We prepared for 8 months for this moment, to pitch this game to the public and see if we can drum up enough interest to help us get the budget we need to get the project rolling. More info about the Kickstarter soon. 


Pumpkin-Online is a Harvest-Moon / Animal Crossing inspired mmo currently in development by indie game company, Pumpkin Interactive, we need a lot of support to make this happen so please follow, and spread the word about us


Received an envelope from Evil Supply Co. this morning with awesome stationery inside.

I ordered a Mister Ghost badge which is now residing on my thick, winter coat and a Dead Notes blank pad. I added the red ribbon on the pad myself to keep the notes together.

As you can see I did a quick (not amazing) ink drawing to see how well the paper would handle acrylic ink. It has no problem and doesn’t seep through to the other side unlike some of my sketchbooks which is great and means I can make drawings whilst out and ink them when I get back to my studio space.

A little gift of Pocket Evil Personal Cards was also included. The cards themselves are exquisitely embossed and are reminiscent of silent movie place cards which I love.

I may have to order a set of Dead Notes stationery to complete my set of Evil Supply Co. stationery.

All products can be bought from here. 

sky-j-austin asked:

You keep saying you have an awesome job and it got me curious: what do you do?

Anonymous said: what do you do in your work? I mean give us more deets we know that you draw there all day but what I mean is what do you draw there? (I can’t explain it very well)

Haha I work on a lot of things! I work fulltime officially as a ‘Senior Concept Artist’ for a small indie game company here in Ohio called Multivarious Games. I do everything 2D art/design related basically. (I even have my own intern!) I do all texture work for our 3D models, billboards, UI assets…etc. Of course I’m also the one doing all the actual concept art for our own projects and our clients. I also do all our promo material and shirts and stuff. Really everything. 3D modeling on my own will be the next big thing I get into. (If I can ever find the time)  

On the side I’m also working on illustrating a children’s book about puppies for some very sweet ladies. I think they have like 9 books written so far…so quite a bit of work there. 

And rarely I have time to freelance some commissions but not as much as I would like to. And that’s it! Any time not spent drawing for clients I spend streaming fanart because I enjoy it. : )

Game Map Sneak Peak

Our Map has about multiple layers including a grid sectioning out all the areas. This is one of the layers showing the different environments planned out. As mentioned early you can choose which region you would like to live in. We have the snowy mountains to the North, Central Region with plains, and the south with tropical forests. We are going to be piecing together the areas in the next few weeks, which will give us the ground work to start world building again. 

Something interesting HE has, is seamless linking. Which means you could cross the entire map with no load screens. The only load screens (planned currently) may be special areas such as farm instances and maps separate from the game world but it’s quite exciting since I know most of us don’t particular care for long loading screens which interrupt game-play. 

That being said, Do you have a region which interests you the most?

Pumpkin-Online is a Harvest-Moon / Animal Crossing inspired mmo currently in development by indie game company, Pumpkin Interactive, we need a lot of support to make this happen so please follow, and spread the word about us. Please visit out website or  Forums and join the discussion!?

Support Indie Individuals & Ventures...!

“Join us in declaring our independence from corporate chains, mass-produced products, and uninspired junk. Support the #ShopIndie movement to encourage holiday shoppers to first look to independent artists for unique gifts, made with love and craft. Help spread the word at: Shop Indie.”


I found the above illustration @Defiance Speed Shop which is owned by Cody Langford. I have worked with Cody in the past and I like his work, he is a jack of all trades; letterpress printer, toy designer, and graphic designer. Support his new project, a mobile letterpress and printmaking studio at kickstarter.




Hoity Toity Fine Lotions
Hoity Toity - Fine Lotions, Toiletries, and Bath Products. All natural - no animal testing.

Shameless plug for my favorite skincare business!

like- you have bad acne? bam. this stuff works like a charm for me- my skin clears up within a few days when I have a bad breakout.

Oh- you need an exfoliator because you don’t want any of those products with the plastic beads?- blueberry-cranberry scrub- amazing.

bodywash? Shampoo? conditioner? she has that too- in 63 different scents man that’s a lot of smells. (also the foaming bodywashes are FANTASTIC as a glasses cleaner. jus’ sayin’. ((and the full sized ones sometimes have little plastic frogs in them that’s adorable.)))

but peggy, the website says fine lotions! show me the lotions! man I will show you the lotions.

Peppermint cream- works amazing on cracked feet, a little on your temples for headaches, sunburn relief, dry skin, stomach ache/cramps, bug bite relief, itching, sore muscles, chapped skin, scratches, circulation aid- you name it.

Biker-butt butter- basically an unscented peppermint cream but still awesome esp if you can’t handle/ don’t like peppermint.

my absolute favorite facial moisturizer - it just. feels soooo nice on my face.

Shea butter lotion- also comes in like 63 different scents and is just a suuuper lightweight but thick and creamy lotion. also comes in sample sizes and massive sizes. please try this lotion. it’s amazing.

and here are some of my other favorite things: body oil, bug spray, and this itch-ouch-away stuff.

HERE is a link for all of the scent descriptions.

