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I love this blog and I love the way you write & think. I was wondering about your take on indigo children... Do you believe Dylan & Eric were indigos?

First of all, thank you very much for the kind words of appreciation! :) And yes, yes! - unquestionably, I do believe that Dylan and Eric were very much Indigo Children to the core. Just read through this criteria and you will see that much of it, if not all, fits the boys to a tee.

*Question authority, have difficulty with discipline and authority. Their rebellion may be quiet and expressed as being very stubborn and “not listening” or extreme into oppositional and defiant behavior. Do not respond to guilt trips, want good reasons

* Clear Sight. Indigos are naturally able to see beyond a person’s exterior and see the truth. They are natural truth seers in all aspects and have a difficult time being a part of the illusion. This means they do not act inauthentically and if they do it causes discomfort. They do not do well in occupations that require schmoozing and have a great disdain for small talk. Their relationships are deep and meaningful with other authentic people. They are less likely to place value onto fashion and material things.

*Do not do well in systems and are mostly nonconformists. They refuse to follow orders or directions. Systems do not make sense to Indigos and if the rules do not make sense they will not follow them and will actively work to break down any system that does not serve an authentic purpose. This includes school. The bold Indigos will be the ones actively questioning an administrator or teacher. They will be holding personal or public protests against an injustice in the system. The quiet ones will be suffering internally which may not be apparent to others, even those close to them.

* High School is difficult for Indigos. Many Indigos have a very difficult in high school. They get frustrated by ritual-oriented systems that require little creativity.
Often see better ways of doing thing at home and at school. Their core has a strong self esteem, a connection to source and they know they belong here unless they are told or made to feel otherwise by peers.The lucky ones are invisible as a means to survive the unlucky ones are bullied. Indigos are different and have a really hard time hiding it as it would mean being inauthentic which Indigos cannot do for very long. High school is all about being inauthentic and putting on an appearance despite the truth underneath. Indigos cannot play this game and high school is incredibly torturous for many.

* Patience is not an Indigo virtue. Waiting in line, traffic, slow results, “dumb” people are especially frustrating to Indigos and being understanding of these givens in life also does not come easily.

*Vocal and opinionated. Being old souls, Indigos are born knowing exactly what they want and even how to do it. They have an obvious sense of self and do not easily rely on others for help and will frustrate themselves or give up before asking for help. They are often open about what they believe and their beliefs are very strong. You will see this even in Indigo babies.

Dylan fits the following listed below uncannily well. Though, I also think Eric had potential for these abilities such as visionary/daydreaming/intuitive skills which expressed in his Doom wad building skills and his very vivid dream worlds. I just think his abilities were more latent because of how hard he worked to cover up the vulnerable, sensitive side of himself.

*Are gifted and/or talented, highly intelligent Are talented daydreamers and visionaries, rather creative. They develop abstract thinking very young. They get bored rather easily with assigned tasks

*Very sensitive. This is seen in most senses but more so with regard to emotional sensitivity. The term “Emo” is popular slang now to describe someone who is “EMOtional” to a non-conventional level. Indigos may have once or currently are cutters and many Indigos had/have suicidal thoughts and feelings. But they often feel the pain and feelings of others and being in public places is difficult.

*They can have either strong empathy for others or conversely, NO empathy

* Have spiritual intelligence and/or psychic, strong intutitive skills. The most important trait of an Indigo is that they have intuitive/empathic/clairvoyant/medium abilities. This is the reason they are here and they will often have scary and disturbing experiences if they do not have access to someone who knows how to properly guide them.

*Depression is common. This seems separate from being emotionally sensitive. The depression seems to stem from not actualizing their personal power and not having a connection with other Indigos. When their power is not cultivated and they are not in contact with others like themselves a significant level of loneliness and depression occurs. They are aware of the significance of their purpose in this lifetime but they have no idea what to do with it or even what it is about. They feel strange and misunderstood.

*Feeling alien. Some Indigos actually feel like they are from another planet others feel that the families they are born in and/or where they were born does not feel right. They will naturally distance themselves from the families and/or hometowns and relocate to an area that feels more like home. They may also re-create families with friends that feel more natural. They are the black sheep of where they live and/or of their family which can cause a great deal of emotional pain as the other family members or community members will act out their misunderstanding towards them. Indigos are natural survivors so they will make changes soon after they turn 18 if the environment is not supportive.

*They often express anger outwardly rather than inwardly and may have trouble with rage. They need our support to discover themselves. They are here to change the world - to help us live in greater harmony and peace with one another and to raise the vibration of the planet. However, unsupported and frustrated, Indigos can take their natural propensity for positive change and creativity and invert it into rebellious, revolutionary, creatively destruction as Dylan and Eric did by rocking the world and shaking up the system in an act of cataclysmic violence in order to call attention to their disastisfaction with society.

This article here addresses Understanding Indigo Violence and specifically mentions Columbine in the article:

“In hearing about the school shootings, I knew Indigo children were pulling the triggers. The Columbine High School shooting was so horrific it caught everyone’s attention. At the time my eldest daughter said to me, "Because they (Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold) were Indigos they wanted to do it, so they just did it. No remorse, no guilt, they just went ahead and shot all those people because they wanted to and felt they needed to.” Indigo children don’t have guilt to keep them in check and because they balk at authority they don’t believe they have to follow the rules. To keep the no guilt in balance in the Indigo children, they have to be taught spiritual and moral principles. Indigos have to be taught the laws of the universe, especially the law of cause and effect. Since they have no guilt, they have to understand that the negative energy put out will return to them magnified, just as positive energy will return magnified. They are accountable to God and they are responsible for their actions.

I hear people remark that school shootings didn’t happen when we were children. The worst that happened at school when we were growing up was fistfights, bloody noses and name-calling. We would never dream of taking a gun to school to shoot other kids, it wasn’t heard of. The reason we didn’t have the caliber of violence seen today is because the Indigos were not here on the planet back then.

Writers in mainstream America like Jonathan Kellerman are lumping the Indigo school shooters with the psychopaths; the dark entities who are bullies, con men, stalkers, victimizers, serial killers and those who kill for thrills. I don’t believe these Indigo children who have taken weapons to school to harm other children are psychopaths. They have been bullied and teased and have an avenger attitude seeking justice for injuries inflicted on them. They aren’t killing just for the thrill of killing. These kids know changes have to be made within the school system and they chose violence to make their statement, to give us a wake up call. Some of these metaphysical Indigo children are not hesitant about using violence to bring about change, and to bring us to enlightenment. They are like a sword cutting to the truth, but a sword cuts and wounds and makes you bleed. Historically speaking, change on this planet has come about violently. In the present days, it is violence and violent acts that catch our attention and make us realize there might be a problem. So this is the method some Indigos are using to bring about enlightenment calculated from a soul level”.