Hold the moon in the palm of your hand, give it a great big hug, or let it illuminate your room with Luna, an enchanting spherical lamp designed by Taipei-based Acorn Studio. Originally created for use on concert stages and in music videos, the studio is now hoping to produce Luna on a larger scale. The radiant full moon lantern is handmade from glass fiber and non-toxic latex and is available in seven different sizes via an ongoing Indiegogo campaign:

Head over to the Luna Indiegogo campaign page for additional info.

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Story of 27

Synopsis: 12 stories depicting 12 Black people connected across different points of time and space intersecting along a multiverse where a Black cyborg that wouldn’t have been forged without their attempts tries to escape an Earth doomed to a red giant sun in search of an eons old question, “What happened to the humans?”. Eventually leading the cyborg on a multigalactic, multiuniversal thriller that began with a decoded number sent from another universe.. #27.

“What if a number linked humans across different points of time and space no matter their distances? like particles within a quantum mechanical universe paired across vast distances.. could humans be capable of entering a state of consciousness aided by technology that allows them to pair with other instances of themselves, and perhaps even share information?”

I wanted to create an indiegogo (now redirecting to my paypal since the campaign finished as of Feb. 8th PCT) for my comic book ‘Story of 27’ because I’d need enough to make and distribute the comic book, which would be 12 issues plus a 13th issue tying it together all within the same multiverse just taking place in different timelines and universes with tones of afrofuturism and decolonialization. I’d also like to put together a 30 min (maybe longer if possible) animation short that ties with the digital issues I’d also distribute. It’s a lot of work and money and time I don’t have and can’t afford because I gotto focus on getting the bills paid. but with enough funding I could have time freed and money to get this going and put this wonderful mindfuck of a story out there for the world. I think it’s a story worth telling, will you help me tell it? Spread this and support it in any way you possibly can.

Update: So the Indiegogo campaign finished but that doesn’t mean your ability to support this comic book should, so I relinked the above to redirect to my paypal donation link so ya’ll can donate while I go on hiatus to work on the book. Rest assured to every one who donated to this work in progress you will see results within the coming months when the book becomes more and more of a reality. Thank everyone who signal boosted this with me and those who donated either to my paypal or the Indiegogo campaign, we’re making something wonderful here.

Indivisible Needs Help

So I think at this point a lot have seen or heard of this beautiful game being developed by Lab Zero, the core developers of the popular 2D fighter Skullgirls. However if you haven’t heard of it, Indivisble is an action RPG with side scrolling Metroid style platforming, well Lab Zero currently has an active crowd funding campaign with a pretty lofty goal of 1.5 million dollars of which they’ve only raised about a quarter, with only about 25 days left in the campaign.  Now 1.5 million might seem like quite a budget for a game like this, but given Lab Zero’s standard of quality combined with cost of animating each character, programming, and design it’s not at all unreasonable, and in fact that’s not the actual budget of the game, which is currently expected to cost over 3 million dollars. if the game reaches it’s crowdfunding goal then Publisher 505 Games cover the remaining development costs, as explained here in the campaign itself.

By now you’ve probably noticed that rather large amount of money we’re asking for in this campaign. However, this isn’t the actual budget for the game.

The total budget for Indivisible is $3,500,000.

If we raise our goal of $1,500,000 or more, 505 Games will provide the remaining $2,000,000 we need to complete the game. So, effectively, up to the initial goal your contribution is worth more than double.

And the more we raise beyond the initial goal, the better the game gets and the better the publishing arrangement with 505 gets for Lab Zero.

To be clear, this is not a campaign to “gauge interest” – Indivisible’s budget represents a more equitable funding split, where your support directly influences not only the game, but also the post-release benefits Lab Zero receives.

Indivisible will not happen if we don’t hit our goal. But should the campaign succeed, Lab Zero will have a better outcome than we would’ve gotten through a more traditional publishing deal – that’s the risk we took, and we feel it’s a worthwhile tradeoff.

