Hayley Kiyoko is important because:

-She’s mixed race.

-She’s bisexual.

-Her music is really good because it isn’t offensive and one of her more popular songs (Girls like Girls) is not only catchy, but sends a great message about queer girls :) 

-She’s an artist I would listen to while looking at a sunset in the summer.

-She has a video of herself eating a taco in her car on youtube.

Jaymes Young and Phoebe Ryan are two of the biggest and best up and coming names in the wide world of music. Lucky for us, they combined forces, and it is nothing short of amazing. Here is the duet’s We Won’t

Donihue’s 2010 interactive CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE film THE WEATHERED UNDERGROUND now on youtube


*****You may have to play this on a desktop device as it requires youtube annotations. Not all mobile devices support yet this is worth heading for the computer screen!*****

Hundreds of choices and dozens of endings in this insanely funny CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE film where you choose what happens next. 

You can literally play it for 10 minutes or 4 ½ hours without getting the same plot. A complex web of psychological humor, insane comedy and low-fi psychedelic visuals. COMPLETE FILM NOW ON YOUTUBE! ROCK IT!!!

Donihue wrote and directed this in 2007 and debuted it at sxsw interactive festival. It stars Michael Ciriaco and Brea Grant (Heroes), Hollis Mclachlan and Joy Nash with Donihue in two roles. It was later was released world wide by Blockbustervideo, Bestbuy and Netflix in 2010, when MovieMaker Magazine trumped it as a breakthrough. 

The film is now shown regularly at college campuses and arts events around the world, lauded both for it’s inventive format and “unique psychological and philosophical observations within thw writing”

Make sure and follow Donihue’s new works at

His current works include music videos for Bobby Puma, Elephante, Mooguai, John Dahlback, Thomas Gold, Harrison & Hiio and Mark Sixma & Andrew Rayel.

Irish singer songwriter and producer Eden, formerly known as The Eden Project, has constantly churned out some amazingly heartrending songs this year so far, culminating in his excellent End Credits EP last month. The sixth track on that release is a stirring slow burner named Wake Up. Eden’s voice quivers with such desperate poignancy on the atmospheric electronic and cinematic pop number, which builds in raw intensity in the dramatic fashion we’ve come to expect and love from the act. The last forty or so seconds of Wake Up are indeed a stimulating, heart swelling experience as it bursts with passion and ardor. Listen to End Credits in full on Soundcloud and download for free, here.