|| Full Moon || Open ||

All Rita had been feeling the last few days had been fatigue, anger, and just the sense of wanting to hide away in the astronomy tower- or perhaps even the shrieking shack, and come out when everything was all over. It was something she should of been used to, for it happened once a month anyways, but this was too horrendous to ever become accustomed to. That’s why she was so persistent in finding whatever she could that would shine some knowledge on what could be done to lessen the effects of the full moon, but alas, nothing had appeared. Why couldn’t someone come up with a cure already? It would save her, and a lot of people some trouble, that was for certain.

When the day of the full moon arrived, Rita had skipped out on classes and eating. The days leading up to it had been spent tense, and painfully aware of everything around her. Of course she hadn’t slept in days either, but she figured once she transformed back into her regular form, she would sleep like the dead anyways. Not keeping constant company around her had made the experience easier once a month, but it also made things more lonely. Things had to be this way however. She was a Slytherin, and a damn proud one at that. No one would be finding out about her ‘condition’ if she had any say in it. 

Remaining locked up in her dorm room had caused a considerate amount of loss time, almost to the point of missing sun down. Rita had finished six books in the span of three days cooping herself up in the dorm, and she only realized how late she was in making an escape, when the light began to fade, making it harder for her to read the letters on the pages. With several unintelligible Greek curses under her breath, she threw the covers aside and jumped off her bed, making a mad dash out of the Common Room, not giving herself much time to care what people would think of the normally composed witch running frantically past. She still had some time till the moon fully rose, but she wanted to be no where near the school grounds when that happened, and if she didn’t make it there soon, her wishes wouldn’t be granted. “Move!” She shouted towards any student strolling leisurely ahead of her, taking extra care to push them out of the way herself. Frankly, she didn’t care who she hurt in the process, since if she didn’t get out of there quickly enough, they would all receive much worse wounds. 

     Silly girl, so stupid you are.


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 welcome, children, gather ‘round, to heed grim tales of  whispered lore  ; as twilight falls, dark shadows rise to haunt the night for evermore           for  ghastly things  lurk in the dim, beneath the shadows of your bed : waiting till you drift asleep to fill your dreams with mortal dread  

              rumors spread fast, from mouth to mouth, traveling its way through like a shapeshifter, assuming such forms that oh so poorly resemble its original one. they soon entrench the regions, even becoming myths &. are forever known, but no is ever truly granted with the truth       thus, the bravest &. the fearless, seeking the unknown &. hunting adventure, go after it by themselves. some leave their families, some let go of their nothings ; all to endeavor in a journey most deem as hopeless, searching for places, creatures &. artifacts beyond the limits of imagination.

                 many leave, little come back         &. once again tales are created, rumors once again spread, feeding the existing myths &. creating new legends &. as time passes, less determined ones are willing to give up for possibilities.

                howeverthere are those who do, still. should you call them crazy, mindless, they are merely those who are lured by the thoughts of buried treasures, magical objects, mythical creatures         or simply curiosity. those shall have an unknown fate, damned, blessed, or forgotten.

                &. those who seekwill surely find.

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                                  we  hold  these  truths  to  be  SACRED    &    undeniable  self - evident 

                                                    historical ,  NOT  musical  based  or  associated
                                                                          as  told  by :    danielle

After revealing magnificent new single Life Itself from their forthcoming sophomore album How To Be A Human Being, Glass Animals is here to remove any doubt that this next record is going to be a brilliant follow up to 2014′s Zaba with new taster Youth. As someone who’s superbly fond of the Oxford trip hop and psychedelic rock band, I had my fears and reservations that they wouldn’t be as astonishing on the new album. They’ve quelled my apprehension with these first two tracks. Youth, though not as slinky of a track as some of their other peanut butter vibing songs, is jungle lush and hypnotic thrumming. Ol’ familiar Glass Animals tribal drumming and Dave’s velveteen crooning give the artsy rock song a bit of Wild Beasts meets Alt-J quality, something I’ve always noticed in the band and which drew me into them in the first place. How To Be A Human Being will be out August 26th. Pre-order the album and learn about their North American tour this fall, here. Watch their video for Youth below.

Satin swooning Escape comes from CADE’s fresh EP Care, out today. The Los Angeles based artist easily convinces me to escape with him with his sensual grooving song. Delicately bouncing deep house constitutes the rich foundation for this opulent dance track, but CADE tops it off with some future vibing R&B, resulting in a luscious sleek yet lively percolating affair. Stream CADE’s Care EP on Soundcloud and purchase from various outlets, here.