Friday spotlight - Shining a light on Indie jewellery and accessories designers from around the Globe

Today, I found a few jems by Christie Brown ( a ghanaian fashion designer) who designers both clothing and accessories. I can see myself wearing these accessories (particularly the bib necklace below) with a sleeveless or off-shoulder LBD. I love Christie’s bold use of colours and fabric (ankara), and the way that she combined a variety of these fabrics and feathers to create a textured adornment that is wearable and great if you want to stand out or make a statement. Also, it’s a nice african couture twist on the bib necklace. Read about Christie Brown Below.


Who is Christie Brown

Christie Brown is a Ghanaian based luxury women’s clothing/fashion brand with a chief goal of satisfying and delighting “that modern woman who seeks a true and unique taste of Africa”.

Christie Brown clothing is made from a carefully selected array of the finest African print – sourced from all over the continent – and combined with materials such as exquisite silks, luxurious chiffons, funky denims and versatile jersey. Christie Brown infuses the use of traditional African print with a modern and distinct twist, highlighting the culturally rich and opulent side of African fashion.

Christie Brown was founded in March 2008 and has since gone on to win major global awards; Aisha Obuobi, the brand’s Creative Director won ‘The Emerging Designer of the Year Award’ for the year 2009, at the inaugural Arise Africa Fashion Week in Johannesburg, South Africa. Christie Brown was also one of only ten African fashion labels chosen to feature at the Arise L'Afrique- a- Porter exhibition in Paris, as part of Paris Fashion Week in March 2010. At the 2010 Africa Economic Forum hosted by Columbia University, Aisha Obuobi was invited to sit on the panel for 'African Fashion Going Global’ – a discourse on making African Fashion a recognizable, successful global industry.

The international appeal and success of the Christie Brown brand has been acknowledged in a number of magazine features, both on the African continent and abroad. Christie Brown has been featured twice in Grazia UK, Arise (UK), Canoe 53 Sails, SHE magazine, Black Hair (UK), Destiny (SA), Sawubona (SAA in-flight magazine), and Marie Claire (Italy), JET magazine (US). In Glamour magazine (the international edition), Aisha Obuobi (founder of the label) was listed as one of the women set to make headlines in 2010!

In 2010, Christie Brown Ltd acquired a Nigerian-based partner (Adesuwa J. Belo-Osagie) and began stocking its deluxe pieces in luxury, renowned boutique Temple Muse, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to cater to an international clientele base, to expand its operations, and to increase its accessibility and its visibility.