Types of NB #1: Colours

Red NB: Bold makeup, doesn’t try but always looks flawless, shorts and tights, skateboards, mid-afternoon on a riverwalk, lips stained from popsicles, blowing kisses, probably plays an instrument, loves mid-2000’s dance music

Orange NB: Energetic grins, freckles, brightly coloured tanktops and flannels, only drinks soda from the vintage-looking glass bottles, battered Converse, sparkly lip gloss, has a birthmark and is hella proud of it, probably used to take dance classes, always up for an adventure

Yellow NB: Drinking lemonade on a summer day, soft smiles, cries over pictures of cute dogs, tries to grow sunflowers, smells like sunshine, cardigans and leggings, loves looking for animal shapes in the clouds, owns a polaroid, takes sneaky pictures of their friends

Green NB: Mom friend, goes barefoot everywhere, loves the outdoors, plants instead of pets, probably collects rocks, smeared eyeliner, unironically loves salad, saw a ferret once and would die for it, ripped jeans and cuffed t-shirts, novelty socks, lives for rainy days, listens to Nirvana

Blue NB: Carefree, dyed hair, collects shells and accidentally leaves them in their pockets, acid-washed jeans, oversized sweaters, a laugh that could cure depression and end wars, deep eyes, dark lipstick, probably has tried to bleach their hair white before, just wants cuddles, ice cream in the wintertime

Indigo NB: Had a goth phase, aesthetic photos, all-black outfits, lives in their Converse, wandering the streets after dark, going to playgrounds at night, sparkly makeup, staying up for hours, nose kisses, holding hands with their friends, hugs from behind, sad poetry, probably listens to Arctic Monkeys

Violet NB: Bath bombs, collects crystals, thinks witchcraft in interesting, runs an aesthetic blog, owns a sparkly black shirt, dyed hair, summer breeze, the smell of a field of flowers, crop tops, self-conscious but learning to let go, peace signs in pictures, John Lennon glasses, wide-brimmed hats, wistful stares


Let’s start a Native Book Club!! :D 

Lol that stupid photo. Anyways, I love reading so I wanted to challenge myself this year by reading books only from Native authors or on Native topics. While I compiled this list, I noticed that there are a TON of Native books out there. A lot of them were independently released as well so some were hard to find. Also Chapters/Indigo here in Canada has a great variety in the Community & Culture: First Nations section. So this is only a scratch on the surface on what I found but these are the ones that looked the most interesting to me. Since I started this little challenge, I’ve already finished The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Monkey Beach, Medicine River, Medicine Walk, and Tears in the Grass. Right now I’m taking in every part of Indian Horse, I’m really loving it so far! It’s sad, but so important. I can’t wait to watch the film.

I’m also hoping to do Native book reviews on my Youtube Channel once I’m done Indian Horse. Make sure to subscribe to get notified!

Also if you have any suggestions on books to add to this list, let me know! I’m interested to see if there are also other Native books from the Inuit, Maori, Australian Aboriginals, and so on. Basically other than Prairie First Nations because I love learning about other Tribes. And if you read any let me know what you think of them as well!

Happy Reading!