Hi, hello. I know “Man Crush Monday” is a dying trend, but I just wanted to share mine bc I mothatruckin can. This is jarvancdxx, aka the cutest frick frickin’ guy I’ve ever met. He’s truly one of the most supportive people in my life, and he consistently wishes me the best when it comes to bettering myself. He’s strong and caring to almost everyone he meets, except this one bitch that we don’t talk about. *cracks knuckles* I’m just kidding. 💕 but really, I’m happy that I can improve myself as a person every day while still having someone close to talk to at any given point. And LOOK HOW COOL THIS PICTURE IS. HE LOOKS LIKE ART. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO REMOVE MY CAPTION AND JUST REBLOG HIS WONDERFUL BEING. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND OK.
But really, shout out to the greatest mcm.

     we are tied to the ocean.
               and when we go back to the sea,
          whether it is to
sail or to watch,
               we are going back from
whence we came.

graphic credit: chaordiic

I got tagged by indie-addictions and imqueenofdisaster​ who both have real sweet blogs so thanks lads

1. 2015: Glastonbury or Reading+Leeds?

oh man that’s a tough one. both are pretty great but I guess glasto on the merit I could then tell people I’d been there
2. What do you prefer in going to concerts: Big arenas or Small intimate venues?

must admit I've never really went to any concerts - but both sound pretty cool! I’d go with small venues maybe since it seems nicer
3. What’s your favourite music-related movie?

The First Days of Spring - Noah and the Whale
4. Who is this artist you want to bring back from the dead? (Just one!)

gonna follow one of the people who tagged me, and say Amy Whinehouse, my mum really liked her and I think it’d be pretty cool to have her around again
5. Who will you sacrifice to bring back the artist in #4?

man if it doesn't have to be another artist I could really ‘sacrifice’ Ian Duncan Smith rn
6. Are you an Early bird (morning person) or a Night owl (night person)?

both duh
7. List 3 of your musician or celebrity crushes.

another difficult one, I’ma go with Julain Casblancas, Regina Spector and errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr idk legit can’t  think of one sorry I suck lol
8. List 3 of your favorite songs at the moment.

Someday - The Strokes, Beetlebum - Blur, and that Fluorescent Adolescent / Only You Know Arctic Monkeys thing which I first heard on an audio post on here
9. Now match the songs you’ve listed in #8 to those people you’ve named in #7. Which song do you want to dedicate to this person?

someday is easily Regina’s because of this, Fluorescent Adolescent to Julian idk why and no one for beetlebum lol
10. List 3 of your favorite rock bands.

Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Catfish and the Bottlemen  
11. From #10, who would you rather be:
- your band’s mentor: The Strokes
- your rival band’s mentor: catfish
- you will be the support band in their tour: Arctic Monkeys

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that’s that some cool questions! don’t have to do it as usual guys

me: plays indie music, looks through my good stationery

me: I want pen pals

me: realizes i hate writing

me: I want fake pen pals