Vista de circulaciones de cubierta, Centro Coordinadores Indigenista de Tlapa (hoy Centro Coordinador para el Desarrollo Indígena Tlapa), Carr. Tlapa-Chilapa km. 1, Col. Aviaciones, Tlapa de Comonfort, Guerrero. Mexico 1965

Arq. Alejandro Caso

View of covered walkways, Indigenous Coorindating Center of Tlapa (now Coorindating  Center for Indigenous Development of Tlapa) Col. Aviaciones, Tlapa de Conomfort, Guerro, Mexico 1965

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Daily reminder. #Indigenous knowledge systems and wisdom to impart to those who have lost their way. The disconnection and relationship that we, Indigenous nations, have w the land is not for ownership, but relationship. The earth is our Mother. The sky is our Father. The Moon our Grandmother. The Sun our Grandfather. These age old stories of our creation date thousands of years over the Christian orthodox of creation and existence. Christianity and colonialism tried to erase this from our minds, what Christianity and colonialism did not understand or know is that we would rise up once again and reclaim our dignity, knowledge, and lifeways. #IndigenousNationsRising #IndigenousKnowledge #Ancestors #MotherEarth #FatherSky #LoveWaterNotOil #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife #Decolonize

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