Nick Whalen, the Liberal Party MP for St. John’s East thinks Muskrat Falls should be flooded and that the inuit/innu and other indigenous people should just eat less fish and deal with the after effects of it.

Mercury bioaccumulation isn’t just something that you can monitor and it’ll magically get better. It stays in the ecosystem for decades. This flooding will destroy many indigenous peoples ways of lives for decades at the minimum.

I mean just look at Grassy Narrows First Nation. More than 40 years later they are still suffering from Mercury Poisoning. The mercury levels in that time have not gotten better. They’re still unacceptably high.

How long should indigenous people in Labrador have to wait until they can eat fish and game again? 40 years? 80 years? 100 years?


End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock

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The ancestors warned again the Black Snake that would come to poison Mother Earth.

From acclaimed documentary filmmaker Shannon Kring comes End of the Line, the incredible story of a group of Indigenous women willing to risk their lives to stop the Dakota Access oil pipeline construction that desecrated their burial and prayer sites and threatens their land, water, and very existence.

But there was another prophecy: The women, as the guardians of the waters and protectors of all life, would rise.

They are the brave survivors. Among them, the descendant of the female warrior who fought the U.S. Cavalry alongside Sitting Bull. The great-grandmother who was fired upon at Wounded Knee in 1973. The lifelong activist who became a part of the system in order to defeat it.

They are the daughters and granddaughters of brave survivors. People who escaped genocide, only to be robbed of their lands and herded onto reservations. Children who were taken from their families and placed in non-Native run boarding schools and foster homes where they suffered further abuse. Today, these women tell their own stories. Stories ranging from forced sterilization to substandard medical care.

Yet the spirit of these women has not been broken. The women of Standing Rock vow to protect Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. It is their responsibility to the ancestors and to the seven generations to come.

Thank you to Tony Redhouse for the use of his song “Release”.

Help the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ with donations, supplies, and legal funds.

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Standing Rock 10/23/16

This week in NODAPL news:

Over 83 Water Protectors are arrested (again) for praying near the DAPL site.

Local militarized police fire four gun shots and take out a Native News drone covering the prayers.

Police go berserk and mace a crowd of about 100 protestors.

They currently are surrounding a camp of 100 Water Protectors.

If you’re able to get to Standing Rock, please go.

Otherwise please donate as much as you can to the camps and their legal defenses.

At the very least, blast all your social media about it.


from Dallas Goldtooth’s Facebook page:

#NoDAPL update: [4pm cst, Oct 23rd]Our Water Protectors have set up a road blockade on Hwy 1806 just north of where the Dakota Access pipeline is proposed to cross the road.There is also a camp-initiated blockade south of Main Oceti Sakowin camp on hwy 1806. And a blockade on county road 134 to stop police access coming from the west.This is to protect a new established frontline camp thats on the pipeline easement, just east of hwy 1806.Meanwhile, DAPL is still trying to dig, heading towards this new frontline camp. This is real.We are done with being reactionary. We are asserting our rights as Indigenous peoples! This remains a non-violent direct action committed to peaceful civil disobedience. #NoDAPL”


Crimes against Women: North Dakota police strip search car passengers  for supporting #NoDAPL

Police have been strip searching water protectors and have violated those who have simply shown support for Sacred Stone Camp. Acknowledge, #OurBodiesAreSacred colonization & police violence is injustice.
Environmental violence is linked to violence upon Indigenous violence.

Standing Rock Sioux Pediatrician: Threat from Fracking Chemicals is “Environmental Genocide”
With energy extraction comes man camps.

A Native mother and her daughter were harassed by a pipeline worker who made a joke about sex trafficking.  The pipeling worker from Texassaid “How much for the little girl?” In reference to one of the protectors daughters’ 

Video is here:

with dehumanization comes state sanctioned violence such as the kind that has been escalating upon water protectors: police dogs, pepper spray, excessive force during arrest (which include broken bones) baton beatings, militarized police and weapons, pointing armed guns in water protectors face’s, denial of first amendment (not allowing protectors to pray) and denying them right to bail and attorney.

The strip searches are an intentional tactic to attack the psyche of Indigenous peoples, to bring humiliation and to intimidate supporters. This is an attack upon everyone’s human rights.

As tiring as it is to call out, As much as it hurts, to see our people dehumanized whether in this context; Those playing dress up for Halloween or Thanksgiving, anti Indigenous mascots, or the media creating consumptive polls treating Native humanity as some spectacle or rhetorical question up for debate…Its a reminder to draw light to these injustices and change those popular perceptions. To challenge colonizers and assert that Indigenous people will not be sacrificial lambs. We are challenging these corrupt systems of asserting our existence. You cannot erase us, you cannot justify these evils.
Gord Downie's The Secret Path
This Sunday at 9PM ET, join us here for a live stream of Gord Downie's The Secret Path and a post-show CBC Arts live panel on the road to reconciliation.

Gord Downie’s Secret Path (which is about Reconciliation and the era of Residential School’s) can be watched at the link above.


On October 22, 1966 near Kenora, Ontario, Chanie Wenjack died when he walking home to the family he was taken from over 400 miles away. Fifty years later, Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie has taken Wenjack’s story and turned it into the Secret Path project, including a solo album, a graphic novel and an animated film.

