”After foreign incursion into his territory killed off the wildlife his community survived on, a young Amazonian warrior starts hunting a new prey: white men.” The film was selected in 30 international festivals - in Toronto, Paris, New York, Sao Paulo…- and won 10 awards.

The Man Who Killed God [2012]
Short film, dark comedy 15min.
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To Native activists regarding the election

Bernie Sanders will be visiting my campus this week. On the off chance I’ll be able to actually speak to him, what are some questions you’d want me to ask regarding Native issues? I’ll also be passing these questions off to the people at NASO before the meeting as well. Let me know.

Here are the questions compiled so far, which I’ve also shared on his Twitter. I will edit as more come in.:

  1. “What is he going to do about the water problems on the various reservations and tribal lands across the country? How will he protect the land Natives live on, including sacred sites?”
  2. “How do you plan on collaborating with tribal courts when you become President and how will that differ from the previous Presidents?”
  3. “In Canada, there is now a call for a national inquiry of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.  Native women also have a 1 in 3 chance of sexual violence, higher than any demographic. As president, will you also push for a similar inquiry on American soil?”
  4. “Do you have any plans to nationally and globally acknowledge the historical and current affairs of Native people in this country, including the attempted ethnic cleansing of Native people through warfare, massacres, forced relocation, residential schools, and involuntary sterilizations among other crimes against humanity?” 
  5. “Some reservations have a poverty rate comparable to that of a third world country. As President, how do you plan to provide both aide and hope to the people living in these impossible, desperate conditions?”
  6. “Before the Flint Water Crisis, Gov. Snyder also changed the terms of the Michigan Indian Tuition Waver which was applicable to ALL North American Native tribes. He changed it to make it only exclusive to United States tribes and it was NOT discussed with reservations outside of the United States. As President, how will you honor treaties and conditions and prevent incidents like this in the future?”
  7. “The online/offline proliferation of native inspired crafts doesn’t help lift the native americans out of poverty. Would he be willing to work to block the importation of native inspired craft items like turquoise, dreamcatchers, beadwork and warbonnets etc from overseas (outside north america) and help revise the indian arts and crafts act to include native american inspired and online listings. ”
  8. “Would he be willing to increase access to IV-E waivers so that the tribes can fund and maintain their own child welfare agencies?  Some tribes do have access, but the requirements are incredibly stringent, and hard for the states to maintain, let alone the tribes.  But does he have any willingness to increase access to the tribes, instead of having to rely on state and county child welfare agencies who may or may not follow the guidelines outlined in the Indian Child Welfare Act?”

That moment when Julian Cope hands u an artifact manufactured by coca cola in 1927 & then explains how time mag. made hitler man of the year in 1938 & then goes on to explain how the U.S. 45th infantry was mostly #firstnations #indigenous wearing the same symbol on their arms until 1940 & u realize how bloody important dismantling the system actually is & how powerful a platform music/art is & can be & u realize how much the establishment projects itself thru media & watch people/friends/family ingest poison as entertainment & u still haven’t paid ur rent & u can’t figure out how to disrupt the system without being driven mad by it all & u don’t know what to do with all the information ‘cause obviously nobody cares enough or thinks it thru enough to… & everybody wants to be entertained, & everyone wants to escape & everyone’s applauding the winners while they suck the life & breath of the underground, the root, to propagate more bullshit & win ur dollar & ur vote, they shift ur value system until the truth ain’t worth shit, but u keep pushing & pushing & pushing 'cause u know it’s all built on lies & the people are hungry, so hungry & confused that they’re living vicariously through suckers & u think maybe the time is now, right now & u work for it & u overwork for it & ur underpaid for it & then u realize & the people realize & the followers realize that they already have the thing that will turn it all on its head & then the beat drops….

Cree RCAF member left suicidal after years of racist abuse in the military
'We cannot accept this sort of behaviour' within the Royal Canadian Air Force, commanding officer says By Ashley Burke, CBC News, Feb 11, 2016 A Cree member of the Royal Canadian Air Force says he ...

