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Please read this, and if you’re non native, it is okay to reblog this, in fact I ask - no, beg - you to.

If you want to be an ally to indigenous peoples of the Americas, don’t be just reblogging stuff anti Col*mb*s, and especially don’t be just ignoring today.

Be reblogging stuff of native greatness. Be talking about us. Talking about our accomplishments, our ability to survive over 500 years of people against us. Talk about Charles Curtis, the first Native American (his mother was fully native of the Kaw, Osage, and Potawatomi tribes) vice president (to Herbert Hoover, served 1929-1933). Talk about the Native American Literature Renaissance throughout the 20th century. Talk about our water protectors out in the Dakotas.Talk about Nancy Reagan, a direct descendant of Matoaka (or as you probably know her, Pocahontas), and while her blood wasn’t much, she often volunteered and helped native communities, she was more native in her spirit than some full natives. Talk about the fact we have built our own media networks, both in movies and tv shows. Talk about how we fought in World War I, despite not even being American citizens (we wouldn’t gain citizenship until 1924). Talk about how the Navajo helped the Allies win World War II, with using their language as codes. Talk about all the great things we’ve done to make this country to how it is today.

And during this, don’t forget the modern issues. Kidnapping of native children and putting them legally through the adoption system (and usually ending up with white adopted parents) is today higher than during the residential school years. The United States to this date refuses to acknowledge or apologize for the schools. Many of our reservations are in water crises (including the Navajo’s who’s have been going on since 1942). Talk about the missing and murdered indigenous women that Canada refuses to acknowledge or help. Talk about that native women are the most likely than any other race to end up becoming sex slaves, and to end up facing rape and domestic abuse, usually by non native men too. Talk about that natives make up less than 1% of the United States and Canada, yet make up 1.9% of police brutality cases, making our rate higher than that of any other race.

Talk about resistances against these. Talk about the Oka Crisis. Talk about those water protectors I mentioned above. Talk about Idle No More.

Don’t forget that the alternate title to this day, and the title we are fighting for, is Indigenous Peoples Day.

Pay attention to us. Talk about us.

Unrepresented People: Indigenous Americans Master Post

So for Columbus Day this year, I thought it would be more appropriate to draw attention to the histories of the various indigenous peoples of the Americas. As such I have created a master post of all my Unrepresented People posts on indigenous Americans. For those of you who are more recent followers, Unrepresented People is a series of short posts I do on minority people, cultures, or regions around the world. While the posts I have here deal with Indigenous Americans, I have done posts on people from around the world, so be sure to check out the tag. The series is on a bit of a hiatus as I’ve just started grad school and an internship, but I hope to restart it soon. 

Note: Names marked with an apostrophe (*), are people of mixed indigenous and European/African descent

Okay I'm really fucking pissed

So today is Australia Day. Now Australia Day warrants some controversy because it happens to be the day that white settlement started in Australia and thousands and thousands of indigenous Australians were killed and their lives were made living hell. So while half of the population of Australia is celebrating the other half is mourning the deaths of family and find it insulting that (non indigenous) Australians are celebrating the genocide of their people. So there have been many /peaceful/ protests about changing the date of Australia Day from the 26th of January to any other date. Now let me say again these protests were peaceful, much more peaceful that the women’s rights protests a few days prior. When the protesters lit a flag on fire police officers moved in with such extreme force. Now let me tell you the women’s rights protest was much much more violent than this and they were left to continue protesting with minimal police interaction. So let me ask, are you still telling me this is not about race?

“Happy Indigenous Peoples Day. I’m hoping that you’ll spend a few minutes thinking about these questions. And then you know, go support a native business, a native artist, go buy a book from a native author. Donate to Standing Rock. Bring up native people when we aren’t at the table. Remember that we are still here.

#interrogatethenarrative#indigenouspeoplesday #wearestillhere”

Created by Ashley Fairbanks (Instagram: @ziibiing)


Happy Indigenous Peoples Day

#IndigenousPeoplesDay poster by Native artist Jackie Fawn showcasing young Indigenous organizers.

S/O to Remy, Naelyn, MC Rhetorik, Van and all the amazing Indigenous organizers and community members putting in much work for the struggle!

Create. Organize. Celebrate. Build.


A friend posted a picture about cities that have abolished Columbus Day and made it Indigenous People’s Day. Someone posted “Fuck Indigenous Day” and proceeded to make a bunch of racist comments that denied and justified genocide. These were the comments made by this idiot who came in to white knight for the other one.

She uses her full legal name and lives in California.

Tumblr. Do your stuff.

UPDATE: It would appear that the employer has been receiving a lot of e-mails because of this post, especially when word got out that the manager actually laughed at the comments Erika left on Facebook. 

Because someone wrote an e-mail to the CEO and this was the outcome:

For those who can’t read it, here’s what is being said:

Concerned: Hello! I am emailing you today to let you know that your office manager, Erika Everett, has been going on a rather racist and violent tirade on facebook. Apparently, someone on facebook being happy about Columbus Day being renamed Indigenous Day in some places was very upsetting to her. Here she is saying it’s ‘too bad we didn’t get rid of all the indians’ Here she is making light of child abuse I will note that someone has already contacted you, by means I’m not sure of, and apparently her supervisor and Ms. Everett apparently laughed about her disgusting comments together. It is already making the rounds of the internet. Hopefully some disciplinary action is taken before it become too much public knowledge that yet ANOTHER unapologetic racist is a manager at a financial service industry. It doesn’t bode well for a company that backs up this kind of behaviour. I hope Pinedo Financial Services is not one of these companies. Thank you - A concerned observer


Concerned: Thank you for the confirmation about your company’s standards. It’s a shame that you find this e-mail to be harassment when you employ people that laugh about genocide and child abuse. But it’s nice to know that your company endorses that. Well done. - Still Concerned

Whatever you guys are doing, you’re doing it well.



[1: ‘Fuck Columbus’ is an useless display of impotent rage.]

[2: Last year I was very frustrated to see photosets being shared online of people saying this]

[3: What does this accomplish? What does this mean? Who does it affect?]

[4: Columbus was a genocidal sociopath who single handedly killed thousands of Taino]

[5: His legacy may be the colonization of all the Americas, but Columbus never set foot in North America and colonialism preceded him]

[6: Who is Columbus? A dead man whose grave & bones haven’t been defiled or desecrated. Unless you’re campaigning for tht, why say “fuck Colón”?]

[7: Saying “fuck Columbus” doesn’t strike at the heart of the issue. The root of the issue is colonialism in all it’s forms.]

[8: Why isn’t saying “fuck the nation-state” or “fuck white supremacy” or “fuck white culture” more popular than “fuck Columbus”?]

[9: It’s easy to blame a nobody. But while Columbus was responsible for our genocide, there are larger implications to who is responsible today]

[10: If you really wanna “fuck Columbus”, stop dropping his name. Let him fade into obscurity and disappear like he tried to do to us]

[11:  Now, it’s becoming recognized that this is Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Let him die the most final of deaths and breath his name no more]

[12: Let us put our pain and grief to bed this day]

[13: I would rather celebrate all of us]