indigo corps

How Each Lantern Corp Would Help You In A Fight

Green Lantern Corps: Would be behind you the whole entire fight, doesn’t care if it looks like they’re gonna lose, they’ll stay with you until the last blow 

Sinestro/Yellow Lantern Corps: They would walk behind you, push you away and just glares at who you’re gonna fight, they’ll crack their knuckles and neck just by doing that you’re foe is already pissing themselves

Red Lantern Corps: You wouldn’t have to do anything, the Red Lantern Corp would go full ham and won’t hold back, it’ll be more bloodier than then the goriest MMA match you’ve ever seen

Blue Lantern Corps: They’ll cheer you on from the side and throw stuff at the people your fighting once and a while

Star Sapphires/Violet Lantern Corps: Loudly yells take off your shirts through the whole entire fight 

Orange Lantern Corps: Waits in the background until the fight has settled down then takes down everyone else while they are weak and steals everything they can carry before any of them wake up 

Indigo Tribe/Indigo Lantern Corps: They’ll help with the fight (but feel bad about it), they’ll patch up your wounds, and get drinks with you afterwards   


White Lantern Corps: Talks everyone out of the fight  


Phantom Lantern: They constantly change sides, styles, and morals through the fight may or may not stay after the fight                                                                                                

How To Tell what Lantern Corp You’re In

Green Lantern Corps: Every part of your body tells you to yell fuck you, but you resist the word or use a child friendly version of it

Sinestro Corps: You tell the person fuck you in the coldest way with a glare and they back off

Red Lantern Corps: FUCK YOU, FUCK THIS, FUCK EVERYTHING you yell as you proceed to beat up everything in a square mile radius

Star Sapphires/Violet Lantern Corps: Fuck you, then let’s fuck me you say in the most flatterous way possible

Orange Lantern Corp: FUCK YOU you shout as the run off with the sandwich you just stolen off of someone

Indigo Tribe: You hear some yell fuck you, you run over concerned and wondering if everything is ok

Blue Lantern Corps: You hear someone yell fuck you, you hope everything is alright, but you’re not concerned enough to ask what’s up by yourself

Black Lantern Corps: You would love to say anything, BUT YOU’RE DEAD

White Lantern Corps: You don’t say anything you are above saying fuck you, but yet you completely consider saying it


Phantom Lantern: You say fuck you yet no knows what you mean by it

DC COMICS/DCU: KYLE RAYNER is the lantern i want to see in the DCU more than HAL, JOHN or GUY he has been shown the least, but is the most powerful of them all he started as a GREEN LANTERN & with his background of being a artist, sculptor, photographer & designer KYLE’S constructs are amongst the most powerful. KYLE’S constructs are much more elaborate than those of any other LANTERNS. Then he was able to master all of the different emotional spectrums within the corps thus turning him into a White Lantern. Because he was now able to wield not just GREEN but also BLUE, RED, YELLOW, INDIGO, VIOLET & ORANGE the colors fused into the ultimate “spectrum”, WHITE, which is the “color” of life & now wields the WHITE LANTERN RING