Additionally, this represents the complete budget for our entire vision of Indivisible.  If we are lucky enough to be in that situation, we will not be adding additional gameplay content to the core game as stretch goals As such, all additional content funded through stretch goals will be released in post-release updates.

So as you can see, every contribution makes a HUGE difference, because if the game is unable to meet it’s goal then that would mean the end of Indivisible and possibly the end of Lab Zero altogether, which if you ask me would be a MAJOR loss for gaming overall! So if you can, please donate and if you can’t then please spread the word so this game can become a reality.

There is a great Prototype availabe for download HERE, and the Indiegogo campaign can be found HERE!


Indivisible - Incarnations ½

This is the first half of incarnations for the game Indivisible, created by Lab Zero being currently funded through Indiegogo. This is just half of the the full cast we will see in form of party members on final release. Please help and support the game by donating, and help us reach the final 50 percent!

UPDATE on Indivisible Campain!

Really good news everyone! Yesterday durnig the AMA on Reddit that Lab Zero did, they talked about extending the campain if it reaches 60% in 7 days thats 900 k, they will extend the campain over one more month to get the remaining 40%. At the moment we are sitting at 645 k with 10k backers!

So if you havent Contributed yet because you were hesitating about the game not making it in time and you think you are wasting your money we remind you two things, first you are not waisting your money, if the  campain is not founded you are payed back what you contrbute, and second and most important Lab zero put all their souls into this campain the least you can do for a game this big and incredible is contribute, if you cant put money into the game thats all right, just spread the word rebloging on tumblr Indivisble, try to get your friends and famility or your neighbour to check the game out!


This is Brian! He’s only a baby and used to be a stray until he found a new home at the stables, and he’s honestly the friendliest little cat I’ve ever met. He doesn’t meow, he peeps at you like a baby bird, and he is a total glutton for food and attention. As you can see in the first photo, he likes to put his paws up and hug you :)

This morning he was peeping away, incredibly bloated and unable to urinate and we knew we had a problem. We struggled to find a vet that would see him on a sunday for less than £120 just for the appointment and when we finally found one we got the news that his bladder would burst and kill him if he wasn’t treated that day. The treatment to clear his urinary tract was £200 and the treatment to keep this from happening to him again is a extra £400 on top of that.

I am a student and the other ladies at the stables cannot afford to spend this much money so it seemed that the only option was to put Brian down, but just then he walked up to me and popped his paws on my shoulders and touched his nose to mine and I couldn’t let it happen. So he went into surgery earlier today and is now awake and already raising hell and trying to rip out his IV. This little boy has so much life in him. At the moment I am looking to raise the £200 to pay the current vet bills and hopefully we can raise a little more to help us on the way to making sure he won’t suffer from this again and be in need of more life saving surgery.

If you would like to help Brian out please consider doing one of the following!

1) donate directly to his treatment using indiegogo

2) commission me! I am doing emergency sketch commissions for Brian ad you can find info and pricing here (all payments through paypal)

3) reblog this post!! Spreading awareness really helps us out <3

Thank you so much if you do any of these things! Brian is such a fabulous little cat and he deserves a chance at a full and happy life!

(Any posts related to Brian will be tagged as savethelifeofbrian :])


The TGS team is excited to present the Indiegogo Campaign to fund the second round of shooting for The Gathering Storm: A Marauders Fan Film! Not only will we be shooting scenes that we weren’t able to during principal photography and reshooting others that we felt could be stronger, but we’ll also be filming a ton of new content that’s been written to expand the characters and universe of the film. But we can’t finish it without your help!

This is also the final opportunity to get your hands on a DVD of the film, as well as the character posters, and other fantastic perks!

So check out the Indiegogo, and help us finish the story!

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SheNative is a socially driven handbag & accessories company dedicated to empowering Indigenous women, positively impacting the way they are represented in the media, and changing how they are perceived by the rest of the world.