FILM: ”After foreign incursion into his territory killed off the wildlife his community survived on, a young Amazonian warrior starts hunting a new prey: white men.”
The film was selected in 30 international festivals - in Toronto, Paris, New York, Sao Paulo…- and won 10 awards.

The Man Who Killed God [2012]
Short film, dark comedy 15min.
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Venezuela: Pueblos Indígenas alertan invasión de mineros ilegales en sus territorios

La Coordinadora de Organizaciones Indígenas de la Amazonía Venezolana (COIAM) expresan su profunda preocupación por invasión de mineros ilegales en la zona del río Parucito, además de demandar constantes agresiones de las que son víctimas los pueblos Yabarana, Oti y Panare.

Norval Morisseau

Canada (c. 1975)
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Wikipedia says:

Norval Morrisseau, CM (March 14, 1932 – December 4, 2007), also known as Copper Thunderbird, was an Aboriginal Canadian artist. Known as the “Picasso of the North”, Morrisseau created works depicting the legends of his people, the cultural and political tensions between native Canadian and European traditions, his existential struggles, and his deep spirituality and mysticism. His style is characterized by thick black outlines and bright colors. He founded the Woodlands School of Canadian art and was a prominent member of the “Indian Group of Seven”.


Leonardo DiCaprio honors indigenous people in Globes speech

Leonardo DiCaprio went home with the gold Sunday night for best actor in a drama film. As he wrapped his speech, DiCaprio took a moment to honor the Native Americans depicted in The Revenant. Twitter loved his speech just as much as the roaring audience, to say the least. 


The Dessana women are famous for their abilities to balance urban habits and indigenous traditions in their daily lives without losing the Dessana identity. Here the daughters of Dessana Chief are wearing the new pieces of Hoxton brand (Cristina Ventura). Brazil 2014 by Richard Hodara (Vision Lights)

Mexican Indigenous Ask Pope to Apologize for Massive Genocide

The Purepechas of Michoacan released a statement asking Pope Francis to apologize for the killing of 24 million Indigenous people.

The Supreme Indigenous Council of Michoacan, Mexico, accused the Catholic Church of being complicit in the killing of over 24 million Indigenous people.
Some 30 Indigenous communities of Michoacan, Mexico, have released a statement demanding Pope Francis apologize for the genocide committed with the complicity of the Catholic Church against their people during the Spanish invasion of the Americas in the sixteenth century as well as the fact that they have been victimized for over five centuries.

“For over 500 years, the original people of the Americas have been ransacked, robbed, murdered, exploited, discriminated and persecuted,” the Supreme Indigenous Council of Michoacan said in the statement.

“Within this framework, the Catholic Church has historically been complicit and allies of those who invaded our land,” they added.

Various Purepechas communities from Michoacan demanded that the pope make a public statement apologizing for the church’s role in the genocide and ongoing disappearance of the Indigenous people of Mexico.

The council also denounced that with weapons and the help of Catholic missionaries, a culture, language, religion and other European values were imposed on the people of Mexico.

"The Bible was the ideological weapon of the Conquerors,” they added ahead of the pope’s visit to Mexico, which begins Feb. 12.

The Spanish intervention and invasion of the Americas represents one of the biggest acts of genocide in history, they said.

“The arrival of the Europeans meant the interruption and destruction of various original civilizations, which had their unique ideas and concepts of the world, our own government, writings, languages, education, religion and philosophy,” the statement added.
The “European invaders” caused the death of 95 percent of the the total Indigenous population within 130 years after the unfortunate arrival of Christopher Columbus and Hernan Cortes, the council noted.

They highlighted that before the Spaniards arrived to the Mexican region, there were about 25.2 million Indigenous people, and that after 1623, less than 700,000 were left.

The pope is scheduled to visit Morelia, the capital of Michoacan, Feb. 16.

Last year, First Nations people also demanded the pope apologize for the genocide committed by colonization.


Indigenous Book & Authors Festival 2016, Beyond Stereotype, Prejudice, & Racism

“Arigon Starr is coming back to Albuquerque for the Read Indigenous/IFAIR Book Festival at the University of New Mexico.”

March 3 & 4, 2016. The University of New Mexico Student Union Building

Albuquerque, New Mexico

More info at ifair.unm.edu

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