Hey guys! The game is on Game Jolt and has a rating of 5/5 and has been played 36 times :D I need help getting more votes and plays on Gamejolt so I can get featured and more people can discover me! If you have an account on Gamejolt (or are willing to take 10 second to to support the game) please vote for me and download it so my statistics can get more traction! :)

Thank everyone who supports Subterrestial! :D



Bless You, Rip Demo 0.110 released!

This isn’t the big update to chapter 1 we’ve been talking about (that’s still planned to come out in the summer), but this update’s just to bring the old demo up to speed with the new engine.  There’s no new or revised story content in this release, but there are tweaks to the game play.  And, of course, the switch to a resolution of 800x600 instead of 640x480 debuts in this demo, making the game less cramped.  (Full details on what’s been changed this version can be seen here)

So go grab it here if you wanna see the new engine!


Herald is on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight!

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Herald is a two-part interactive period drama for PC, Mac and Linux that plays as a mix between a visual novel and a 3D point and click adventure game. You are Devan Rensburg, a man of mixed heritage, assigned to work as a steward aboard the merchant ship HLV Herald.  

  • A branching narrative that changes depending on how you choose to play.
  • A gripping tale about finding your identity in a world divided by race, class and religion.  
  • A beautiful hand-painted art style mixing 2D animated portraits with 3D environments.  
  • A world inspired by historical events that takes place in the final days of the Age of Sail.
  • A 19th century trading ship full of secrets and mysteries to uncover while you explore.
  • An interactive period drama with a heavy emphasis on character development.
  • A story within a story that switches between Devan’s present and his past.

Share this post and spread the word to help us make the game a reality. We’ll also be doing an exclusive tumblr giveaway of the game, more about that later!


To Challenge a God is a 2D Pixel Platformer inspired by the popular platformer Mega-Man that you can play here for FREE:


It’s got a giant boss, voice acting, and adorable pixel art about a Fox demon trying to save a doomed town!

I’m asking Tumblr just for TWO MINUTES of their time and a vote to help me reach my dream. After 8 months, it just launched on Greenlight and Kickstarter for the game I’ve spent the last 8 months working on.

I’ve been working with games professionally for 5 years and now I have a chance to make a dream I’ve had since a boy come true. Despite finishing this demo and 3 games prior to this, I find myself unable to land a job in the industry even as a production apprentice because I decided to teach myself game creation independently rather than dig myself into tens of thousands of dollars of debt for a degree, 99% of the time this results in at the door rejection. 

I’m really asking everyone on Tumblr from the bottom of my heart to help me get to my dream, to share this and support my creativity by voting for me on Greenlight for FREE. You literally can’t get a better deal on karma. 

Vote for To Challenge a God on Steam FREE <—- Vote                  If just 1000 of you vote for me I’ll be able to make the waves needed  to be succesful.

If you like the game, the 1st 50 people can get a copy of the full version for 40% off by pledging to my Kickstarter, it’s really a great deal!

Support To Challenge a God on Kickstarter!

Game Description:

The Island of Neria is slowly rotting. The lakes have turned to sludge, and the trees have begun to wilt. The only area unaffected by this plague is forest deep in the island known as Divinity’s Playground. What secrets are being kept here? It’s up to Ozma the Fox Demon and Ry the Magic Swordsman to investigate and save Neria before it’s too late!

You take on the role of Ozma, an upstart Fox Demon with a legendary punch and a nose for adventure! He dreams of a day when bards will sing his name for decades to come, and children’s eyes will sparkle upon hearing tales of his heroics! With his partner Ry, they’ve stumbled upon an island in dire need of some heroes, and so our story begins…”

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Wait for it… yes its going in the final game.

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Meet Miri! Miri will be a core character in the final game!

A witch in training, Miri uses her abilities for good and runs the magic shop she inherited from her grand mother. Identifying as queer and a champion of self image, Miri wants nothing more than to do her part to promote positive change in the world. While she isn’t a veteran of combat, with the proper materials Miri can brew spells in her cauldron to increase Ozma’s abilities and is sure to be a key ally!

Age: 17

Likes: Jean jackets with crop tops, pizza

Dislikes: Itchy sweaters