Hayley Kiyoko is important because:

-She’s mixed race.

-She’s bisexual.

-Her music is really good because it isn’t offensive and one of her more popular songs (Girls like Girls) is not only catchy, but sends a great message about queer girls :) 

-She’s an artist I would listen to while looking at a sunset in the summer.

-She has a video of herself eating a taco in her car on youtube.

Nashville’s R.LUM.R continues to showcase some exceptional vocal talent on his intensive new tune, Frustrated. The future vibing, soulful R&B ballad cuts to the marrow with its moody crooning and opulent production. R.LUM.R’s high flying, jaw dropping vocals evoke Gallant, full of electrifying passion and bursting at the seams with emotion. Frustrated leaves no doubt behind in its wake. This is one remarkable artist who’s surely going to make massive waves in the near future. Frustrated is out now on iTunes.

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MGMT - “Alien Days” cooming soon… ♥

Come August 7th, fans of Los Angeles by way of Dallas indie pop and electronica artist Mystery Skulls will have much to celebrate, because that’s the day that his sophomore album One Of Us will be unveiled to the world. Luis Dubuc, the mind behind the magic, has been revealing some sweet tracks off the album this past month. The title track is the latest such treat, a vivacious whomping, adrenaline pumping synthrock and electro banger. It’s a knockout punch of a jam that will leave your heart thumping in a state of excitement. For more  can’t miss tastes from the album, stream funktastic Music and bass quaking Lose My Mind below. 

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