sometimes I pretend I can actually draw …..

this is another pice for the cultural game Kawaidas Journey I’m working on as the artist. The only illustrator btw. But we have another artist to make the UI. So that’s very helpful. : >

We still need some help on our Kickstarter …
Please Check it out and/or share it

Thanks! :D


The pixel art is actually so good it depresses me…

Design Document 1.0

So. Many. Mechanics. heyman234 and I have spent the last five or so hours writing the first draft of our design document for the game Elodia (working title) - meaning ‘foreign riches’ in the old German tongue. 

The player takes control of…lets call him Bob. Bob is a knight who has been awarded a keep by the drunkard King for his loyal services. Only issue is his neighbors - five factions of dark creatures that want the land the keep stands upon for their own; oh, and to feast on his delicious flesh. Now Bob must fight to defend his hold, all the while exploring the surrounding plains to find riches and resources to ensure that no foul creature should so much as cross the moat. With any luck Bob may yet locate the faction leaders and dispatch them one-by-one. Only then will he be able to relax and reminisce over a mug of mead.           

Stay tuned. 


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