It was a live broadcast, but you can scroll back and watch it from the beginning.

Objectification. This echoes a quote I recently shared from Vine Deloria in an interview about westernization and reducing people and living things to objects in order to exploit.

This “inalienable right” or entitlement of colonizers and oppressors, can be seen historically through “Manifest Destiny” , “Doctrine of Discovery”, Chattel Slavery. 

The paradigm of treating everything as inanimate is ever present in anti Indigenous attitudes as well where Indigenous cultues are depicted as frozen in time, defeated, inanimate and stagnant when they are thriving. Colonizers just try to erase that through their acts of erasure and objectification.

Theres so much more to be said about this page but I will leave my initial thoughts there.
Indigenous leaders give Liberals a failing grade for first year
“He hasn’t fulfilled a single promise that he made to First Nations,” says Pamela Palmater, an associate professor and chair of Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University.

It was going to be a new era in the long saga of Canada’s First Nations.

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government campaigned on a long to-do list for Indigenous voters and they cast ballots in unprecedented numbers.

One year later, some say those promises rang empty and the new Liberal government has failed them.

“He hasn’t fulfilled a single promise that he made to First Nations,” says Pamela Palmater, an associate professor and chair of Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University.

“Harper was the ultimate arch-villain of First Nations and Prime Minister Trudeau came in and he was all about the photo-ops and shaking hands and attending chiefs assemblies and sending his ministers out to meet with chiefs across the country. And that’s great, the symbolic part, but that’s all we have.”

So far, Indigenous Canadians are no better off under the Liberal government, she tells Yahoo Canada News.

The inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women is less than was promised and, despite claims to the contrary, the actual annual funding announced in the federal budget is within the two per cent cap, she says.

An extra $50 million a year for four years toward post-secondary education has not materialized, either, Palmater says.

Nor is there any plan of funding committed to implementing the 94 recommendations that emerged from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report, she adds.

“You can’t do that in a year, but he’s got no plan or budget in place and he didn’t even mention that in his budget,” she says.

The Liberals promised to implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, but now say that is not legally feasible, Palmater says.

And the federal government has yet to abide by a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruling in January that found the federal government discriminates against Indigenous children by under-funding child and family services on reserves.

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Rally in solidarity with #StandingRock. #NoDAPL #waterislife #protectthesacred #DakotaAccessPipeline #keepitinthegroud
Citing 1851 Treaty, Water Protectors Establish Road Blockade and Expand Frontline #NoDAPL Camp
This morning, at approximately 8am central, water protectors took back unceded territory affirmed in the 1851 Treaty of Ft. Laramie as sovereign land under the control of the Oceti Sakowin, erecting a frontline camp of several structures and tipis on Dakota Access property, just east of ND state highway 1806. This new established camp is 2.5 miles north of the Cannon Ball River, directly on the proposed path of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). This site is directly across the road from where DAPL security dogs attacked water protectors on September 3rd.

For Indigenous Peoples Day, we’re pleased to share this art work by Jonathan Labillois titled “Still Dancing,” which originally appeared in Volume, 9 Issue 2 of Girlhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal. This issue featured a special section on Indigenous Girlhood

For more on Indigenous Peoples, please visit our blog. 

Please read this, and if you’re non native, it is okay to reblog this, in fact I ask - no, beg - you to.

If you want to be an ally to indigenous peoples of the Americas, don’t be just reblogging stuff anti Col*mb*s, and especially don’t be just ignoring today.

Be reblogging stuff of native greatness. Be talking about us. Talking about our accomplishments, our ability to survive over 500 years of people against us. Talk about Charles Curtis, the first Native American (his mother was fully native of the Kaw, Osage, and Potawatomi tribes) vice president (to Herbert Hoover, served 1929-1933). Talk about the Native American Literature Renaissance throughout the 20th century. Talk about our water protectors out in the Dakotas.Talk about Nancy Reagan, a direct descendant of Matoaka (or as you probably know her, Pocahontas), and while her blood wasn’t much, she often volunteered and helped native communities, she was more native in her spirit than some full natives. Talk about the fact we have built our own media networks, both in movies and tv shows. Talk about how we fought in World War I, despite not even being American citizens (we wouldn’t gain citizenship until 1924). Talk about how the Navajo helped the Allies win World War II, with using their language as codes. Talk about all the great things we’ve done to make this country to how it is today.

And during this, don’t forget the modern issues. Kidnapping of native children and putting them legally through the adoption system (and usually ending up with white adopted parents) is today higher than during the residential school years. The United States to this date refuses to acknowledge or apologize for the schools. Many of our reservations are in water crises (including the Navajo’s who’s have been going on since 1942). Talk about the missing and murdered indigenous women that Canada refuses to acknowledge or help. Talk about that native women are the most likely than any other race to end up becoming sex slaves, and to end up facing rape and domestic abuse, usually by non native men too. Talk about that natives make up less than 1% of the United States and Canada, yet make up 1.9% of police brutality cases, making our rate higher than that of any other race.

Talk about resistances against these. Talk about the Oka Crisis. Talk about those water protectors I mentioned above. Talk about Idle No More.

Don’t forget that the alternate title to this day, and the title we are fighting for, is Indigenous Peoples Day.

Pay attention to us. Talk about us.