at the sky, his eyes searching, darting at any ghost of moment.  A bat flitted across the gap between the treetops, and Simon gasped.

           “That was a bat, Si,” Baz chuckled.

           “I know,” Simon shot back, but he was smiling sheepishly.

           Please call me Si again.

           And then a star fell across the sky, so bright it left a trail of silver, splitting the indigo night.

           All four of them gasped.

           “Tell me you all saw that,” Penny said in a reverent voice.

           “We did,” Baz breathed.

           “It was perfect,” came Agatha’s voice.            

           “Everyone wish,” Penny instructed.

           Simon closed his eyes.

           First thought, first thought…


           Simon’s eyes snapped open.  What?

           He looked over at Baz.

           The boy’s face was not three inches from his own, eyes closed and skin smooth.  Baz always seemed to be thinking, or worried about something, but right now his face was so peaceful that he almost seemed to be asleep.  He looked so genuinely… contented.  Like everything was right in the world.

           If that were true, he wouldn’t be wishing.

           Baz opened his eyes and Simon couldn’t look away. Even when Baz turned to meet Simon’s gaze, he stayed.  He couldn’t move.  He didn’t want to.

           Baz smiled shyly.

           Simon would have grinned.  He wanted to.  But he was awestruck.

           Without thinking, he reached over and took Baz’s cool fingers in his own.

           Baz’s smile fell away in surprise, and Simon’s heart was beyond racing.  It was flying.  It was soaring, arcing across the sky like that star.


           This is why.


           Simon grinned.  He moved closer to Baz and his head found the nook where Baz’s shoulder became his neck.  Baz sighed in a way that sounded like he had been holding his breath, like everything was finally falling into place.  Simon closed his eyes and the two of them simply breathed, together, like they had been made to fit each other that way.

           And though the stars kept raining down, Baz and Simon didn’t see any of them.

           It didn’t matter anyway.  Both their wishes were already coming true.