Devon Fiddler, Founder & Chief Changemaker of SheNative is an Indigenous woman of the Waterhen Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada. She founded SheNative with a mission to inspire Native Women and girls to see themselves differently.

“I grew up a shy, timid Native girl, not having the best childhood experience with so much external negativity due to who I was, right down to the colour of my skin. I’ve since realized that I didn’t have to be who I was expected to be, and I could be whoever I wanted! So, I did it!”

Devon recognized a common problem based on her own personal experiences and those of her friends, family and other Native women around her. She recognized the need for change, and started looking for a way to help other woman and girls, to tell them that it’s okay to be amazing and pursue their passions. And so, SheNative was born. Devon recognized that changing the way Native women perceive themselves will start a chain reaction of empowerment, encouraging these women to provoke a positive change in public perceptions.

SheNative is currently at $9,700 (65% of their $15,000 goal) with 7 days left in the campaign. Jump on board now and help them make it!




But they need help! They have 20 more days to raise$35,000 to help with start up costs for when they plan to open in 2016, and so far they only have $6,306!!!! If you love cats and coffee, please consider donating!! Please check it out, it would be so cool to have a cat cafe in Michigan!


Thank you all for the incredible amount of support! We’ve raised over 100% of our goal within the last 24 hours. We’re super excited to begin working with manufacturers to bring you the best quality headphones! 

There’s still 30 days left to our campaign so please help spread the awesome news, share our video, and check out our campaign at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/axent-wear-cat-ear-headphones/x/7458195

We’ve also updated the campaign with answers to many of the questions asked yesterday. You can find the FAQ section at the bottom of the Indiegogo page :)


Check out this amazing video created by my fellow crazy passionate and incredibly caring volunteers at Asexual Outreach!!

After watching, head over to their website and to their IndieGoGo campaign to donate to furthering the ace movement!

Let’s make the voices of all of us aces around the world HEARD!


Oh look, it’s Gay Mean Girls (again?!) but this time, we wanna turn our little short into…

Our team of queer/poc students made the short in our 3rd year of film school because we were hungry for representation in classic teen films such as Mean Girls (duh) and The Virgin Suicides. It was fascinating to watch how beauty and power were exchanged within girl cliques - where everyone acts tough because they feel vulnerable. How can you be any other way when this is the time you learn how deeply the world hates you?

Gay Mean Girls follows Lucy Kim, president of the prom committee as she fights for Gay Prom Royalty to win over her out lesbian best friend.

We wanted to explore what this period looked like for a young woman of colour who was questioning her sexuality, and battling internalized racism and homophobia at the same time. We wanted to make high school politics a queer issue, and to have an Asian woman be the hero of the story.

After putting our short online and going viral with over a million views, we started receiving an out pour of messages from other qwoc saying how deeply they related to Lucy’s struggles, and how the representation rang the bells about racism they also experienced.

We’ve listened to your requests and are excited to bring you MORE! One whole season of Lucy, Miranda, and Anita that expands on their relationships and fight for Gay Prom Royalty.

Better, Fiercer, Gayer: Gay Mean Girls - The Web Series is a teen dramedy that expands on the events of the short film. Follow Lucy, Miranda, and Anita as they crush their enemies, and crush on each other.

Gay Mean Girls: The Webseries (Season 1) will feature 12 longform episodes, with over 2 hours of script entertainment. We will be opening public (and private, that’s one of our perks for contributors!) Tumblrs for Lucy, Miranda, and Anita so you can interact with them one on one.

We want to make this series available online, and free for the young people who need it the most - people who may not be able to pay for media that positively represents them.

Check out our Kickstarter and reblog if you want to see this be made!

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Yes, Grace, it’s real.

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!! Nerdfighters have raised over $700,000 for the Project For Awesome through the Indiegogo including the matched donations pledged by our anonymous donors. That. Is. Bananas. Joe Bereta and Elliott Morgan are hosting the livestream at this link. Now more than ever it’s important to be careful and thoughtful with your vote, so look through the charities at ProjectForAwesome.com and vote accordingly.