indigo and i had no idea

And here I present you with my photo op with Misha Collins!

Here’s the story,

I took a list of different eye “descriptors” into the op room with me and asked -
“Fandom uses many different words to describe Castiel’s eyes, so I was wondering how you would describe them. ”
I actually can’t believe how cool and collected I was when I asked him my question. He took ages looking up and down the list muttering the words under his breath and landed on ‘concupiscent indigo’ (for those who don’t know, it means filled with sexual desire/lustful). I had a feeling he might! Anyway I asked him to hold the sign and point and I just tried not to die being that close. I had no idea what he was doing. I was so happy when I saw the result.

So this is my gift to you. Feel free to crop me out, just make sure to credit back to me.

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Name: Alice (tho I wish I had other names in addition to this)

Nicknames: Ali, Aliciosa

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5″3

Orientation: Bisexual

Ethnicity: Italian

Favorite fruit: Strawberries

Favorite Season: at this point I have no idea they all make me feel uncomfortable winter I guess. But only if it snows, otherwise it sucks

Favorite Book: Chronicles of Ancient Darkness will always be my favourite

Favorite Flower: look, I love any type of flowers but let’s go with hyacinths

Favorite Color: only one? indigo, lilac, ice blue black and grey

Favorite Animal: do prehistoric animals count fjord horse

Hot Chocolatey, Tea, or Coffeh?: tea all the way

Average Sleep Hours: 6-7 during school (there has been a time when I used to sleep 3-4 hours lol), 11-12 during weekends

Favorite Fictional Character: *hysterical laugh* aph Romania, Netherlands, and Denmark, Armin Arlert (AoT), Michele Crispino, Emil Nekola, Phichit Chulanont (YoI) and too many others :’)

Cat or Dog Person?: BOTH

Ideal number of blankets you sleep with: 3

Ideal Trip: Scandinavia, Scotland, Morocco, Japan, Canada aaand my own Country lol bc I want to learn more about it.

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This is as close as someone ever got to an OC of mine. Just by drawing random pieces of art. The blonde haired person and the person in the black & white picture are SOOO close to Amara. The blue/purple is basically me saying she’s fae. Because when it comes to the colors, it fits with Amara’s court. The Zodiac Court.

Except… Amara is a brown haired High Fae with indigo eyes. I don’t know if her jsir is dark brown of not.


The artist who created these wonderful pieces: @charliebowater

I had no idea some of the creations I liked on Pinterest were from her! But now I do and I’m glad I found such an amazing artist.