SOL BOUND now on Kickstarter!

🕹️✨Hello fellow Gamers! ✨🎮

After several months of long nights and no social life, our little indie studio, CROWQUETICA GAMES is so proud to present our Kickstarter for “Sol Bound” - a pixelly, Latin-inspired action-adventure game about teamwork, tech and the will to survive!

Please check out our Kickstarter  for more information on the game! It only costs $10 for a copy of the game, or you can donate any amount if you just feel like supporting our studio. Being that we are a bootstrap studio, we don’t have a lot of resources available to us. To make our dreams come true, we need to reach our goal, so please SHARE with your friends, family and followers! 

About our Studio:
We are female owned, half of our team are women, and 5 out 6 of us are LatinX! If successful with our first game, we hope to start a mentorship program for many hopeful developers in NYC who find it hard to compete professionally because they could not afford to go to private schools with game dev programs (NYU, SVA, etc) or have the resources, connections, etc available to them. We’re currently working with a gaming initiative group which helps disenfranchised college students of color from Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx learn how to make games. Hopefully we can help them mold some future devs - and maybe add some future recruits to our team! 

If you like you our game, or if you want to support women and minorities in creative and STEM positions, please consider backing us!
Thank you so much for your support!!

♥ The Crowquetica Team

Let’s reach our goal! ¡DALE CROWQUETICA~!