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I felt like I needed to add response to some facebook comments stating that the Idle no more movement was a non violent movement and thus, there should be no space for violence, “Handrums not handguns” : 

I just wanted to take a moment and thank the sister Gabriela Spears for what she said in her last comment, a lot of truth in her last statement that I would like to echo, we come from different places and different struggles. The fact that my people are here up in arms, literally, with a sign of support should not be taken as a message that those in the Idle no more movement should do the same.The P'urhepecha of Cheran are in a violent struggle (as many Indigenous people are) against narcotraficantes and mexican governments. In that struggle, I believe they wish to show their support; as Indigenous people, as people in struggle, as people that were led by the women to do this. to take up arms. In the most respectful way, my relatives are placing up an offering of support. We, P'urehpecha that are here in the states stand with you in the Idle no more movement, because our struggle is the same. With that said I wish more of us talked about this last point that Gabriela raised,

“ You are eager to count us in the "50 million strong” stat as part of the same continent but we rarely see you display the same solidarity we do for your movements.“ 

I do wish displaced Indigenous from the south and tribes in the North spoke about this more, I feel like we are so often blanketed as all Mexican, or Aztec or Mexica, when in fact many folks from Mexico still hold on to their traditional ways and customs and medicine, and identify as distinct peoples; Huichol, Cora, Mixtec.. Our tribes are alive, we are autonomous, we are strong and vibrant. In not seeing us as this, as distinct tribes, I feel like some strong medicine is being lost, connections that need to be made. Perhaps this isin’t the right time or place to be talking about this, but I feel like I needed to say this. I’m Purhepecha of Michoacan