indignity of mortality

not terrible

@dixiedolittle asked: Another prompt please. Darcy and Loki. Soul mate fic, please and thank you.

Inspired by @ozhawkauthor and her version of Asgardian soulmarks; go read all of the soulmate au fics that she’s written. They’re amazing!

He sniffed, looking around the labs with an expression of disdain as Thor bounded forward, drooling and lapping at his mortal’s heels like some loyal, lovesick dog. Honestly, he didn’t understand the appeal of the female – waif-like and skinny as she was. She was fine of face, he supposed – her features were delicate, not unlike an Asgardian maiden’s – but the rest was a bit… well, underwhelming. She wore ill-fitting garments, her hair in constant disarray, and it was a wonder to him why Thor spoke of her like she was the goddess of beauty.

He chuckled to himself. Freya would be furious at the very idea of anyone taking her title.

His eyes wandered part them, and he caught the eyes of an old man, balding and pale-eyed, and the man flinched back so hard that Loki blinked in surprise. Then, the face registered, and he bared his teeth into a semblance of a smile, taking pleasure in the fact that the man shuddered in fear.

“Hello, Erik Selvig,” Loki said smoothly, and the color fled from the old man’s cheeks, faster than a flash of lightning. “A pleasure to see you so…” Loki dragged his eyes down the mortal’s form in disdain, his lip curling into a sneer at his bared undergarments and quaking knees. Did the man have no pride? “… well.”

Selvig whimpered, and Loki hoped that the man wouldn’t wet himself.

“Oi, crazy-eyes! Get away from him!” He ignored the taunt, but when a writing instrument flew past his nose, nearly stabbing him in the eye, he whirled to glare at the one who dared to ruin his fun.

Ah. He eyed the short, brunette mortal girl, who had some pitiful-looking device pointed at him. He cocked his head to the side, considering her. Full-figured and lush curves, pouting lips and hooded blue eyes, the line of her neck slim and long and pale… this one was… not terrible.

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