Fuzzy warbling bass and crisp 808s endow The Man Who’s compelling debut, Bet On You. This new project from Toronto, Canada was created by two cousins who were originally separated by more than two thousand miles. Several writing trips together convinced them they had settle down in one place and develop their sound. Out of that conviction comes this assured first single, a boundary pushing sonic formula that confounds genre classification with its flurry of sooty pop, gritty rock, and searing electronica. The Man Who is influenced by artists ranging form Bill Withers to the Beatles. They tell a dark love story on their first song. Bet On You’s bristling poignancy is powerfully palpable. It’s also interesting that they’ve chosen the moniker The Man Who and their debut single is named Bet On You. If you read both together, you get The Man Who Bet On You…. Bet On You can also be streamed off Soundcloud below.

Hayley Kiyoko is important because:

-She’s mixed race.

-She’s bisexual.

-Her music is really good because it isn’t offensive and one of her more popular songs (Girls like Girls) is not only catchy, but sends a great message about queer girls :) 

-She’s an artist I would listen to while looking at a sunset in the summer.

-She has a video of herself eating a taco in her car on youtube.

We haven’t heard from BOA this year yet, and boy, are we glad they’ve re-surfaced. The Brighton x Bristol trio won us over with heart rending synth and alt pop songs like Pharaoh and Right Place Right Time last year. They now return to do the same with Steal It, succeeding in stealing our hearts once again. Steal It exudes an abundance of summer cool alongside its bittersweet musings. It also walks a very fine line between electronic pop and alt pop. The resulting drafty concoction captivates and allures like The Wombats gone St. Lucia. Steal It is out now on Manchester based independent label LAB Records. Alternate stream via Soundcloud can be found below.

Jaymes Young and Phoebe Ryan are two of the biggest and best up and coming names in the wide world of music. Lucky for us, they combined forces, and it is nothing short of amazing. Here is the duet’s We Won’t

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Nashville’s R.LUM.R continues to showcase some exceptional vocal talent on his intensive new tune, Frustrated. The future vibing, soulful R&B ballad cuts to the marrow with its moody crooning and opulent production. R.LUM.R’s high flying, jaw dropping vocals evoke Gallant, full of electrifying passion and bursting at the seams with emotion. Frustrated leaves no doubt behind in its wake. This is one remarkable artist who’s surely going to make massive waves in the near future. Frustrated is out now on iTunes.

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