Please at least take a look. there’s all sorts of stuff on there and the current business owner is a wonderful lady who is very passionate about helping out her customers, and has amazing prices for how amazingly high the quality is. like- mary kay sells a 1.5 fl oz. vitamin c serum for $56.00. the Hoity Toity Lady? she sells a vitamin c serum too- for $9.00 for a fluid oz.

Geek Chic Cosmetics review: Joysticks and Geek Gloss

Hi all!

Today I’m reviewing more goodies from Geek Chic Cosmetics! I’ll be sharing their lip products that I own. GCC sells two types of lip product: Joysticks (lipstick) and Geek Gloss (lip gloss). I have picked up several of each over the last few months.

I’d like to apologize right away for the pictures, I’m still trying to figure out how to get the best pictures of product on my lips. Also, I…

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About House Customization

So let’s talk about the house customization. On your private farm, you will be able to customize and semi-modular build your house. Instead of being limited to one room a player can buy larger houses of varying designs with multiple ‘rooms’. The rooms will be an open space however we will be giving the player options to place walls inside the rooms to divide it up into smaller rooms if they please. 

Currently we have it set it so you can enter into an edit mode and place objects in a space and rotate them around. We would like house customization to be a big part of the game as you collect different types of furniture and invite friends over to hang out at your farm. Special thanks to Jrome for working on that for us. 

Hopefully towards the end of the year we will have some models to show off of some houses you can buy. Thanks again for your support.

Pumpkin-Online is a Harvest-Moon / Animal Crossing inspired mmo currently in development by indie game company, Pumpkin Interactive, we need a lot of support to make this happen so please follow, and spread the word about us. Please visit out website or Forums and join the discussion!


Reminds me old born LOLOL but dang ryoga comb ur hair

Geek Chic Cosmetics review: Les Femmes Tragiques solid scents

More good smells for you! #cantstopwontstop

Hey team!
This will be my first review for a company I really like, Geek Chic Cosmetics! GCC offers a lot of products, like makeup, solid perfumes, and nail polish, that are all inspired by fairly geeky things. They have eye shadow inspired by Lord of the Rings, perfume inspired by video games, and nail polish inspired by Carl Sagan! Basically, these people understand me. (more…)

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'Hey look Johnny! A new post!'

So you see….I have been sick quite a lot for the past 5 weeks, making it quite difficult to progress in both my studies, and my game development. Before you lovely people say “oh infernobomb, your such a faggot! You never finish anything!” and leave, I have still been working on the game!

I know, it surprises me too

The most visually noticeable change is the colors, which you could see in the video I posted. We felt like the colors of the characters and the environment were too ‘dull’, and did not give off the desired energetic/fast paced vibe to the player.

New sounds have FINALLY been added into the game as well, Although they need a TON more work to be any good.

The way destruction from guns worked, it was possible for barely visible pixels to be left floating in the air. This became annoying when they got in the players way, yet were so small it was nearly impossible to destroy them with a gun. Now however, I am able to choose a minimum/maximum size for pixels left over, meaning that if a 'pixel’ is floating in the air, it won’t feel out of place, and will be easy to get rid of.

you can see two 'pixels’ hanging separately in front of the trooper 

Apart from these changes, I have been doing basic bug fixes, and Hazzard and I are constantly looking into ways of optimizing the multiplayer, considering it is the most important aspect of the game.

Have a good life,



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Remember that store, Suffield Suds, Scents, & Sundries, that was signal boosted a while back? I managed to order a pack of Pumpkin Pie scented soy votive candles from there before everything sold out, so I’m posting a review of first impressions for the product.

The packaging, seen open in the first of the two pictures, is cute and serviceable. There’s not really much else to mention there; the scent was noticeable even before the package was opened and, as far as I’m concerned, Pumpkin Pie was a good way to go.

The scent of the candles themselves is really nice. It’s (of course) like pumpkin spice and has a particularly strong cinnamon note to it; I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cinnamon Baked Pumpkin scent is similar. That might not be everyone’s thing, but it was certainly nice over here. The general smell is strong on the candles and diffuses pleasantly (enough for a small room though it’s hard to tell with practically every fan in the house in use).

Admittedly, we wanted to try one out but didn’t have the patience to specifically find a votive candle holder laying around, so that test run didn’t last as long as it could’ve and the wax spread out over the saucer under it (it melts very quickly and leaks around on its own, not a huge surprise). It definitely needs a holder to last as long as it should, but I think we can gather up the wax from this one and add a new wick; no particular loss there.

All in all, it’s a nice little set of candles with a great scent. I wish I could’ve ordered one of the bath bars, but all of them had been sold out by the time my order had been processed.

Ginormous Darling Clandestine review!

Darling Clandestine

Hey team!

I recently got a HUGE Darling Clandestine order that I’m super excited to share with you! This was three different orders combined, oops! Darling Clandestine is one of my all time favorite perfumeries, they make very high quality products and unique, intriguing scents. In this order, I got a few of my old favorites in extra forms–I got a full sized bottle of Limerenceand bitsy solids of

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