Trajes Fatais fanartra by AmorimAmorim
Heaven or hell? hehehe Trajes Fatais is a Brazilian indie game, although sharing some characteristics with other fighting games like Guilty Gear, Street Fighters and The King of Fighter, it has its unique gameplay, amazing pixelart and charismatic characters. I loved this game since the first time I saw its gameplay in youtube, and here is a fanart to pay tribute to it. The dudes making the game made a crowdfunding  and you can see the game in action, and even download a free beta here:…

Check it out, and maybe, if you like it, help them out  


Setting up some synthesizers! Using the Korg KARMA as both a synth and main midi controller instead of my M Audio Axiom 49 midi controller (seen on the right), and I’ve hooked up my Roland JV-2080. The JV-2080 was used by Akira Yamoaka (Silent Hill), Yoko Shimomura (Parasite Eve, Super Mario RPG), Ihsahn (Emperor), Protector and Silenius (Summoning, Mirkwood), and many others, I’m very excited to use it on the soundtrack!

I’ve been experimenting and trying to figure out the sound design for Towards The Pantheon​’s soundtrack and have been closing in on hardware synths and NES/SNES/GBC/Genesis era synthesizers, samples, and soundfonts. New demos coming soon!

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