indigo 1

For her All in 1 project, Alex Hubbell is making a series of meditative indigo watercolor poppy prints — a simple but meaningful reminder that everything has the potential to grow into something beautiful, she says. Support the project right over here.

Learn how you can take part in All in 1, Kickstarter’s open call for one-week projects launched in the month of March, here.

These little bonus prints are also available as part of The Poppy Project

They can be found on my icons page. I didn’t keep count of how many there are of each series. Please like or reblog if you take!


I laughed out loud at the “I could go for some dessert” part when I first read this.

Blackest Night Part 5

This comic is one of the greatest DC comics of all time imo. You have to read it. Black Lanterns (zombies) take over the DC Universe and its up to a few heroes and the Lanterns to save it.

Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman become zombies! And lots and lots of people gets Power Rings. Like Lex Luthor, The Flash, Atom, Mera and others. They give ‘em away like they’re on Oprah.