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Quebec Liberal MP Marc Miller holds speech in Mohawk

For the first time since Confederation, Mohawk was spoken in the House of Commons. Not by an indigenous person itself, but by a Marc Miller, an anglophone non-indigenous member of the Parliament of Quebec. Even though it is not his mother tongue, it is an exceptional gesture and example. He has been learning the Mohawk language secretly for months and wanted to pay tribute to the First Nations at the beginning of the National Aboriginal History Month. He wants to encourage more people to learn more about indigenous cultures and languages. His speech has been perceived very positive by others, also indigenous people: “I always thought they’d laugh at me and say, ‘Is this guy ridiculous? Who is this clown?’ But it’s been the opposite. It’s been extremely positive." 

Akwiratékha’ Martin who teaches Mohawk at Kahnawake’s immersion school said: “I applaud his efforts and it’s very respectful. […] I hope that he continues using the language in his job. But most of all, I wish that he helps get all (indigenous language) programs funded that are not recognized or funded by his government. I’m sure that he knows now that for us speaking our language is medicine and heals a part of our spirit.” 

Marc Miller spoke about the revelation this adventure gave him: "It’s very odd that we can say hello in 15 languages that aren’t Canadian, but we can’t say hello in a First Nations language. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you can communicate, you can understand where people are coming from.”


ARCA was named by the locals as it came as a ship in the middle of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. If fact, on a more anecdotic level, it’s an earthship project, that comes from a wish to mimic a specific Brazilian indigenous house typology (Asurini, Médio Xingu) and be a stand alone object with minimal impact to the surrounding.


House Sparrow–”Restore…,Annandale, Virginia, November 7, 2016

my voice for me.

This very day take out your spell for me……                                                      May it be beautiful before me….”                                                                            (The Beauty Way….part of a chanted healing ceremonial poem)

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The reason the houses have indigenous is because the school was founded by indigenous people. Not only that but j.k said that the entire system of magic in North America descended from natives. She didn't "pick a tribe" because it was more than one tribe that the magic came from. Does this make it less of appropriation?? Not trying to be rude, legitimately asking as it would b heartbreaking if Harry Potter participated in cultural appropriation

Please consider that by the time Rowling was born in 1965, we Indigenous people had been legal citizens of the United States for only 41 years, and our rights to speak our languages and worship our religions weren’t legally protected until she of 13.

My grandmother legally could be and was hit for speaking Inupiaq in school, as her right to use her ancestral language and religion wasn’t protected by law until her daughter, my mother, was 7 years old.

As an ethnicity, we have faced genocide and cruelty. We only gained citizenship after forced construction labor and a bunch of us signed up to serve in WWI. This is how we were treated since white people wanted to live on the North American continent and call it home. Many of our cultures and languages are dying because of this.

J.K. Rowling had good intentions. She didn’t mean to hurt anyone. That being said, she’s still a nalaumģiu (inupiat for white person) who didn’t grow up with stories about how her relatives or their friends were molested by the preists who ran the boarding schools or how they were smacked with rulers for speaking their mother tongue. That’s not her story.

If Sherman Alexie, a Native American writer best known for a film called Smoke Signals, wrote the story it would be different. But this story is being written by someone who grew up without cultural context. Someone who probably doesn’t know that we are still finding bodies of indegenous children dumped in shallow graves around the old boarding schools in Alaska and Canada.

Sorry if this sounds blunt, but yes, it is more than a little insulting that a white woman uses these cultures for her writing when she and her family aren’t the ones fighting tooth and nail to hold onto it.


This project was conceptualized by Tom GreyEyes with the help of Inter-tribal Friendship House youth, Tito Lanua. The mural takes on an anti GMO statement. It views industrial agriculture and the formulation of genetically modified organisms as a threat to Native culture and life ways. The mural intends to inspire a new generation of Native youth and encourage them to create cultural bridges with their elders.  GMOs created in a laboratory go through a violent trauma as they are shocked and as viruses are introduced to them to manipulate their DNA. This practice is a desecration of the sacredness and integrity of the plant life and of Mother Nature.

What fandom racism looks like PSA - please reblog

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As glad as I am that that fandom racism post I made blew up and reached a lot of people, I want it to be known right away that I’M WHITE and EUROPEAN. I don’t want people to think that the post is born from my own experiences, nor me trying to speak as some sort of authority bc it absolutely is NOT. however it’s definitely born of my observations of how disgustingly some fans are treating fans of colour and the complete lack of attention surrounding it.

however, everything I said in that post has been said before, and in much much better ways, by Native American bloggers speaking out about their experience concerning both fandom racism and the ilvermorny racism. My aim was to parrot what they’ve been saying to boost their messages because people are still not listening to them when they speak out. Now that my post has become semi popular, it’s ESSENTIAL to direct you to the people who have been speaking on this who live these experiences and give credit where credit is due!!

Here’s a list of the native bloggers I’ve read from with links to the specific posts speaking about this issue. READ THEM and REBLOG THEM because you’ll notice some of these posts have far fewer notes than my 3 second text post which is absolutely disgraceful not to mention racist as fuck. Listen to native people when they speak and BOOST their VOICES!!!



@eaglesforthecup (Actually, just her everything in her “fandom is for white people” tag is gold dust, give it a long hard read because white fans NEED to be aware they are sources of racism too)


@i-haz-a-rezervation (this poster is only so far down because I found his blog when he reblogged an addition to a post, but he seems to have deleted it since. However his blog posts do make his stance clear and have a wealth of First Nations issues and commentary it’s a fantastic follow)

This last poster is NOT criticising jkr for the portrayal of natives as much as showing inaccuracies in rowling’s portrayal of the cultural geography (wrong tribes etc)


These are only the blogs I’ve encountered, I’m sure there’s many more out there I don’t know about. If you’re native and would like to add your blog to this list then please feel free to do that too!!!

I also have an apology post about my ignorance of the racial aspect of the one house discourse here