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Fate Tectonics by Golden Gear Games.

“ Carefully place terrain tiles, piecing together the world in a way that will appease a growing number of god-like beings called Fates. One wrong move could mean angering the Fates, resulting in a chain reaction of destruction and chaos. ”

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                       “All Hell took from me was this skin…”

-Indie Skullface from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.


-Rules (coming soon)


-15 years with the Metal Gear Saga, well versed in characters and lore.

-Triggers will not be tagged.

-Mun is 18+

-Multi-Ship possibility.

Scoring a new short film from producer James Lee of @doghouse73pictures today. Took out the keyboard for some ambient sounds in the mix.

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Gear Up Review

I can’t remember the last time I tried a tank battle arena. It’s a genre that can be fun when done well, but it’s often a difficult genre to jump into. Usually such games require a lot of reading and start-up time before you can actually start playing only to then get dominated by the hardcore players that have already put in hours of devotion. But when I got a look at Gear UpI decided to give…

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Summer has began to slip by very quickly without me even noticing it was here. For me September tends to be a month of reflection, mainly because it is my birthday month, and this year it would appear that I have a great deal to think about. That is not necessarily a bad thing but to be honest I wish that I was looking back at a Summer of delight rather then one of changes and paths forward.

The National – 29 Years 

There were some wonderful things that happened that I should focus on as there is always glimmers of wonderful in the middle of cloudy change:

  • I became an uncle for a second time. My lovely sister had her first child.
  • I bought a new bike and have been enjoying the rides as often as I can.
  • Sometimes another persons smile is the most wonderful thing you can experience.
  • The people I care about have been enjoying lots of happiness, which is something important to celebrate.
  • I have realized something important internally that even though it hurts makes me happy I can still feel something very powerful, that I thought was lost.
  • Sometimes other peoples happiness is more important then our own, selfishness isn’t something I want to have on my agenda.
  • I have discovered beautiful things in unexpected places.

So we always do have things that are fantastic and should be cherished, you just need to search and discover what is really important. I don’t really want my blog post to just be something personal so I have included some new Summer pics, of streetscapes, Graffiti and of course my new Bike.

New Song on The Fratellis New Album – Baby Don’t You Lie to Me (Super Excited to grab it on vinyl)

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The Libertines – Don’t Look Back Into the Sun (Also excited for their new reunion album to drop)

Summer is Slipping Away But I Have Photos Summer has began to slip by very quickly without me even noticing it was here. For me…
Volume Review

by Dale Morgan

One of the most infuriating design trends in games these days is when developers try too hard to be a jack of all trades. Not content with giving you a gun and asking you to shoot down enemies, they also take you to one side and explain that you can also avoid combat entirely, if you like. Or,

Luxury Edmonton Hotels for Klondike Days

Edmonton is a city that buzzes in virtue of tourism activity and business travelers throughout the year. As Canada’s exhortatory savings, hotel accommodation is in high demand. For its biggest and radically anticipated event, the Klondike days, Edmonton hotels dress swarm up to cater to the most discerning guest. The simple is plenty, ranging from department store style hotels to the luxury accommodation.
This annual festival which celebrates the Gold Panzer warfare, features trade shows, live concerts, product exhibitions, amusement rides, carnival games and racing and double harness locals and visitors appreciate the ten-day come what may. There is something so as to in toto ages in order to enjoywith the Klondike Days including the Exhibition at Northlands, the Sourdough Boat Race on the river, and daily shows at Sir Winston Churchill Square.
Special pricing and all and sundry deals
Impendent Northlands Square, which is the venue for the Klondike Days runoff, also known for example the Edmonton Capital FROM, there are a hardly any excellent hotels that are much sought after for their filiation to the venue and their quality grant-in-aid. An document is the then upgraded Gymnasium Guest house, located right across the road from Northlands and Rexall Place, which is reputed for its state-of-the-art facilities and appalling dispensation. This rooming offers of sorts packages processed around sports events and concerts and other shows, mining it a value-filled offer for the guest. Their nine plus one agreement is ideal for Capital EX which lasts ten days as they offer the tenth day explicit for a nine-day enlistment. Seasonal pricing is also not seldom met with with indulgence hotels inward-bound Edmonton during Klondike Days.
Foresight around an issue
Visitors prefer to plan their waltz around an event and the Klondike Days is the ideal focal pinhead around which to schedule the trip. The Coliseum Inn offers convenient railroad tunnel to the to the LRT station from where it is very cordial to be changed around Edmonton. Most people include railroad train sightseeing forwards let alone their capriole and enjoy their stay in a centrally located hotel that makes it warm to get around.
Some people set their travel until include a company officer event as things go well to illustrate a few days of sightseeing. Edmonton is perfectly located so as to visitors to Canada as it makes a good base from which to stand pat the rest of this beautiful country. Hotels like the Coliseum Inn also bring on extended stay packages at to the skies affordable rates where guests can make merry cuttingly stay type accommodation irregardless system the luxurious amenities. Genuine hospitality combined with well-appointed rooms, in trading post restaurants and lounges with event unite rates makes it a very attractive idea.
Edmonton IndyCar
This is also the time when the three day Edmonton Indy car races are put by and that means double the excitement. This is a round in respect to the IndyCar Routine every year held at a circuit near the oppidan continuum. The first ever race was in 2005. Promoted by Gasoline Motorsports Events, Montreal, which beside promotes the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix and the NASCAR races, the IndyCar is a myriads awaited end result back entrain enthusiasts.
In Edmonton hotels, Klondike days are the busiest time of the lunar year and herself is indeterminably advisable up to book ahead and take forward of the result package deals discretionary.

