What's an indie film?

Indie is short for independent and means that the movie was produced without the backing of a major studio. Indie films are sometimes refered to as art house films because they didn’t get shown at big chain theaters only at small theaters

I’m very much obsessed with indie films. I’ve been watching tons of them lately and I decided I should share them with you guys! These are basically most of the movies that I would label as indie films (though some of them are quite popular). So turn the lights off and maybe grab some popcorn and enjoy the films c: (bolded are absolute recommends). If you’re having trouble with any of the links, please let me know!

500 days of summer / across the universe / adventureland / almost famous / a teacher / beasts of the southern wild / bottle rocket / dakota skye / dazed and confused / donnie darko / drugstore cowboy / eternal sunshine of the spotless mind / flipped / for a good time, call / ginger and rosa / ghost world / greenberg / heathers / in a world / is it fall yet? / it’s a disasterit’s kind of a funny story / junokids / kings of summer / liberal arts / like crazy / little birds / moonrise kingdom / nancy, please / safety not guaranteed / sassy pants / sex drive / shortbus / spring breakers / struck by lightening / stuck in love / submarine / teenage dirtbag / toast / tonight you’re mine / the art of getting by / the first time / the lifeguardthe perks of being a wallflower / the spectacular now / the to do list / the way way back / the virginity hit / thirteen / triple dog / upstream color 

If you stan for awesome black females (aka all black females) in romantic comedies where they aren’t a trope or a stereotype please support the Sundance indie People, Places, Things starring Flight of The Conchords Jemaine Clement and co-starring the beautiful and talented Regina Hall and Jessica Williams (who basically steals the movie). 

Since indies have very small marketing budgets please LIKE their Facebook page and help spread the word.

The film will be IN THEATERS, ON iTUNES and ON DEMAND this summer.


I love a good indie movie, and right now one of my favorite performers has to be Zoë Kravitz. She’s had some pretty good roles in her filmography, and going through a few of them(all available on Netflix), I can’t help but to notice a motif of addiction and substance abuse particularly in adolescents. 

Watching a few of these films in order shows a pretty uncanny storyline. Starting from naiveté to recovering addict. Try watching them in order! 

Yelling to the Sky (2011) Dir: Victoria Mahoney 

Dope (2015) Dir: Rick Famuyiwa

Twelve (2010) Dir: Joel Schumacher 

The Road Within (2014) Dir: Gren Wells