The Indigo Poets

Hi! I’m Ajahni, and you are amazing. Keep reading. 

You probably know me from Indigo Scribes and Indigo School. The next installment of the Indigo Branch networks is here: Indigo Poets! Just like the others, Indigo Poets is a network/family where people who enjoy writing poetry can come together, talk, meet each other, share their poetry, and learn more about their passion. 

If you enjoy writing poetry, this is the place for you. The pages on our blog all explain what we are and what we do. But in a nutshell, you will:  

- submit your poetry to be shared with all of our followers

- submit videos of you reciting/performing your poetry to be shared with all of our followers 

- join monthly poetry groups where you share your poetry with two other people and then write a group poem with them

- have access to “muse” posts where we post inspiring pictures, quotes, and words to spark inspiration

- meet up with other poets in your city to make friends and share poetry

- join poetry clubs to socialize with other poets

And more! There is a lot that you can do with the Indigo Poets. We are also looking for admins, and there’s more information about that here. Thank you for reading, and I hope you join us! This will be an amazing journey. 


9 years old boy discusses the meaning of life and the universe. He’s very inspiring, you won’t regret listening to him.

Usually, little children know that adults don’t and forgot ages ago. This boy is highly one of indigo children (new type of human being born in this generation with an alien soul)