My fondness for Australia’s SAFIA grows ever stronger with today’s release of new single Embracing Me. I love the Australian act’s dramatic, cinematic electronic songs. Each SAFIA song is like a tour de force roller coaster ride of future bass swells and soulful sentiment. Embracing Me glides smoothly but crests with ardent vocals and popping beats. It builds from hushed, deliberate moments of peacefulness to bouncing bursts of spirited beats and lush splendor. The song is also the most tropical and summery we’ve heard from SAFIA. Blending genres and defying borders seems to be something that SAFIA does so well on all their unique offerings. SAFIA will be releasing a video and some exclusive remixes of the song as the month progresses. 

Los Angeles duo Bee’s Knees transforms fellow Los Angeles band Scavenger Hunt’s Wildfire into a banging, cascading monster of a future bass meets electro jam. It ripples brilliantly with a luxuriant glow and sizzles with a sultry, voluptuous air. The effervescent and smooth remix is a free download, here. Make sure to add it to your summery playlist for your Independence Day adventures this weekend.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
  • Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
  • XYLØ

XYLØ | Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

You find me
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
And I’m going under

London based, Irish-born musician Samuel showcases a sensational style of airy music via gorgeous, languorous heart breaker These Days. His exquisite vocals are poignantly emotive and entrancing. These Days is a swirling, weightless dream, a melancholic yet sublime song with the aftertaste of an incredibly sweeping romance, a faded story to wax nostalgic over. The song’s stunning atmospheric production is the work of fellow British act Kwes. I’ve melted straight into my chair while listening to These Days, and I don’t think I can get up. The single will be out on Big Dada come July 31st