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Baker Boy ⚡ ♥

Obsessed with this fella, Aussie Indigenous Hip Hop Artist Danzel Baker mixing English and Yolngu Matha language.  This is the stuff that makes me Proud to be Australian.

help an indigenous comic artist

Hey all! I am still struggling to pay off an ambulance bill all by myself because I had a very bad seizure a few weeks ago and had to be transported to the hospital. I’m a Native American art student working part-time and school is very expensive, making my life a little difficult right now. I’m humbling myself and asking for help.

Check out my art and consider commissioning me! (I do traditional and digital commissions)

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call for submissions: indige•zine issue #3 spring: rebirth: renewal

in honor of the warmth & life this season brings, we are looking for all things spring, rebirth, and renewal. share with us your original artwork, songs, poetry, selfies, and even recipes for fresh spring dishes. tell us what spring and renewal means to you, to your indigenous communities, and to indian country as a whole. think green, blossoming and sunny!

indige•zine will be taking submissions from now until april 25th. please send us your work at with a brief bio (your name, your nation, what you do). shonabish!

I’d love to attend the Bay Area Queer Zine Fest next month as I was accepted to table zines but cannot do it w/o funds. I do not have an income as I’m unemployed & disabled and depend solely on what I make selling zines which isn’t much. If you can help in anyway by donating, becoming a monthly patron &/or buying zines from my shop, it’s much appreciated! Sape. 💓

Help #queerindigenousgirl make it to #BAQZF!

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Who: #queerindigenousgirl
What: Bay Area Queer Zine Fest @baqzf
When: Saturday June 17
Where: Oakland
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I, as a part of RM Young Photography, am working on my next photo project, “Two Spirit” which aims to bring visibility and voice to queer indigenous and two spirit folks! I will be taking photos this weekend and next so if you’re available you’re more than welcome to participate!!

Bring and wear whatever you feel most represents yourself! Photo shoot will be outside. If you’re an painter, musician, performer etc. we can take a picture of you doing what you do best! There will also be a few questions to answer that will be included in the photo set.

Contact me if you are down to participate and you availability, or if you have any questions!!

** If you want to submit but aren’t in the area, submit a photo of yourself to my email Include “Two Spirit Project” in the subject. Include a few sentences talking about your identity, experiences or small stories about your identity and experiences as a queer, indigenous and/or two-spirit person**