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sometimes i think SJ tumblr is all about really ugly people flattering each other and telling each other that being fat and ugly is not only acceptable but admirable, and its pretty ironic that these trans people and pomo "queers" are calling radical feminists ugly when they themselves do not pass as women or men and look like they've just fallen off the back of a garbage truck. i don't know who they're even fucking, yet they claim all of you are prudes

LOLLLLLL I laughed so hard at this, perfect! I personally have not seen photos of all the radfems, but I def think killyourenemies, indigenousfeminist and shameandcupcakes are gorgeous women, and i’ve seen a lot of the trans activists and I agree with you, I do not know how they are having sex, or how they can claim we’re ugly or prudish. 

I don’t agree with criticising the appearance of others instead of criticising their politics, but let’s face it, we’re not the ones initiating this bullshit. 

Gender exists for sure, but it does not mean it’s true or good. It does not mean that it should go on existing since it has proven harmful for females born under the patriarchy. Gender is a tool used by the patriarchy to justify the subjugation of females. Negative traits have been attributed to females and are widely accepted as true and female babies are socialized according to these falsehoods. Trans women’s gender identities reinforce the idea of what a woman is when they grow their hair out (does this mean that a woman with short hair is any less a woman?) or when they wear make-up.. they’re attributing these acts to being a woman, but these are false. These are just a few small examples of the way in which this idea of gender and gender identity hurts and oppresses females. It is detrimental to female liberation. If we are to be liberated, we need to let go of gender and all the traits and stereotypes that go along with it.
—  Indigenous Feminist