this is a collection of songs i wrote when i was 15, 16, and 17. they are very lo-fi because they were recorded as voice memos. the point isn’t to have a fully produced body of work here or to even say “hey look, i was mature for my age!” they definitely sound like they were written by a 15, 16 or 17 year old girl and i am okay with that because i love that other young adults can relate to them.

they are free to listen to / download.


DRESS: Dezzal
NECKLACE: Forever21

No typography picture this time! I just felt it didn’t sit right. And I know, I know. Serious lack of all things pin-up-y. But it’s just been way too hot! This dress like the past few is super flowy, and comfy. Again for this company I’d definitely go up a size. I had to put on some serious heels and even then it was too long on me, but so is the life of a petite gal! I’m hoping that when I can eventually put out a dress collection I can make maxi dresses for ladies that aren’t, well, 5′8″. Because I absolutely adore them. 

I’m going to be in NYC Monday because i received a really cool opportunity to get make-over at an exclusive salon! I’m going to try and vlog it for you guys.

Also, yesterday I recorded my 1st written piano piece for my EP! I currently write & perform under the name Aelita with my band Debris Of Titan as a keyboardist. Expect me to be posting a lot about all that in the future! It’s a repliminary announcement but we’re in the process of putting out some really awesome music stuff in the next few months including videos, vlogs, photoshoots and our new site is going up. Not much is out with me at the moment as i’ve been behind the scenes mostly, but follow us on social media for now: FB/Spotfiy/IG/SC



Found this dirty nasty sexy groove while improvising today. Smokin’! #music #musicians #indieclassical #indiana #indianapolis #indie #classical #clarinet #ericsalazar #ejsmusic #metronome #practice #groove #dirty #nasty #sexy #improv #improvisation

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i’m alone
in the brightest crevasse of a bygone time
lovers on the beach
neon-light machines
lipstick stained-glass tonight

now I’m on the run
wanderlust reaching out ‘til the ending comes
tried again to search your mind
kept it locked up tight
you’d never lie to me

so I don’t ask you for the truth
you let me keep your secrets
i’ll be the last bewildered light
call me your Prophet of Kruphix

found out on my own
that you’d been keeping me from the rising sun
complicated as that seems
you caught all my dreams
watched them fall like stars

hey it would be great if you’d check out me and my girlfriend’s side project Lesbian Miracle Child !!!! it’s just a bunch of weird acoustic lofi stream-of-consciousness fuckery but i kinda like it??? for fans of kimya dawson, snckpck, the moldy peaches, etc etc some of the songs are literal jokes and others aren’t and yeah check us out

would anyone be interested in joining a diy/bedroom pop/lo-fi music collective if i started one?  specifically for younger artists or people who have never made music before (like me!) and need support and guidance. a few examples of what members could do (i’m just throwing out ideas right now ahh)

- find people to collaborate with online/make splits

- receive constructive feedback on their work

- connect with musicians in their area to get together and play shows

- a penpal/mixtape exchange

- find people to design cover art/show posters

- share any experience they have with diy spaces/equipment/instruments/songwriting

this would probably manifest itself in the form of a facebook group and a tumblr page and would be pretty basic as i’m website-challenged, but i just wanted to see if anyone would want to get involved :o) reply or send a message w/ any feedback! 


it comes out September 30th and is called ‘Stranger Things Have Happened, if Only You’d Remember Them’ (yes really)

the album is a personal signpost signifying a few years in which I was largely dealing with transitions, in identity, gender, relationships and love. I’m really proud of it and it took a long time to make.

you can pre-order for $5 and get an instant download of the first single from the album so you should do it!

for fans of TWIABP, Pinback, Elbow, The Sea and Cake, Mount Eerie


Erin McKeown - Blackbirds

i lose limb control every time this song comes on unexpectedly



Indie Labels Grab Record 34.4% Of Market Share

According to Billboard SoundScan mid-year numbers provided by A2IM, report, indie labels hit a record high with 34.4% of the overall market share based on master ownership (not distribution). That’s up from last year’s mid-year mark of 32.9%. Top selling independent label artists so far this year include:

(noted in album/TEA sales)

  • Mumford & Sons - 1.1M albums (Glassnote Records, combined album totals for all their releases)
  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - 670k albums (Macklemore, LLC)\
  • The Lumineers - 660K albums (Dualtone Music Group)
  • Taylor Swift - 635K albums 
  • Jason Aldean - 310K albums (Broken Bow) 
  • Vampire Weekend - 275K albums (The Beggars Group)
  • Alabama Shakes - 250K albums (ATO Records)
  • Queens of the Stone Age - 150K albums (Matador Records)