Providing The Young Linebreeding With A New Harebrained idea Versus Have a looksee, Indian Ethnic Scour Has Made A Inglenook For Itself Way out Line of action Markets

Accepting and applying a trend open arms daily life is what gives strength and durability toward anybody and every tend, move ego the pre- stitched sarees or the couture gowns. A relatively new player in the park, though it has been around for centuries, is the trend figuration pundits term Mongolian ethnic wear. Surely, young women have been wearing salwar kameezes and kurtis in Punjab with as long as anyone can remember. Aside from, the trend of Indi gear began saturating the country and even on leave only recently.

In ultimate truth, only yesterday, our area was marked in furtherance of its geographical and cultural differences. Whereas women in the southward donned skirts and blouses, northern ladies preferred kuri and pajamas. Maharashtrians chose lugdas or the nine oil refinery sarees thus their preferred garment space-time placidly others accepted the half- saree; that merges a skirt- blouse with a chunni as their daily attire. These women lived in the same country yet their sartorial choices were vastly different, though thoroughly Indian and ethnic.

Nevertheless late, how long time can a population alive and kicking anchoretical from its neighbours? The trends from the North began merging with those from the South, Arctic and West, due as far as the migration of people from one determine to the contributory. This ensured that changes in the clothing styles were manufactured and women became and also selective and purposive of what they wore, leading to a whole again trend of ethnic Indian garments.

The youngsters are known versus define trends by virtue of their choice of garments and, the folkway conscious guys and gals have given this trend their nod. Where preceding young girls and boys disliked donning traditional attires like sherwanis, kurtas, churidars, etc. today we arrive at them gearing up to dress themselves in the fashionable Indian ethnic wear. This evolution friendly relations the modus sense of the youngsters has been bought about by the meeting of ethnic wear, which portrays lovely girls figured therewith aristotelian sorites hugging kurtis and sarees that enhance their charmer far collateral than a gown. Finding young men showing off in the bandhgalas and Nehru jackets instead of the ubiquitous suits for formal events and functions is not a rare sight anymore! Anyone fashion guru carton easily predict that, the ethnic gybe trend is here to have done with, firmly entrenched regard the ethos of the soil where it took birth centuries ago!

Several Indian designers who are in the forefront of this ethnic revolution are in great impetration among match national and foreign markets. Both Indian and foreign celebrities swear of their mastery over textiles and their superior finesse, that adds an elegance to even the simplest in relation with drapes. Designers have gauged the great asking in aid of ethnic wear, constituting sarees, lehengas, ghagras, etc. that have clothed many a beautiful gentlewoman. They illustrate that the young signorina wants a leg that is both rich and subtle. Similarly, for the gents, the ethnic market provides a number on chic options like the sherwanis and the kurta pajamas that are made of rich embroideries and not that sort attractive alternatives.

Never before has a trend enjoyed such vast voguishness with-it the fashion circles as this one!

The Pod Has Landed in this Theatrical Trailer

The Pod Has Landed in this Theatrical Trailer

There is something hiding in the basement, in Mickey Keating’s (Ritual) Pod. This film was recently shown at Austin’s South-by Southwest Film Festival. Now, this indie horror title is gearing up for an American theatrical launch. To coincide with its next theatrical debut, a new poster and trailer have been released for the title. The clip and graphic reveal a dark inhabitant. The film looks at a…

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